Monday, April 5

Weekly Gratitude...

Cooking. Ever since I was I little girl I've enjoyed it. While I was cooking this week I was reminded of the blessings I received with those who taught me to cook, they are some of my favorite memories...

My grandmother... she was wonderful at everything she put her hand to... she always had something in the oven or on the stove... her home was always filled with wonderful aromas. We didn't get to see her often, but when we did, she'd get us kids involved in the kitchen and I loved it... I loved helping and couldn't wait to see what we made. I remember her prune kolachi's... they were always one of my favorites! With both my mom and grandmother no longer here, I am lucky to have my aunt Dolly to give me the recipes I enjoyed with her. It's such a joy making those same things I made with her... now with my daughter.

Homemade bread... this is from my grandfather. He baked his own bread.. every day. Whenever we visited him, I'd get up early to help him... and then we'd share the first slice together. To this day whenever I make bread, it reminds me of him. There is nothing like homemade bread.

My mother, she didn't think she was a great cook, not like her mom, but if you ask my sisters and brother, she did make the best potato salad! She also liked to experiment with recipes or different foods... like when she made frog legs... and we watched them jump around in the frying pan. Some of the things she made didn't always turn out great, but I enjoyed being apart of trying something new. Because of her, I love making different things... and know that it's okay if they don't turn out... it's the joy of trying that's important.

The perfect over-easy eggs with my dad. Making breakfast with my dad was our thing... he showed me how to make eggs, bacon and pancakes. To this day, I still watch the dancing water in my frying pan... and am reminded of my dad showing me the exact same thing... and telling me 'You'll know when the pan is hot enough and ready for cooking your pancakes when the water dances.' Such a beautiful childhood memory... which I now share with Rainee every time we make pancakes together.

I may not be a chef, but I do enjoy cooking/baking. I feel blessed to have had such wonderful influences in my life who have helped me along the way to become someone who enjoys not only the end result, but the process... of cooking.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Now U are making me hungry!!! :):):):):):):):):) I hope U had a fabby Easter! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

sarah said...

we have so much in common... :) the end.


Jill W. said...

it's the journey we traveled that shows us the path to our happiness!

Jana said...

Cooking is certanly something very important and in my oppinion it's like we can do some magic!