Thursday, March 31

You Two Are The Best Of Friends...

From the moment these two met in Kindergarten, they have been the best of friends!!! They care about one another... they get along great and can't wait to see the other each day at school... and any time we can get them together for a play-date!!! I love watching their friendship grow... and every once in a while I imagine what their friendship will be like when they are teenagers... and on into life... because I know this friendship is one that will last a lifetime....

I, personally, don't have any Kindergarten friends... the oldest friendships I have... are from the 5th grade... Mrs. East's class. Our 'lunch bunch' grew on into high school when it was complete. The years may have passed, but the friendships remain... some I see more often than others... I'm blessed to have known each one of these women!!! Friendship is one of the greatest blessings anyone can have. I know I've posted this photo before... but here it is again... me with the 'lunch bunch'... and yes, some of these women I really have know since the 5th!!! So... as I imagine Rainee growing into her life... I see this friendship as one that will last a lifetime.

Out of curiosity what is your longest friendship? I hope your Thursday is a lovely one... Oh and by the way... if you haven't visited (one of my 5th grade friend's) Joan's blog  for her giveaway... here's another reminder to check it out and enter!!!

Wednesday, March 30

What's Your Favorite...

Scrappy Tool? This challenge for TAAFOMFT was an easy one for me... I love love love taking photos with my camera!!! The photos are the heart of my scrapbook pages! It's why I scrap! Sure, there are other tools I love to use when I make my pages... like different papers, ribbons, punches, my paper cutter, embellies, my Cricut & Gypsy... and those are just a few of the essentials I love using. But without the photos... without using my camera to capture the moment... I wouldn't have any memories to scrap!!!

Now, we'd love for you to play along with us and check out what our very creative TAAFOMFT DT have chosen for their favorite scrappy tool. Whatever your fave is, we'd love for you share it with us... on a scrapbook page, a card or project...  So come over to TAAFOMFT... and share your favorite scrappy tool...

BY THE WAY... if you haven't checked out my friend Joan's blog giveaway... hop on over for your chance to win!!!

Tuesday, March 29

Be You...

Here's another little card to get you ready for Spring or for getting you in the mood to make some Easter cards... and hopefully put a little sunshine in your day!!! It's been raining off & on here a lot... so a little bit of sunshine is just what I need to get me off to a brighter week.

I made this card scraps just waiting to be used.... and here's another little chick made with circles and ovals... I think little chicks peeking out of their egg shells all ready for Spring are just the cutest!

Hope I've inspired you to play with some of your scraps and left over bits to make a card for Spring. Have a sunny Tuesday!!! 

BY THE WAY... my friend Joan is having a giveaway on her blog... so go check it out and enter!!!

Monday, March 28

You Found It...

Okay... here's another photo unscrapped... I'm realizing I have soooooo many photos yet to scrap it just isn't funny... I wish I could keep up with all the photos... but I can't! If anything scrapping older photos reminds me how precious our time together really is... because her life seems to be speeding along... I wish I knew where the time went... from this photo till now! So I'm going to enjoy our everyday moments together now... and as for the scrapping??? It will happen when it happens...

Sooooo... this photo is from Rainee's Pre-school Easter Egg Hunt. It was so fun watching her enjoy the thrill of finding each hidden egg. This was something different for Rainee... because either all her cousins grown or living in other states... so she's only enjoyed Easter Egg Hunt's with other kids a handful of times. Usually she's hunting for her egg's on her own. So this was a delightful moment... for her. I loved watching her excitement and laughter as she set out on this little adventure of hunting for these hidden treats. So sweet.

This layout is my take on this week's sketch from SketchyThursday... I made my own little chick with scraps and ovals... for the grass... I was going to snip some paper, but instead decided to use a bunch of different border punches... an some rick-rack to finish it off... kinda fun... I love it!!! I had a blast using Spring colors... they're so bright & cheery they make me want to go on a egg hunt!

Here's to another week... filled with things to do... and moments to share...hope yours is delightful!!!

Friday, March 25

Friday's 10 Happy Things...

There are so many beautiful everyday happy things. . . and right here is the perfect place to share those everyday moments and happy things!

Because there are so many creative outlets in our lives... and being creative makes me happy... I thought along with our list of 10 Happy Things... we could share something... anything... we've recently created!

Your creative thing??? It can be anything from a photo...
a card... a layout... something you've baked... sewed... or painted... anything you've created that made you happy...

Share the link to your happy list & your creation... by using the Linky below... just share your blog title & the link that goes directly to your post... it’s easy and it's fun to boot!! 

Here's my happy list & favorite creation for this week...
  1. Walking in the rain... and of course splashing in puddles!
  2. Coloring with Rainee.
  3. Making homemade chili on a cold rainy day.
  4. New tennis shoes. soooo nice!
  5. Playing doggie doctor with Rainee... and she's the sick doggie!
  6. Sleeping in with no place to go for the whole day.
  7. The first day of Spring... flowers blooming.... weather changing... delightful!
  8. Getting happy mail!
  9. Taking a bubble bath... even with interruptions.
  10. Giggling uncontrollably with Rainee, while the ZhuZhu Pets go scurrying everywhere!
And my favorite creation for this week is of... Rainee Coloring Easter Eggs (my post)... I love the happy bright colors and the cute clouds!

Well, here's to another Happy Friday! I hope you'll join in and share all the things that make you happy... they're sure to make us happy too!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

p.s. Don't forget to grab the Friday's 10 Happy Things button for your post and/or your sidebar to let others know you're joining in.

Thursday, March 24

Tweet... Tweet...

It's almost the end of the week... so here's a card to get you in the mood for the coming weekend! Something happy!

This card is made for no particular reason... I just felt inspired by the twigs in our front yard. Rainee is constantly playing with them... so I thought I'd take her lead and play with a few on a card. So, along with the twigs... Luminarte's Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist... bakers twine... Real Woods for the birdhouse... my favorite cloud die-cut... a couple of stickers... and some scraps for the banner... this is what I came up with... I think they all came together to make a sweet, whimsical Spring card.

That's it for today... Thanks for stopping by to see my card today... and I hope you'll play along tomorrow with your list of... Friday's 10 Happy Things... See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 23

Your Love Is Delightful...

While going through more photos... I came across this photo taken nearly 2 summers ago, when we took our trip to South Dakota to spend time with my dad. On this particular day... we skipped rocks, played frisbee and had an ice cream cone at a beautiful park on the Missouri River. When I look at this photo... I see the enjoyable time we had and Rainee's non-stop giggles! This was a terrific day!!!

I love the memory of this day... and I love all the green, green grass in the photo just waiting for something to be put there... So instead of doing another layout about our South Dakota trip... I decided to make this one about delightful Rainee... her giggles... her hugs & kisses... and how snuggling with her is the best part of my day!! I used one of Creative Café's calendar paper along with some scraps and embelly tid-bits from my stash... It was a fun way to use the calendar... because every day with Rainee really is delightful!

I hope your day brings a smile. And thanks so much for reading my blog and stopping by to see my page today. I hope it inspired you to do something fun & bright with a calendar!

Tuesday, March 22

Real Wood... Buttons... & A Butterfly...

Here's a card I made using Creative Imaginations Real Woods... the dots are raised with foam dots... I just love foam dots... they are one of my favorite go-to items.... anyway... I didn't like the card with all real wood dots so I replaced a few with buttons to match the paper... And that butterfly... it's from K&Company.... and I love love love them!!

Well, that's it for today... thank you, everyone, for your lovely kind comments...  and for hopping by my blog today.... It really means a lot to me!  I hope your day is delightful! Big hugs... M

Monday, March 21

Coloring Easter Eggs...

I don't know about you but I photos stacking up... and I just can't keep up with them all... and these are from our day of coloring Easter eggs with Rainee's best friend... when these girls get together... they always have the best time!!! I love watching their friendship grow...

Anyway for this layout, I used the SketchyThursdays sketch... they always have such fun sketches... and if you haven't tried them... you should! Ever since I saw my friend Deana use a pinwheel... I've been wanting to try it out... and this fun bright yellow Spring-y Easter layout was just perfect for it! I think pinwheels in general are so much fun... so I love it!!! And I have to say... I really really really love my cloud die-cut... Diana... thanks again for hooking me up with Papertrey Ink.... I can't seem to get enough of those cute little clouds!!!

Well, that's it for today... have a great Monday... and a delightful week!

Friday, March 18

Friday's 10 Happy Things...

There are so many beautiful happy things about everyday life . . . and right here is the perfect place to share those everyday moments and happy things! Below you can share the link to your list, a post or an  article on your blog about your happy everyday things!

To share a link to your happy things post you can use the Linky below... just share your blog title  and the link that goes directly to your post... it’s easy and fun to boot!!

Here's my 10 for the week...
  1. The sweet silliness that comes with shamrocks & leprechauns.
  2. Making a leprechaun trap with Rainee.
  3. The excitement on Rainee's face at baking rainbow cupcakes.
  4. Watching the kids be amazed at the sneakiness of the leprechaun tricks.
  5. The sound of the doorbell, when the first guest arrives at a party!
  6. Having a Nerf gun shootout.
  7. Finding the long lost favorite sock.
  8. A vegetables platter... with dip of course!
  9. An unexpected shepherd pie lunch out with Steve & Rainee.
  10. A nice afternoon nap after a very fun holiday party. 
Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

All week Rainee's been getting ready for her St. Patrick's Party... and every day she's been wearing a shamrock on her cheek. I love the excitement in the air around our house... it's been such a delight!!!

Besides wearing a shamrock... she's been working on her leprechaun trap... but every one has fallen apart... leaving her disappointed... so decided to help her and found a really cute one on It's been fun watching her excitement grow as she saw it wasn't falling apart... now... she's very hopeful to catch one.... guess we'll see!!!

As for Rainee's St. Patrick's Day Party!!!!!.... We've had an awesome day!!! From moment she woke up the little leprechaun hanging around our house has been doing pranks.... silly leprechaun! At the party we ate... Leprechaun's End of the Rainbow Cupcakes... yup they really are layered with the colors of the rainbow... Rainee and I  had such fun making these... I was going to be bummed if they didn't turn out... but they were the hit of the party!!! We also ate Pot of Gold Cheese Dip with chips... Luck of the Irish Veggie Platter... and Leprechaun's Irish Jig Punch... then with the Lucky Leprechaun's Shamrock Cookies... the kids were able to decorate them any way they wanted... it was a blast!!! I kind went all out on the sign-making for all delicious dishes... which all the mom's got a kick out of. The kids played a few Leprechaun games... ate, drank and played their little hearts out inside and outside. Right now... Rainee's trying to relax after such a fun crazy-busy day... but the leprechaun keeps pulling pranks on her... crazy-funny!!! So, all in all our it was a delightful day!!!

Before go I thought I'd share one more thing... This morning while cleaning up my desk,  I found a silhouette of the shamrock used for Rainee's party invitations... and thought I'd make a St. Patrick's Day card with it... well, as it turns out when I was finished with it I found a little surprise inside the vintage book type I'd used... the surprise was the... "Good Luck" in amongst the type... I thought it rather fun... I love little happenstance like that... very fun!!!

Well our day is nearly done... but before I say good night... I  thought I'd leave you with an Irish Blessing...

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way-
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.

Irish Blessing

Wednesday, March 16

The Awesomeness Of Kung Fu Panda...

It's been nearly 3 years since these photos were taken... and it's not like I wanted to put off scrapping them... but I just haven't been inspired on how to scrap them... I couldn't figure it out .. plus, I have sooooooo many photos... one of Rainee with each of the characters... what to do??? what to use???....When it came right down to scrapping them... I only chose a couple with Rainee... I decided I wanted her to have a vivid memory of each character (because I know someday they will be gone), so I chose to scrap each character separate... which in the end is what Rainee is most excited about... yeah, for doing the memory so she loves it!

Since I've started this layout... Rainee's been playing with these guys non-stop... she hasn't put them down for days... and now with the new Kung Fu Panda movie coming out soon... I can tell you she's over the moon about the movie and playing with them again!!! She's so adorable to watch! I do have to say thank you to SketchyThursdays for the 'awesomeness' of this sketch... it really is what inspired me to use this collection of photos... I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to finally put this memory on a scrapbook page... so thanks you thank you thank you SketchyThursdays!!! As for Rainee... well, she's happy too... she loves looking at this page with all her little guys!

Tuesday, March 15

What's Your Favorite...

Pastime? This is our new challenge over at TAAFOMFT!!! For me, it's spending time with my daughter Rainee. She can make me laugh at the drop of a hat... she's always coming up with something new... whether it's a dance move... mixing foods for her famous 'recipes'... digging in the dirt... blowing bubbles... looking for ladybugs... playing games... baking something yummy.... watching movies... making sandcastles... whatever it is we do together.... she never fails to make me smile and make it more fun! I love her laughter, her zest for life, her innocence and the joy she brings to everything she does... she makes a bad day better with just a hug... I am blessed for every moment we have together!!

Now it's your turn to check out the amazing creativity of our the TAAFOMFT DT and what they've done for their favorite pastime... they are wonderful!!! We can't wait to see what your favorite pastime is... so come share it with us on a card, layout or project...the prize for this challenge is a gift certificate for $30.00 at!!! Whoo hoo... how much fun will that be to spend??? So come on... share you favorite...

Monday, March 14

A Week Full Of Leprechaun's... & Shamrocks...

Rainee is on Spring Vacation this week - and it seems a bit odd having it around St. Patrick's day and not Easter... but we are going to have a fun time!!! One of the things we have planned is a Leprechaun party. She has been waiting for the Leprechaun's to come back and visit... because you know they only come out on St. Patrick's Day!

Sooooo I thought I'd share the invitations Rainee helped make for the party... she loves using the Cuttlebug... it was fun watching her crank the arm to get the finished background!!! And then, of course she had to emboss Cuttlebug everything she could get her hands on... it was so cute!!! Anyway, for the Shamrocks... I looked in all my stash and couldn't find not one anywhere... so decided to cut one out using my Cricut... because surely I must have one Shamrock in there with all the discs I have... but after searching & searching... I didn't have one!!! So using my Gypsy... I melding 3 hearts and a vine together for my very own Shamrock... and I have to say... I love it!!! It's definitely a keeper!

Our week looks like it's going to be one filled with fun... Leprechauns... & Shamrocks!!! I, for one, can't wait!!! Hope your week is filled with some Irish luck... enjoy!!!

Friday, March 11

Friday's 10 Happy Things...

I love Fridays... they make me HAPPY... so I thought I would start a new challenge post each Friday... and would love for you to join in with your... Friday's 10 HAPPY things...

You can do it however you want... post them on your blog... put them on a post-it to look at all week.... however you want to do it... but the goal is to write them down... because there are so many things around us that make us HAPPY... I believe with our busy lives we need reminding of what simple things in life make us truly HAPPY... So write away... I'd love you to share yours with us... so put a link with your comment to your Friday's 10 HAPPY things...

Here are mine...
  1. Whenever Rainee does her hoochi-mama dance... it makes me laugh - which happens several times a day...
  2. Walking into the faintest aroma of hubby's cologne and knowing he's been there.
  3. A good cup of coffee.
  4. The smell of just-cut-grass.  
  5. The smell of fresh baked bread.
  6. Sitting outside watching Rainee play with Champ.
  7. Spending time on the computer... for as long as I want!!!
  8. Getting flowers... even if they are dandelions!
  9. Watching movies and cuddling.
  10. Climbing into bed after a busy day.
Okay....that's my 10... join the challenge... it's easy and fun to boot!!! Enjoy your weekend... Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 10

Butterfly Cards...

I don't know about your house, but some weeks around here can be completely-crazy-full of things to do.. and this just happens to be one of those weeks!!! Plus every day I hear Steve saying, he doesn't think I'll get everything done... and I should let something go... but I know if I let one thing go, it would completely throw me off... Besides, it's Thursday... the crazy week is nearly done... so I'm bound & determined I will get everything done!!! Then I'll probably crash on Saturday!!!

Anyway... very quickly, here are a few cards made with two fabulous shades of purple, vintage book pages, a stamp and some butterflies. Well, that's it for today... Now I'm off to work on 2 last minute freelance graphic design jobs... my St. Patrick's Day Invites and some new EverydayFrames ideas... Hope your day is lovely... I'll see you tomorrow... thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, March 9

Sunny Memories...

Who knew a funny little talking sponge would make my daughter laugh??? Spongebob Squarepants is one of those characters... you either love or you can't stand... and Rainee loves him. So when Rainee saw him at Universal Studios, I knew she had to get a photo with him.We'd seen him throughout the day dancing around, but getting a photo just wasn't happening... then... right before we were about to leave... there he was, with his bright happy smile, standing there taking photos with his under-the-sea backdrop... it was perfect!!! Rainee was all excited... and had to have a photo with him!! It was one more bright spot in our sunny day of wonderful memories... at Universal Studios.

Tuesday, March 8

Golden Beans...

Last year, Rainee and her class had the best time, on St. Patrick's Day, looking the leprechaun who was hiding all around school... and who did a little "magic" with the Gold Beans they planted in the morning... which then turned into green lollipops when they came back to check on them... it was the cutest thing watching their faces full of surprise and wonder!!!! Rainee still talks about it... and can't wait for St. Patrick's day... she's hoping we have a little leprechaun visitor at our house this year!!! You never know it might just happen!!!

I used SketchyThursdays latest sketch... I put the flower on Popsicle sticks instead of a journal block... and in my Illustrator application, I made a heart for the leaves and used it as a text path for my little bit of journal-ing... and put Happy St. Patrick's Day in the other two heart/leaves... I love how they came out. Well, that's it for today.... I'll see you tomorrow... and whatever you're doing today... I hope it makes your smile... have a great Tuesday!!!

Friday, March 4

Spring Flowers...

I can't wait for Spring flowers to start blooming... We my not have snow like a lot of you, but lately we've had a lot of rain, which makes things nice and green. But it's the Spring flowers I'm waiting for... I can't wait to see them everywhere I look with all their beautiful colors.... flowers make any day brighter. So come on spring... where are you hiding... we all want winter to be over!!!

Have a delightful weekend...

Thursday, March 3

Shark Bait...

More photos from out trip to Universal Studios.... Rainee loves sharks... but when it came to putting her head in this one... she was a bit apprehensive... her daddy made sure she was safe and then she just went for it!!!

I wanted to add some fish to go along with the Shark Bait... but I didn't have any fish in my stash... so I decided to make some fun origami fish for an added something different... I love how they turned out! Rainee loved them too and she was having such fun with them... I ended up making her a whole school of fish just for her.... fun!

Wednesday, March 2

All Things Wonderful...

Well, here is my last baby card... for awhile anyway... I told you I loved this little baby stamp... I love that I can change it to a girl or a boy!... And those clouds... I have to thank my friend Diana for hooking me up with the info for my purchase of these fabulous dies.... from Papertrey Ink !! Love love love them!!! I think they make the perfect place for a cute baby to sit!!!

Now although... I wasn't able to play along this time with TAAFOMFT newest challenge... with me sick... Rainee sick... and me sick again... but I know you're going to love this challenge...

What's your favorite FEATURE??? Is it your... hands... hair... eyes... personality... show us your favorite!!! Whatever your favorite is... scrap it... make a card... or project... we can't wait to see it!!! As for the prize... well, you have 2 chances this time... that's right 2 chances to win... First a prize pack from Bella Blvd.!! Its their "Lovey Dovey" collection! and Design Team member Diana is hosting another giveaway for this challenge on HER BLOG... once you've played along at TAAFOMFT.. go to her blog... leave a comment and she will draw a winner too!!! So, come by and see what the DT have done with their favorites... and play along with us... 

Tuesday, March 1

Anniversary Blend....

Today is my 8th Wedding Anniversary... I some sometimes find it hard to believe Steve and I have been married 8 years. The time has flown by so quickly... but as each day passes... I still know I am very much loved. The past 8 years have not been perfect by any stretch of the imagination... we've had our struggles... and glorious joys... I know we made it through these last 8 years because we allow God to be the center of our marriage... the center of everything... we've learned to look past our imperfections to our greatest gift to each other... unconditional love for one another.  So, here's to us! Happy Anniversary Steve... I look forward to what life brings in the coming years... Love You!!!

Here's my Anniversary card.... I made this card because not only are we soooooooo the Starbucks coffee drinkers... but also because it's where we met. I love Starbucks! Lately I've been saving our coffee bags, to do some kind of a project with... so when it came time to make Steve an Anniversary card... I dug out my coffee bag stash and used the Anniversary Blend bag for this card... I cut the bag apart using all the different parts... and for an added touch I used some sparkly paper... it's the perfect Anniversary card for Steve.