Thursday, September 30

What's Your Favorite...

Fictional Character??? We are a super hero family. We love them.... from Spiderman to Ironman... but right now at this moment... Rainee loves loves loves... dunnnnn-nnuh-nnuh-nnuh-nnuhhhhhh--BATMAN!!!!

Batman appears at our house when I least expect it... once it was when we went to get our hair cut... once when we went grocery shopping... and recently showed up at the house and has hung around for quite a few days. LOL!! Batman was flying off saving anything and everything... and taking the dynamic duo counter part 'champy-boy' along with... it is so fun watching Rainee gets all excited about being a super-hero and it's such a  kick to see her save mommy from the big bad daddy!!! Seriously... it's just the cutest!!!

Do you have a favorite fictional character??? Is it Elmo... Tinkerbell... Charlie Brown or maybe it's someone from your favorite movie or book... whoever it is... we'd love for you to share it with us over at TheseAreAFewOfMyFavoriteThings.... And to get started you should really go check out the beautiful inspirations from our DT... such fun... you have to check them out!!!! And don't forget you don't have to do a scrapbook layout, you can do a card or even a project. One last thing we're dong things a bit different starting this month... instead of choosing the one we like... we're going to be doing a video of all who enter and choosing winner with so everyone will have a chance to win... I hope you come by and share your favorite with us... so until next time.... I'm off to the Bat Cave...

Wednesday, September 29

US... having a wonderful time.

Back in March in a Weekly Gratitude post I talked about my High School friends and our lovely afternoon lunch together. It was a filled with lots of talking, laughter, remembering and catching up... but one I hadn't scrapped it yet! When I launched EverydayFrames, Joan bought one... and well, me being me... I couldn't just send her a frame... I had to put something in it... so I made her a page of our lunch together.... then I realized after talking to Joan the other day, I still hadn't posted the layout... so here it is...

US... having a wonderful time.

Tuesday, September 28

More Of South Dakota...

I've been wanting to post these I just haven't gotten around to it.... These layouts are from our trip last year to see my dad in South Dakota. We has such fun staying at my cousins homes... In Grenville we stayed with my cousin Ronnie. Rainee had such fun climbing on all kinds of things... and playing in the wide open spaces all around us... and Steve got a kick out of everything that was John Deere... everywhere we went there was something John Deer... he was loving it... and kept repeating the phrase... "Nothing Runs Like A Deere"... it was seriously funny... so of course I had to get him doing something with a Deere product...

Then, when we were in Rapid City we stayed with my cousin Gary... where they took us all around to see the sights one of which was Bear Country where we were able to see so many different wild animals...  I think Rainee's  favorite was the baby bears... they were soooooooo adorable... my favorite was the rare White Buffalo... it was amazing to see. Steve's was the Big Big Bear!!! Our days there were filled with so much and we still didn't get everything in. I am so happy we were able to make that trip and my family was able to meet some of my family and see how beautiful South Dakota is... with it's wide open spaces and beautiful wonders.... We really did have the best time!!!

Sunday, September 26

Weekly Gratitude...

Down time. Staying at home has the appearance of freedom.... because I don’t have to at a job at a  particular time. No political pressure... no deadlines. That is from the outside.... I certainly see why others feel the stay-at-home-mom has it really good. BUT from the inside... I can tell you it’s not true. I don't have  a company relying on my performance... but I do have a family depending on it. I rarely have time to myself... when I do, I usually do something for them... like volunteering in the classroom... helping with homework... caring for our home... grocery shopping... doing laundry... working on my EverydayFrames... and the never ending list of errands that need doing. I don’t have the luxury of an hour lunch. So I really appreciate it when I do have some time to do something I enjoy... my down time... with no one expecting anything from me.

It's time where I... scrapbook... catch up on TV shows... bake... anything that relaxes me and put me in a better mood. Since that happens sporadically throughout my week... I try to carve out whenever I can... even if this means getting up early... or putting something off until the next day. This down time helps me reset... my brain cannot function without... and be really for the next day of stay-at-home-momhood. While these small moments are grabbed whenever I can get them.... they are what I need to keep things going... keep things in order... and be productive. I am grateful for the these moments during my day that make me a better stay-at-home-mom.


Thursday, September 23


I've been in a card making mood lately... which happens every once in a while... that I just do card after card after card... I love it when I feel like I've got a lot done in a short period of time... love that feeling of accomplishment!!!!

The first one is a birthday card for a friend... I was thrilled to finally use the little red frame I'd bought a couple of years ago.... I loved it when I bought it but just couldn't figure out how to use it... so I was more than happy with the end result... I think I'm going to have to make another one....

This next one is a little birthday card for Rainee's friend... I just love love love those cute little cupcakes from the CI Birthday Bliss Collection.... just too too sweet!!!

And lastly is the US Marine card. It's really a photo envelope to hold photos. My friend's son just went into the Marines.... I gave it to her to put some family photos in, it's something simple, not too bulky so he can pretty much take with him anywhere to remind him of those who love him and of home...

This last one is done with the CI Robot Collection... I loved the saying... "Get in gear... When I take over the world"... I thought of all the things kids get into and what a great card it would make....

Well, that's it for today and the cards.... but...

I would like to share we are sponsoring the giveaway over at  SketchyThursdays blog this week... so if you'd like a chance to win a gift certificate for an EverydayFrame, go check out the new sketch SketchyThursdays has this week and join in the fun for a chance to win an EverydayFrame!!!

Tuesday, September 21

Curious George...

Last year one of the fun-est things Rainee's teacher did was give the superstar of the day a bag filled with Curious George books and a stuffed Curious George... And each day he went home with someone new. Well, every time it was Rainee's turn to take him home... we would have such fun with him... play games with him, do homework with him, eat dinner with him... but when it came time to take him back the next day... Rainee would cry and cry and cry because she didn't want to give him back... she wanted to keep him... she loved him so much! So to ease her pain on the days she had him, I search high and low and finally found one just like the teacher's. So then she'd have two when the other came to visit... so these top photos are her with George for class... the first time she had him!!! As for the bottom photo... this is her collection of all the Curious Georges together.... the small one came with I was shopping one day... and the huge one I wasn't sure I should buy because she had enough Curious Georges... I thought... but Steve made sure we bought it for her birthday!!! So now we have this collection of Curious Georges that is just too cute... and she loves them all.

Now I have been wanting to do these photo... but just couldn't figure out a good way to use them... until this weeks SketchyThursday sketch. I knew these photos would be perfect with that sketch... so once again... another page done because of ST... thank you so much SketchyThursday!!!

Monday, September 20

What's Your Favorite...

Poem??? This is our new challenge over at TAAFOMFT (These are a few of my favorite things)... I don't really have a favorite poem, but I do think the lyrics to songs are poetry... So instead of your traditional poem, I chose a the lyrics to this song ('In My Daughter's Eyes', by Martina McBride). From the moment I heard it, it has touched my heart for so many reason, but mostly because when I look at Rainee... I see the miracle God gave me.... and I'm blessed!

Now it's your turn to tell us... what your favorite poem is? Our TAAFOMFT DT has done some absolutely beautiful layout with favorite poems... they really are a must see!!! The prize for this challenge... has generously been given by out lovely Julie for a Gift Certificate. So come on over and show us your favorite poem... you can do... a card, a project or a scrapbook layout we'd love you to share it with us!

Sunday, September 19

Weekly Gratitude...

Going to the movies. When I was single I would wait for Fridays and the new releases... I sit and watch several movies back to back without getting the least bit bored. Most people I know love sitting way up high in the theater... but not me... I love sitting in the front of the theater, about six or seven rows back from the front is my ideal location. It's my way to really experience the movie and feel as if I am a part of it. I’m not choosy when it comes to what I watch... action... romance... animation... children's.... I like everything... well, except for horror movies... with so many choices how can I have a favorite genre. When I'm feeling sad or unmotivated... watching a good movie is a surefire way to get me to a good place and full of inspiration.

When Steve and I occasionally have our date nights... my vote is always for a movie... and going to the movies with Rainee is one of my most favorite things to do. I am grateful for the couple of hours which movies do to fill my life.


Friday, September 17

Weekly Gratitude...

Unbidden joy. Rainee is always putting something in a box as a little gift for mommy... sometimes it's... little stuffed puppies... rocks... marbles... dirt (when we're outside)... flower petals ... play forks and spoons... cut up pieces of paper (which I now know are pieces of her heart)... scribbled notes with hearts... and coloring book pages colored with all her heart. She says giving them to me brings her joy and fills heart with love.

All those little tid-bits put in a box are better then any expensive present I could ever receive... because they were chosen or made with love for me. To see the unbidden joy in them... gives me immeasurable pleasure.... something a store bought trinket could never be compared with. I'll take these little surprises every day I can get them, because I know as she grows older they will likely be replaced with the real presents... and although I will love them (because they are from her)... they will never compare to the unbidden joy of a little box filled with secret surprises.

I'm blessed to have a child with such an enormous heart. I am grateful for the joy I see on her face as she hands me another little something... and the look in her eyes to see if I like it... I am grateful for all the little treasures she picks just for me. I am blessed with unbidden joy... and I'm grateful.

Wednesday, September 15

Super Strechy Pants...

As I was going through some photos... I found these... and they are just crazy-funny!!! Raine likes to make us laugh... and one night while doing several renditions of her silly antics... she walked out with her pants pulled high... Steve and I couldn't stop laughing!!! And all the while, dancing around saying... "I know these pants are stretchy... but this is ridiculous!! And I of course had to get a photo of it... to remember all the silly ways she likes to make us laugh... I love it!!!

I couldn't stop smiling as I did this layout with the sketch from SketchyThursdays.... love love love this sketch... Thanks ST... I had so much fun!!!

Sunday, September 12

Blog Swap...

Hi everyone!!! Starting tomorrow... Creative Imaginations & Hero Arts are swapping blogs for the whole week!!!! Together we will be using Hero Arts Stamps & Creative Imaginations Luminarte for some creative cards, projects and fun!

It's going to be mega FUN, with a week full of prizes both from Hero Arts and Creative Imaginations Luminarte!!!! Make sure to join in to see what's happening... as we swap blogs for a whole week!!

Friday, September 10

September CI Sketches...

It's that time again for another sketch reveal over at Creative Imaginations blog... the September Sketch Challenges.... It's my month to do the layout sketch plus here's my inspirational layout... for it I chose some photos from Mother's day I still had yet to scrap...

I'm also happy to present the Card Sketch created by DT member, Lori Gentile... I think I'll be doing this one sometime this weekend... and don't forget to upload your layout or card to the CI gallery under September Sketch and use 80% CI products... and one lucky person will receive a generous prize package!!!

p.s. something fun is in the works... watch for it!!!

Wednesday, September 8

My Sunflower...

Besides Rainee being sick this weekend... I got really involved in a couple of other projects I needed to get done... which made me nearly forget to about my layout for SketchyThursdays... I loved the half circle on the sketch... but just couldn't come up with anything... so I put it aside to work on my other things... then while doing one of my Creative Imaginations projects it came to me... and what I'd like to do the sketch.

I decided to make a sunflower instead with picture of Rainee as the flower center. I think it still has the sketch influence... but with a twist. The photo is from our trip to the pumpkin patch last year... I love her cute little smile... she really is my sunshine... my sunflower.

(Materials: Paper: Creative Imaginations, DCWV, Corrugated Paper: Creative Imaginations, Buttons: Creative Café, Letter: Jillibean Soup, BoBunny, Making Memories, Stickers: BoBunny, Splatter: Luminarte and H2o's, Journaling Tags: Jillibean Soup, Ribbon: Joann's Craft, Sunflower Ovals: Cricut)

Tuesday, September 7

Cherish You...

I have been wanting to scrap this photo of Rainee with her Kindergarten teacher... Mrs. Baguyo... I love the special relationship they share and the love of learning she brought into Rainee's life. So as a tribute to a wonderful teacher and wonderful year... I did a special page with Rainee & Mrs. Baguyo. Having such a special teach makes such a difference in a child's life... and she is the most wonderful teach... we were blessed to have her!!! Even now as soon as school lets out, she quickly gives me a "hi-mommy-i-missed-you-hug" then RUNS RUNS RUNS to go see Mrs. Baguyo so she can... tell her about her day... show her what she's learning... and of course you can't forget to get one of those special "Mrs. Baguyo Hug"!!!!

Mrs. Baguyo is such a special person, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect teacher for Rainee's Kindergarten year. I know she will be a part of our lives always... not only as the friend she has become, but also as the wonderful teacher who touched my daughter's life. Thank you for everything Mrs. Baguyo... we love you!!!

(Materials Used: Barb Tourtillotte - It's Elementary Collection, Studio Basics - Growing Up Collection, Helen Dardik - Smarty Collection and Creative Café - Felt Flowers, Buttons & Words.)

Monday, September 6

Weekly Gratitude...

A day of rest, Labor Day. Normally on Labor Day, we go to the park, feed the ducks then come home for a backyard BBQ picnic... after which we'd go swimming, watch a movie and would be lazy the rest of the day... which may or may not include an afternoon nap. I look forward to this day... this weekend. I make sure all the fixings for the backyard BBQ picnic are done... and that everything around the house is done... so I too have a day of rest.

But, this year, because Rainee hasn't been feeling well the last couple of days... feeding the ducks and swimming are out and a full day of recharging our batteries with taking it easy! Rainee wasn't happy last night when we talked about this... but, she also wants to feel better... so relaxing, staying home it is... not that it isn't normally about taking a breather, but today will completely be about putting our feet up, eating, taking a nap, watching movies and making sure Rainee feels better. This may not be the day I had planned... but what really matters is Rainee getting well and being together. So today, I'm grateful to be able to enjoy a day without having to be somewhere or do something... for one more day together with my family and Rainee hopefully feeling better at the end of it... and for rest... rest is good and I'm grateful for another day to enjoy it. Happy Labor Day!

Friday, September 3

Laugh & Play Card...

Yesterday while Rainee was at school and Steve was having lunch with a friend, I decided to do a card with the sketch for GetSketchy. It's not often that I have the house all to myself... and if I do, I'm usually doing housework... but yesterday I took advantage of my little slot of time and deferred anything I had to do for something I wanted to do... a simple card!

Well, this cute simple card sketch... ended up taking up most of my time... nothing was going the way I wanted it to... I wasn't happy with anything I put together... then I tried this one... and finally I liked it! For whatever reason, my quick card turned into an hour of trying this and that... to an end with a happy result.

I don't know what was up with me yesterday... do you think it could have been being home alone with no interruptions which made it difficult on me to get a card done? Or was I in one of those nothing-I-make-is-cute moods? I certainly don't know but whatever the reason... I'm glad at least I got one card done with my time. I could have walked away with nothing... so yeah... it only took me an hour to make a card... ummmm that's pretty sad!!! But at least I like it, right? Oh and if you're wondering about the sentiment... I wanted to use it from the get go... so I guess I did... laugh and play the day away... on a card... lol!

Does this ever happen to you?? Do you ever just can't get something to look the way you want it to??? I hope I'm not the only one... I'd love to know what your last difficult creating moment was... I'd feel much better if I weren't alone!!! I think that's it for today... I hope you have a marvelous weekend doing whatever you have planned and if it's creating a card... good luck!!!

Wednesday, September 1

First 2 Last....

I just love the sketch from SketchyThrusdays this last week... and although I did try to do circles... I couldn't make it work with what I wanted to do... so I did squares instead. I have wanted to do a layout with some of the precious Kindergarten moments Rainee had this last year... and this sketch worked perfectly. From the Kindergarten tea to one of the last days she shared with her class.

I love her cute little face showing off her blue hands... and that sweet Eskimo paper bag hat... smiling proudly at her Christmas program... taste testing food, field trips, Valentine day love-bug cupcakes, hunting for a leprechaun, making hats, excitement for the 100th day of school, Cinco de Mayo, Easter Bonnet Parade, painting, doing crafts, picnics, butterflies, sharing Curious George, being a Super Star... and your teddy-bear parade with Maxi-puppy. It's incredible what happens in a year. It's amazing the memories it can hold. I love having these photos all together... I love seeing the changes in Rainee... not only in her height, but I love looking at the sweet face and the changes a year can make... by the end of the year she looks so much more mature.... not really a Kindergartner any more...I know I've said it before... but I feel so fortunate to have this time with her. There are still times when I can't believe I'm home with her... I love being able to share in these beginnings of her life... I don't want to miss out on one single thing. I am blessed!