Friday, May 22

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Rainee, Steve and I want to offer our thanks to our armed forces (past & present) for all they've done to protect and serve our country. Wishing you all a happy Memorial Day weekend.

Cards For Heroes is hosting a MEMORIAL DAY BLOGHOP this Saturday May 24th. Bloggers from all over the US and abroad will be posting a card and sharing why THEY participate in honoring our nation's heroes. And everyone else gets inspired! This bloghop will be helping us to get the word out to even more crafters and financial donors-so we can get more cards out to our heroes! We're getting more and more requests all the time and need to step up our game, and this is one really fun way to share what we're doing...letting YOU share! Hop through blogs, and get inspired to make more cards or donate funds toward our work! Tell your friends about it, even if they're not'll do everyone's patriotic heart good to hear about so many Americans wanting to help our military. Visit bloghop central here.

Thursday, May 21

Check It Out!

Here is one of my most recent lo's... The pictures are on our new front porch... with me looking out. This happened just a week or so ago... when after we'd finished dinner Rainee & Steve went to sit on the front porch. I was in the kitchen, but I could hear them laughing... so I took a peek to see what they were doing and they were having the cutest conversation... quietly whispering then a laugh... and I just had to take pictures... and then I got caught and they told me to go away... I've never found out what they were talking about, but I love the fact that it happened and I got to share in the moment even if I don't know the secrets told.

A Rainee card: The other day Rainee walks up to me and says... 'Mommy, when are you going to make a card for me?'... Note: I've made cards for her... but she wanted a new one... so I made this one... for my little 'LOVE BUG'.

One more comment before I get Rainee up for school and start my day... I was reading Ali Edwards post today... 20 Scrapbooking Tips... it's inspiring... if you haven't checked it out... you should. Also can I say... how does she get so much done??? I wish I knew... because I feel behind all the time and my laundry list of things to do seems to be never ending... How does she do it - and with a new baby??? What about your to do list... are you behind or caught up, looking for more to do?

Sunday, May 17

Crazy Week Coming Up...

I've got a seriously crazy week coming up... it's one of those weeks that happen right before you go on vacation... Don't you just love it when... you've run out of things you need to take with you.. which means... shopping for those and anything you've forgotten you need to take with you...

Plus there is always the last minute laundry, with something 'someone just has to have for the trip'... then there's the packing... & making sure you don't forget something crucial... Oh joy!!!

As for our vacation... we're going to South Dakota... to see my dad in his retirement home. He seems to be on the mend... but still not up to par. I've been feeling like this may be my last time seeing him... praying I'm wrong... I love him dearly & miss him something awful...

Okay enough sniffling... Our vacation... We're staying with my cousins, Ronnie in Grenville (pictured here by the lake) and then Gary in Rapid City... near Mt. Rushmore... which we're planning on seeing while there. It's been many moons since I've been... we're all really looking forward to it. We'll also be taking several drives... to see my 103 year old Aunt Mary - she's a hoot... up until about 3 years ago, she still mowed her own lawn... how's that for family genes... I'm also going to show Steve and Rainee, the Grajczyk family farm where my father was born & raised... and where I lived as a little girl...

Yup... I lived on a farm... now, there's something you didn't know about me... I slopped hogs, milked cows and cleaned stalls. And fresh cut hay, is one of my most favorite smells. Rainee just loves it when I tell her my farm stories... she can't believe it... her mom lived on a farm!!!

Sooooooooo... since it's a crazy week... I'm going to TRY to post a few new layouts this week... but it all depends on time... and as for posting on vacation... hmmmmm... I'll try really hard to drop a line to let you know what we're up to... that is, if I can find a Starbucks!!! If not I'll be posting when we get back... So let's see what the week brings and if I can't post... I hope you have a fab couple of weeks... M

Wednesday, May 13

Cards for Mother's Day

I didn't get a chance to post the Mother's Day cards I'd made for my family & friends... so I thought I would show them to you now. So, not only am I a bit behind on posting them... I'm a bit behind on sending a couple... but then what else it new... I seem to be behind on a lot of things lately... What about you... are you feeling behind??? Because I surely hope it's not just me...

Anyway here they are...

Monday, May 11

An Unexpected Mother's Day!

So.... tell me, tell me... How was your Mother’s Day??? Mine was… not what I expected. I was sooooo looking forward to it... Rainee even said when she got up "It wasn't just Mother's Day, it was also Rainee-Bear's day too"... which really made me smile..

Anyway the day started out great... then about an hour in to the morning... took a turn when Rainee decided she wanted to wear the same outfit as me.. which I of course didn't have anything close for her... so I put on matching necklaces... but she broke it before we got out the door and she started crying... So, I got some hair stars for us to wear... we would be daddy's stars today... then she started crying over the outfit again... She cried in the car... at the restaurant... she cried... we had a private talk in the Ladies Room... and thinking it was all better... she cried on the little train ride... she cried in the car on the way home... by now, Steve was starting to lose it... she cried because Champy-Boy wouldn't play with her.... she cried because I wouldn't let her go in the pool after she told me her ear was slightly hurting... That's when Steve just picked her up and put her to bed for a nap... which when she got guessed it... she cried...

Today... today, the first thing Rainee said to me as she's giving me a huge hug... 'Mommy can we have a do-over and pretend today is Mother's Day, because yesterday wasn't all that great, was it Mommy???'

So, even after all the tears her little heart gave into yesterday... she still wanted to make it up to 'US'... and have a good Mother's Day... and today was fabulous... lots of laughter and lots of hugs & kisses too!!!

Mother's Day wasn't what I expected, but then whatever is??? But I know I'm blessed to have a little one who can see it was a bad day and wanted to do a do-over.... Too sweet! What about your day, was it what you expected?? Better or Worse?

Sunday, May 10

Mother's Day Memories

Before the day gets really started I thought I'd share with you one of my most favorite Mother's Day memories...

My Steve... what can I say he isn't very techno-savy... so I was a bit surprised on Mother's Day morning when I opened an email from him... he had sent me these coupons... some were filled in and some were blank...

And golly I thought WOW... he had to do a search to find these... he had to actually compose an email... so, I was a bit overwhelmed that he took the time to do something on the computer without getting frustrated and without calling me in the room to fix it... or find it...

Then I found out his friend Steve (yes, he has a friend Steve- I know wierd) sent them to him... trying to make points with his wife and he thought... hey I'll send them to my buddy Steve for Michelle... so, even if Steve did give them to my Steve... it was the thought that counted... and let me tell you I used those coupons... very wisely... and it took me nearly a year to use them all... it was rather fun...

So, I hope your day is blessed with special moments that make you smile, laugh till you cry... and you really great gifts... because mom's really are SPECIAL!!!

Have a lovely day!! Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8

Challenge Round-up + The Winner!!

Whooo Hoooo. The crazy moving month is over and so {for now} are the challenges... I absolutely loved seeing all the layouts that were entered the the Blog Candy Challenges!!! They were all so different, I loved them all!! I'm soooooo happy I didn't have to choose one and the List Randomizer (@ chose the winner for me.

Before you find out the winner, I thought I'd share with you all the I did a little round up off all the layouts for you to check out... Thanks again to all who entered the challenges... I THINK YOU'RE ALL WINNERS!!!

First is the order in which each layout came in... Now... without further ado... here is the List Randomizer's Winner...
Jana email me your addy for the blog candy! And congrats!

Tuesday, May 5

A Couple Of New Layouts...

Well, I have to say... I'm surprised I got any scrapping done while the move was going on... but I did!! I was able to get a few of pages completed... Yeah... and I thought I'd share them with you!

These photos are from when Rainee was just getting better from her ear ache... Steve was so happy she was better, he took her to shopping to get her something to say YEAH... you're better!!! And when she came home... I wasn't surprised at all that it was 'daddy tools'!!! That's my girl... she just loves it when daddy brings out his tools and is fixing something around the house... she wants to be just like him... Now, when Steve brings out his tools, so does Rainee... way too cute... she always seems to be fixing something! My Little Miss-Fix-It!!
Matterials: Paper: Bazzill, JelliBean Soup, Sonborn Designs, Chipboard: Heidi Swapp, Colorbok, Joann's, Stickers: Paper Loft, Buttons: Joann's, American Crafts, Stamps: Technique Tuesday, Brads: Joann's

This layout... I feel privileged to even have photos of... because if I were working I wouldn't have been able to take her to her special day at school. It really is one of the perks of being at home... having the opportunity to go to those special little things... and this is one of them. Rainee's school was doing a TRIKE DAY... and she was soooooo excited about it.!! She loves riding her trike... but being able to do it with her friends at school was extra exciting... they were able to decorate their trikes and have a fun little parade ... I loved seeing her excitement and the fun she had in such a simple thing... TRIKE DAY!!!
Matterials: Paper: Bazzill, JelliBean Soup, Three Bugs In A Rug, Chipboard: Imagination Project, Stickers: Paper Loft, Buttons: American Crafts, Stamps: Technique Tuesday, Rub-ons: Ki, Tag: Making Memories.

I don't know about you, but I love the moments that just happen in a day... and when I look back at them I am soooooo happy I was there... they are the extra-ordinary everyday moments I love. What about you... is there a moment lately that you're so happy you were there for??? Leave me a comment I'd love to hear about them...

I hope you have an extra-ordinary everyday... today!

Monday, May 4

NSD Blog Candy Winner!

CONGRATULATIONS... Laurie U. in CA. (byhismercyandgrace)!!! Send me your addy and I'll get it right out to you...

Thank you all for joining in the NSD blog candy celebration with me...

Happy Scrapping!!

Saturday, May 2

National Scrapbooking Day... + Blog Candy!!

In honor of our favorite hobby I thought I'd do a blog candy give-away!!! To enter just leave a comment and I'll pick a name on Monday night!! Good luck!


Friday, May 1

Mother's Day Shoe...

I recently saw this cute shoe in CK's magazine. And I went on the prowl trying to find it.. I looked high and low, but wouldn't you know it... CK had it as a download. Silly me! Anyway... I made this for my Mother-in-Law to put her little gift in. I just love how it turned out!!! I'm also going to take it to my scrap night next week I know a couple of friends who go crazy over it!!! If you want to make one for youself (or mom)... click here to go to CK magazine to download!

I do have one comment/helpful hint if you do this: On the back shoe seam, don't put them together like you would if you were sewing them together... it shows on the inside of the shoe and is a bit bulky. Instead: glue the fold flat up against each other for a really nice looking back seam.

Blog Candy!!!

Well, I finally found my stash of blog candy in amongst all those boxes I had to unpack... So, here it is...

It's a Memory To Go... it has velcro pockets, side pocket for pictures & a great cutting matt - PLUS -
I'm going to put some goodies in pockets for the winner...

I love this... I take it with me when we go on vacation... while driving I can make a card or put some finishing touches on scrap page. It's the best!

So remember... to enter, do at least one of the 4 challenges to get your name in the bucket... the more challenges you do, the more chances you have to win. So it's not too late, if you haven't done any yet, you still have an opportunity... I'm picking the winner on Monday, May 11th.

Challenge #1 - "Scrap A Daily Routine"
Challenge #2 - "Little EGGS-perts"
Challenge #3 - "A Pocket Full Of Posies"
Challenge #4 - "Puddles & Rainbows"