Monday, April 12

Weekly Gratitude...

Responsibility. This week on our Spring Break things were going quite peacefully... then Thursday came... We had made an appointment for Champ to be groomed and Steve always takes him to the dog park before he goes in.... to help burn off all that morning energy Champ always seems to have.

They'd been gone for about 20 minutes when Steve called me to tell me Champ was bit by another dog... that he's bleeding bad... Ahhhh!... I called the vet and let them know they were coming in. There were several phone calls after that... and on one I found out the other dog's owner was with them, and was going to pay for everything. She was taking responsibility for her dog.

I was shocked... relieved... blessed... because when it was all said and done... it was over a $800.00's. Champ has never been to the vet for anything... except shots... we've been really lucky... so this was huge. I couldn't believe this woman was going to pay for it... especially after the vet gave us all a talking to about how off leach dog parks - are at your own risk... and if anything happens to your dog it's your responsibility, not the other dog owners. Even after hearing this from the vet, the woman still wanted pay for everything. She felt responsible.

Wow. That says a lot. I don't know about you, but I was raised that way too... to take responsibility... it doesn't matter if it's me... Steve... Rainee or Champ... if the fault lies with us... we need to do the right thing. And sometimes the right thing isn't always easy... or cheep. But it's the right thing to do.

I think it's important to instill this in our children being responsible is apart of doing the right thing, whether or not you like it... it's important. So today... I am completely thankful there are people who believe in doing the right thing... even when they can get off the hook... I'm thankful for this woman taking responsibility for the care of our sweet Champy-boy. I'm grateful.

Champ update... he has stitches on a wound that's about 8-10 inches long... it has a drain because he was bit so deep... which will be coming out in 5-7 days. He has to wear the cone until his stitches come out... about 2 weeks... which he's having a hard time with, spilling his water, bumping into everything and trying to figure out how to get around with this thing on his head. Poor guy! :( He's also be a bit out of it with the med they have him on... but he's home... and that's what matter. Rainee? Rainee's been upset about the whole thing... crying a lot... giving him more attention than ever. They both seem to be doing better, now that he's home and they are together.


pcrusberg said...

Aww, poor Champ! Those cones can be quite difficult to maneuver. I'm sure that your shins and walls will never be the same. Poor Rainee too. I know my daughter would be upset too. Thanks goodness the other owner paid. I'm glad it all ended alright. Pam

sarah said...

awww... poor champ... i'm glad to hear that he's doing much better tho.

this happened to maui last year! i was sooooo upset because the dog that did it was so not well mannered and the owner did NOT apologize! boo. :( regardless of the situation, we took responsibility and paid for all costs. expensive, but that's ok... our pets are part of our family. ;)

give rainee a hug for me and please tell her that champ appreciates her kindness! :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh poor champ!!! i hope he gets better soon!!! And i sooooooooooo hear U on responsibility!!!!! I have taught adam (and will teach brookie too when she is a little older) that we do NOT play the victim in this house...U did ... U own it... U take responsibility for it. period!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jana said...

Poor Champ. I hope he''l recover well. I'm glad it turned in a better way - you never know in this cases. I'm pretty sure he has the most prescious nurses arround him :-)!