Wednesday, September 24

EverydayGive-Away for Cupcake Memories Video

So sorry for not getting this together for the video... but life is changing and I have to change with it... Anyway our EverydayGive-Aways for the Cupcake Memories Video are....

• Heidi Swapp - White Circle Chipboard Letters
• Heidi Swapp - Pumpkin Chipboard Letters
• Karen Foster's - October Rub-ons
• Bazzill - 1.5" Pumpkin Bitty Blossoms
• Queen & Co. Beads - Halloween Colors
• 2 - Studio G - Mini Clear Stamps
• 6x6 Halloween Mini Album
• Plus the "Rainee Surprise Extra"

Leave a comment and good luck!!!

Just a reminder: With the changes in my commute... our videos will be coming out about every 2 weeks or so... We'll announce the winner on the next video... so watch for it...

Happy Scrapping!!!

Tuesday, September 23

Fun, Funky Sticky Note Photos - Everyday Fun!!!

So I was reading this great magazine 'Family Fun'... and they always have something fun to do... and in the October issue... they showed how to do a spooky photo with your 'trick or treaters'

First, cover your camera's flash with a COLORED STICKY NOTE. Then take a photo with the flash... and it will take on the hue of the paper... You can do this in a dark room, at night with just the flash or to get another effect add an additional light source... like a... flashlight, pumpkin, table lamp, candles... or the sunlight from a window like I did with Rainee's Batgirl photos...

It's fun to see what happens and the kids get a kick out of it... Rainee was looking everywhere in for different colored stickies. Wanting to try it over and over again with her oldcostumes...
it was a fun little photo shoot... lots of giggles & very colorful...

Try it... you might just have a new way to photograph your little ones this year.

Sunday, September 21

This weeks FREEBIES

Found some more great FREEBIES... there's all kinds of stuff for your digi scrapbooking, a font and a great new photoshop brush... which has several in it... and they are all FREE.

Hope you enjoy the new freebies. Enjoy!

Monday, September 15

Photos from our room

Okay, we're not your typical Las Vegas goers... we usually go during the week and always go for time away, to relax and the great FOOD... and we never gamble... silly huh?
Well, this time we went to a convention and we got the most amazing room over looking the strip... I couldn't stop looking at the lights at night...
Anyway... here's a few shots from our room at the Mandalay Bay.

Friday, September 12

Ultamate Summer Challenge Finals

So, the voting started for the Scrapbook Etc. Ultimate Summer Challenge Finalists... this should be fun to see what everyone came up with...

If you'd like to see what I did and the other finalist... you can click here and it will bring you to the voting page and you will be able to see what everyone has done...

Here is my mini scrapbook.

Thursday, September 11

"Because I WANT to"

Got an email and link to Karen's blog... and loved what her 31/2 year old son had to say about being happy... you need to check this out...

Even with my drive to OC, I may not like my circumstances... but that doesn't mean I can't be happy... do it because you WANT to... I love it...

Remember... being happy IS a choice!!!


In Observance of 911

My prayers go out the families who lost love ones and also for those who survived... May we never forget... Blessings to all. May your hope be restored, for God is faithful and cares for you.

EverydayGive-Away Winner!!

Because of the change in our lives with my commute I didn't want to put off our EverydayGive-Away anymore... so I did a quick video to announce our winner... and the winner is...
Congratulations Caitlin... email us your address and we'll get your EverydayGive-Away right out to you... Congratulations!!!


Wednesday, September 10


I'm a little behind on things, but here is the freebies for this week... These are great freebies and the font this week fall-ish... I've added new free... it's a Photoshop brush for all you who love something new for your scrapbook pages.

Here's the freebie font.

Here's the freebie Photoshop Brush.

I'm in the process of editing the next video but will be putting the winner of the EverydayGive-Away on a quick video so there won't be any more suspense... and the next scrapbook video will be out soon... again no promise as to when that will happen.

This job relocation, has put everything behind. The drive takes up the extra time I'd spend doing all this fun stuff.... so, until I get into a good routine... or I'm layed off... be patient with me until I figure it all out...

Enjoy the freebies...

P.S. My friend Jen has freebie on her blog... check it out... enjoy

Monday, September 8

Sent off "Ultimate Scrapbook Challenge Final"

Well, I sent of the final challenge for the "Ultimate Scrapbook Challenge Final" with the Scrapbooks Etc contest on Friday!
We had to do a mini book about ourself... I have to say it was a bit of challenge coming up with a concept, but once I did I was very happy with how it turned out. I think they're posting everyone's this Friday, September 12th... when the voting starts. I'm actually really excited to see what the other ladies have come up with...
I want to again say a heart felt THANK YOU to all of you who voted for me during those 10 weeks of challenges... I really do appreciate you support... it means the world to me. Thank you.
Anyway, stay-tuned and I'll post the link on Friday, so you can see what 'everyday' thing I came up with... and see what the other ladies have done...

Wednesday, September 3

The new office...

So, the new office is fine... it's the drive that's killing me.

Yesterday, woke my dd up got her ready for school, then was off to work... which took me 2 hours and 15 minutes... needless to say, I was late for work.

On the way home... there was a huge 2 semi-truck accident... one exploded... and it took me 3 hours to get home. Which meant I got home right when my dd was to go to bed... so I kept her up a 1/2hour so I could see her...

Besides the drive this is the killer part... When I got home Rainee said to me,

"Mommy every time I see you I love you more! I missed you!",

then gave me a big hug... doesn't that just melt your heart...

So, we'll see what it the drive home brings today, and how long I get to spend with my dd tonight... all I know is I'm praying... and I know God will make a change for us...

Have a blessed day, enjoy your family... every minute.

Tuesday, September 2

Give-Away Extended

Because of the holiday (Labor Day) we will not be having a video this week and the EverydayGive-Away will be extended until next week. I'm sorry for holding it over, but I forgot it was a holiday weekend. I hope you all have a lovely week.
So good luck to all. And we'll announce it on next week's video. :o)