Prayer Spot

Through my life I have found the only thing that can change what is happening in my life or around me is through prayer. I invite you to email your prayer requests to be added to this list... with more of us praying for each others needs they will be answers and we will be see the blessings of answered prayer.

Please pray for continued medical miracles and heal those with health issues. Continue to care of my brother, his health, finances, disability benefits and the law suits.... Send him to the right people to make all this possible for him... grant him victory, he needs it! Help my sister find the perfect job for her... one to use her creative talents. Help MG with the job testing and interviews for the job at her daughter's school... help her get the job to help support their family. Help the company be patient and hold the job for Cécile's husband... and bring the right buyer to them to buy their home so they can move... and provide for them a new affordable home. For other who are in need of a jobs, bring the right job to them. For those who need continued unemployment benefits, please have those people in authority in Washington DC do the right thing for the people in need.... Vote to help that needs are met... show them the people who are in need... Help BM's husband get full-time job w/benefits, show him part-time work is no longer sufficient that he needs to be the head of the home and needs to support his family. Give him a good job he will be happy in. Work out the details of ES's business... help the business to prosper, succeed and bring in enough financially and until it takes off bring in other stay at home work opportunities... whether it's paid blogging for CIHB, paid scrapbook jobs, freelance jobs... anything, so she is able to continue to work from home and care for her children. Help her to be a success at everything she sets her hand to. Bring about the right job for CR, so they can move out of the desert and be near family. Help RE with school, help to make things click... help her to comprehend what is being taught... help her be a successful at everything she sets her hand to in school!! Show parents how to help their children with their school work... to help make them successful!!! Heal finances around the world. Protect marriages. Heal & strengthen marriages... restore families. For parent's everywhere... show us how to be better parents, happier parents and to enjoy every stage in life our children are in... show us how teach and care for each one and each personality, to they succeed in life. Watch over our children, keep them healthy, protect them from abuse & addiction. Help them be happy & become blessings to the lives they touch. Watch over those who protect our country & bring them home safe. Be with SB's son... keep him safe. Help our President & those in our government make good decisions for us and our country. Thank You for our for all You do for us daily... protect us, keep us safe and healthy. Show us how to be blessings and show Your love to those who do not know You. Amen.

Email me & I'll add your prayer request.