Friday, July 30

What's Your Favorite...

Band? This is our new challenge over at TAAFOMFT (These are a few of my favorite things)... and Me? Well, I love love love this favorite challenge.... From the first moment I heard U2.... I was in love. I have a ton of different music in my iPod... but U2 is my staple!! I had such fun doing this layout... Being a graphic designer you'd think I'd be a digital scrapper or even a hybrid... but just I love being crafty and doing things with my hands I love getting glue on my hands so I'm a traditional scrapper... But that doesn't mean every once in a while something comes along and I HAVE TO - HAVE TO - HAVE TO do a bit of digital scrapping... and this challenge was one of those times I just had to go digital!!! The heart on this layout is filled with U2 pics... 150 U2 pics and there is no way I could have done this with out this super cool application called Shape Collage... with this application you can make ANY shape you want with as many photos as you want... it's a blast!!! If you haven't heard of it... you HAVE TO check it out... even if you don't do digital scrapping all the time like me... it's something fun to have. It's something you can incorporate with traditional scrapping or card making.... Oh and did I mention they have a FREE download...

Anyway... go checkout what what the TAAFOMFT DT ladies made for their favorite bands... they are so fab!!! For this challenge Gauche Alchemy is our sponsor so you're going to want to see what treats they have in store for this challenge... yummy!!! Don't forget you don't have to make a just a scrapbook layout... you can make a card or a project to show off your favorite band.... I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!

Wednesday, July 28

Wicked Project...

As promised, here is the other Creative Imaginations CHA project I had opportunity to do...

I think the Creative Imaginations artist Marah Johnson has done it again with her new collection Wicked! I loved playing with this collection. For me, it's a must have... you can go check out the full line on the
Creative Imaginations Blog.... it's one to get for this Halloween!!!

I've always wanted, but never really had the occasion to do a Bare Elements Wine Containers... so this project gave me that chance... and boy did I have fun!!!! I also was able to really take the opportunity to use CI's Luminarte... this something I've played around with, but only used it here and there. And wow wow wow now.... do I love love love this stuff... I had such a blast using it with this Wicked Collection!!!

Along with the BE Wine Container, I also did a wine bottle.... just for fun!!!! I made a new label for the from and back using this very Wicked Collection... I added a little craziness to the top, by wrapping some fishing wire around - like a web - and then placing one of those seriously charming little spiders to the end of... I think it adds a wonderful little Wicked touch to this bottle!!!

Well, that's it for my CHA project for this time... hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed doing them... have a really lovely day!

Monday, July 26

Weekly Gratitude...

The Library. I love reading and have tried to instill that love in Rainee. The joy you get out of using your imagination... is wonderful. I feel lucky to have several libraries fairly close by and each with a story time and a craft every week. But this summer's schedule has only permitted us to go to the new library, which is about 5 minutes away. I love going in and seeing all the new books sitting on the selves... and watching Rainee's face get all excited over books she's found. It's been a great place to rest and recoup from a hot summer day. As soon as we get in, we grab several books, find a couch to sit down on and then we start to peruse the books that caught our eye. I love our library time together and I love watching her eyes light up when she's found a book she has to take home. Our library is a good friend to both Rainee and I. I'm grateful to be able to share it with her... and grateful to see her joy for reading blossom. It really is a lovely place to spend together.

Saturday, July 24

Beach Day & Berry Cute...

We decided to go to the beach this week... and get away from the heat... well... it seems we went from one extreme to another... it was freezzzzzzzzzzzzing... it was okay when we got there and it looked as though the sun would break through... but it never did and it just got colder and colder... but Rainee was wanting to make her traditional sandcastle with mommy... and we did... but I got stung by something and had to stop... She had to rebuild several times... because it kept getting destroyed by the waves... but she didn't care... she was in it ... and as you can see she was REALLY in it.... we had the best day... even if mommy was freezing and got stung...

This last week for whatever reason... Rainee felt I needed protecting from daddy... Steve and I were bantering... as we often do... and all of a sudden who should appear but... PANTY-GIRL..... to the rescue!!!! It was so funny... here she is all dressed up in panties... I couldn't stop laughing... it was killer-funny!!!!

My lovely niece, Autumn at AutumnBouquet... gave me a "Berry Cute Blog Award"... she is such a sweetheart... I love her very much!!! Thank you, Autumn!!!

Recently I received another award... so this time I'm going to be a little rebel and just answer a couple of the questions then send it along to my blogging friends... here are the rules I'm suppose to follow...

#1 Put the image of the award within your blog post.
#2 Put down answers to the following questions.
(for the full list of question see AutumnBouquet) :)
#3 When you answer the questions, add one question to the list. Didn't happen :(
#4 Award as many people as you wish!
#1 Do you like to wear hats? Yes, but not as much as I use to.
#4 Blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries? Raspberries.
#6 Favorite color? Red.
#9 Hearts or flowers? Both.
#11 What are your favorite hobbies? Scrapbooking
#12 Do you prefer dresses or pants? Dresses, although I always seem to be wearing pants.

And I'm sending this off to...

Life With The Tucker Wolek Clan...One Scrappy Blog...September Tea... Lilac & Luprines... One Gals Trash... Jencropable ... Scrapbook Abundance...Positively Bekka...Blessed...Glimpse of my daily life...(diva)logue...Images & Words...Inspiration Everywhere...Something de papel...RedOakLines...Creative Mischief...Mj's Moderation...Just RiFi...Jill's Life Adventure...ArtMyWay...Jaylynn Scraps...

Have a lovely weekend... enjoy every moment!!!

Wednesday, July 21

My First Day... & A Freebie...

I just love this photo of Rainee as we were walking to school on her first day of Kindergarten. She has the most excited smile... I love it!!! It's just too adorable!!!

I don't know about you, but I love Crayons... they make me smile & remind me so much of school days... I've been wanting to use them for awhile... but I couldn't figure out the perfect way to use them, until now. Granted, I did have to figure out how to glue them down... because they made the page sooooo heavy... but I love love love the effect!!! I splattered ink on the background paper & used Creative Imaginations Growing Up collection.... I love love love that line... it has so many fun papers & stickers for K-6grade it's great!!!

Now for a little freebie... the 'report card'.... this is something I made & I love how it turned out... so would like to share it with you... if you'd like a copy to print... click here to download & enjoy!

Have a delightful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, July 20

Sketchy Thursday...

The last few weeks I've been trying to get a Sketchy Thursdays sketch done... and it just hasn't happened... BUT it actually did this weekend... Yeah!! I've been pulling out photos I still haven't scrapped and there's a ton! I don't know about you but what is coming out of my camera and what is coming out of me scrapping them... don't seem to be in sink... so even though I'm behind... at least I'm getting them done... living life... and making more memories... isn't that what's important??? At least I'm trying... right???

The sketch this week is a multi photo layout and did mine with unscrapped photos from Rainee's first day of Kindergarten! On this particular day all 3 of us went to school together... it was so nice being able to share her first day as a family. As I was doing my layout I brought out my journaling notes from that day... and remembered how brave and excited she was... she was all smiles... but, when the time came for parents to leave... and the kids to go inside... there was for one split second this look on her face of... oh my gosh you're leaving... but as quick as it had come it was gone once she was in line. And she bravely went inside. Now, as for me... I wasn't so brave as I watched her go in... and I cried all the way home. I knew it was going to change everything in our lives... it's the beginning of letting go... and it's hard. BUT I realized that just like all the other firsts which have come and gone in her life up until now... there would be a multitude more to come... and I would be right there with her... cheering her on with happiness and excitement... but not, of course, without a few tears...

Anyways... here's my version of the sketch with my brave little Kindergartner... You have until 10 p.m. (EST) on Wed., July 21 to play along at Sketchy Thursdays. The prize this week is sponsored by Digi Doodle Shop. I'll see you tomorrow with another first day layout I'm finishing up... until then... have a lovely summer day!!!

Monday, July 19

Weekly Graditude...

Our Pool! Honestly.... I am not a hot weather person. I like going to the beach or even to Las Vegas for a day or two... but having it hot hot hot every day makes me a bit of a grumpy-bear. The things which saved me from this unbearable heat (104º-110º) this week and having me become a completely unbearable-grumpy-bear have been... not cooking indoors and letting Steve cook with our handy-dandy BBQ... next our air conditioning... and best of all... our pool!!!

We love it... with the intense temperatures this last week... our pool has been something to look forward to every day!!! It's been hard doing all the our normal routine... but knowing the cool water was waiting, made those excruciating hot days survivable. Plus we've been having such fun playing... swimming races... catch the noodle... marco polo... making waves... and splashing daddy... yes, it's been quite enjoyable. I am grateful for our pool and the happiness it brings to extremely hot days... I love it!!!

Sunday, July 18

What's Cooking Sun{day}...

All week it's been hotter than heck here and cooking has been one of those things where I've had to be creative and do some things which don't require cooking or it's already cooked for me and I just add a few things... but this is one of my favorite salad recipes... and for whatever reason I forget about it until it's blazing hot out... and requires no cooking...

Jicama Salad
2 tsp olive oil
2 garlic cloves
2/3 Cup orange juice
1 Tbsp red wine vinegar
12 ounces jicama, pared and made into thin sticks
3 small navel oranges, peeled, sectioned (or easier- 1 large can of mandarin oranges)
1/4 Cup cilantro
1 red bell pepper, seeded and diced
1/2 Cup thinly slice red onions
1/4 Cup sliced scallions (green portion only)
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
Zest and juice from one lime
Pinch ground red pepper
1 jalapeno peppers seeded and diced (this is optional - depending on how spicy you want it)

1) In a bowl, add oil, garlic, orange juice, vinegar, salt, pepper, ground red pepper, jalapeno, lime zest and juice. Mix this together and refrigerate for 30minutes. I usually make this the day before to get all the flavors to meld together.
2) In another bowl, combine jicama, oranges, onions and scallions.
3) Add orange juice mixture, toss and let stand for about 15 minutes, toss again.

I didn't to day, but I have been known to add a few other things to it like fresh blackberries, fresh cherries, carrot slivers, diced roasted chicken and green apples along with some Romain lettuce... but today we had it "as is" along side hamburgers Steve bbq'd... yum! It's fresh and cool. I love it and I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does... Happy Sun{day}.

Friday, July 16

Robots Rock... CI Sneak Peeks...

I am soooooooo excited to be able to show you a sneak peek from one of the new Creative Imaginations collections coming out at CHA.... Robots Rock!!! This new collection is out of this world... it has 6 different papers, silver letter stickers, friendly robots, flying saucers and bunches of out-of-this-world embellies!!!

I was asked to do a clock project with the Robots Rock collection and it was sooooooooo much fun.... I know I will be making some fun things with those cute little robot guys... Rainee couldn't keep her hands off of them... I think we're in love!!!!

For more sneak peeks on what CI is coming out with at CHA go checkout the CI blog... they have some fun new collections, I know I can't wait to try!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, July 15

What's Your Favorite...

Website/Blog??? This is our new challenge over at TAAFOMFT (These are a few of my favorite things)... And the inspiration from our design team is well.... wonderful!!! My list of favorite websites/blogs could go on forever... there are so many places... it's amazing what we have at our fingertips with the internet... it brings anything I'm interested in right into my home for me to enjoy!!! Love love love that!!!

For this challenge I thought I would do our EverydayScrapbook YouTube Channel... it's the first internet thing I'd done... so you could say it's my other little baby... PLUS doing them with Rainee makes them that much more special!!! The videos started because Rainee wanted to know what I was doing... and she's always wanting to do whatever it is I'm doing... so I thought it would be fun to do a video of us doing projects together... and so began our EverydayScrapbook YouTube Channel. It's us spending time together scrapping, laughing and having fun... I love it!!! It is one of my favorite places on the internet!!!

Our prize for this challenge... is from Julie!!! She's offering a $25.00 store credit to Flamingo Scraps!! One of her favorite places to shop!!! You seriously need to check them out...they are fab!!! I for one can't wait to see what you create for this challenge... you have until July 28th to link your fav website/blog project... and remember it can be anything... a CARD.... a LAYOUT... a MINI BOOK... an ALTERED ITEM... anything you want, to show us your favorite!!! So come play along with us at TAAFOMFT!!!

Wednesday, July 14

Rain Rain... Plus A Surprise Day...

Over the weekend I did get a couple of layouts done and this is one... The photo is from one og our rainy days here in California.... It was sprinkling when I was picking Rainee up from school... she had her umbrella... and was so cute I had to take a picture of her!!! And on the way to the car we sang rainy day songs... but by the time we got to the car... it was pouring down buckets of rain... guess the rain didn't like our singing.... lol!!

Yesterday when we woke up Steve told us he had the day planned.... it was surprise!!! We all got ready and drove and drove... then all of a sudden we were at...Universal Studios! I never expected it! We had the best time!!! While there Steve and I realized we hadn't been there since we were in our teens... and that was a longgggggggggg time ago!!! And all we could remember was the tram ride to see all the stages... but yesterday... WOW... WOW... WOW... it was really FUN!!!... We saw the shark from Jaws, Frankenstein, King Kong (360º - 3D), the Terminator, SpongeBob Squarepants... oh and how can I forget we saw CURIOUS GEORGE!!! I don't know what Rainee's favorite part was because we'd ask her after each thing we went on and she'd change her mind... so I think ALL of it was her favorite... but if I had to choose for her... I think it would have been the Curious George area... with the water play... the zoo playground... and then fun jungle ball shooting area... We all had the best time... it really was one very special day!!!

p.s. If you notice Rainee's smile... it has again changed... tooth #2 had come out yesterday before we left for the day... she's sooooo excited about her new smile!!!

Monday, July 12

Cherry On Top Award...

A blog award!! Thank you Tiffany over at Must Be Crafty.... for this delightful award!!! She has the sweetest blog... if you have to check it out!

The rules of this award are:
1. Thank the person who gave
this award to you...
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List three things which you love about yourself.
4. Post a picture you love.
5. Tag five people you wish to pass this award on to.

Thank You Thank You Thank You... Tiffany, it means so much to me... Thank you!!

Three things I love about myself...

1) I love that every day I try to look at the glass half full instead of half empty... granted there are days when it's completely empty.... but I still look at what I have and feel blessed for the life I've been given...

2) I love that right now I have the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter. I am completely grateful every day!! I love being a mom... it's the best!

3) I love being artsy... it makes me happy when I get to create something... whether it's scrapbooking, graphic design or coloring with Rainee... it really does make my heart happy!

WOW a favorite photo... There are soooooooo many to choose from... but with the resent passing of my father I would have to say this one... with Rainee and my dad and me... the only thing missing is my hubby, but in some respects he is in it... he's taking the photo! It's a favorite, because it's the last photo we took together when my dad was here in California living with us... and I miss him... daily... and it's a sweet sweet sweet memory!

As for my five people I am passing this award on to... golly that's a hard one... because thee are soooooooo many I LOVE LOVE LOVE.. I had Rainee pick these out of a hat because I couldn't choose... but here are my five... plus at the end some others I wish to acknowledge....

1. For her quilting, crafts, collections and photography...
Joan -- September Tea

2. For their recipes and sweet mother daughter posts...
Autumn & Moira -- Autumn's Bouquet

3. For her creative cards, wonderful videos and fun cricut downloads...
Karen -- Lilac & Luprines

4. For her vintage finds and great stories...
Pam -- One Gals Trash

5. For her digital scrapbooking and photography...
Jen -- Jencropable

Others I wish to acknowledge a few more .... who bring me great joy...
Life With The Tucker Wolek Clan...One Scrappy Blog...Scrapbook Abundance...Positively Bekka...Blessed...Glimpse of my daily life...(diva)logue...Images & Words...Inspiration Everywhere...Something de papel...RedOakLines...Creative Mischief...Mj's Moderation...Just RiFi...Jill's Life Adventure...I'm Awake...Pewaukee Daily Photo...Jaylynn Scraps...These are a few of my favorite things..

Thanks again Tiffany, you are too sweet!

Weekly Gratitude...

Marbles. This might seems odd, but it's something I am grateful for. Several months ago I read an article about chores and getting kids to do them... it talked about how most parents couldn't keep up with chore charts... who did what... and the bickering that chores brought. Each parent in the article had their own solutions... but one mother stood out... she used marbles in a jar. Along with the normal list of chores... she made a list of what each chore was worth. As a reward at the end of the month whoever had the most marbles in their jar would win time with mom or dad plus a special surprise. The surprise could be anything from a new toy... to going to the movies... to a picnic lunch... but the surprise was left up to mom and dad. Now granted she had more than one child... so she did it as a race... and now the only fighting going on now, was fighting to do the chores. Oh and if anyone misbehaved... she took marbles out!!!

So after reading this... I knew it was the chore solution for me. I've seen the chore charts for years on refrigerators of family and friends and it just never seemed to work for them... plus really didn't appeal to me. But I needed something to motivate Rainee to help... she just wanted to play... plus she has a tendency to whine when things don't go her way... and I needed stop this.

That same day I went to the garage for mason jars and marbles... I made my list of things and what each were worth then I sat down with Rainee. Since that first day, she has been excited about doing things. She has taken over feeding Champ... helps with dishes... picks up her toys and (most days) makes her bed... PLUS... she's whining less, because marbles have come out... this has hurt her more than anything I've done in the past to get her to stop whining. Granted there are still days she doesn't want to do anything... but she still does because she wants those marbles!!! Honestly it's been amazing!!! She gets excited to see her jar fill up and can't wait for the day she gets her surprise.... it's been W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!!! Marbles who knew???? Who would have thought a jar of marbles would be something I'd be grateful for but I AM!!!

Saturday, July 10

Watch Me... & July CI Sketches...

Happy Saturday!!!

Before our weekend begins... with swimming, movies, making cookies, having a picnic at the park, bike riding and trying to get some more scrapping done.... I thought I'd share a layout...

Rainee loves loves loves going to the little play areas at fast food places... and this layout is from one of our many many many trips... I'm always taking pictures while we're there, but this one was so bright... I just love that purple and I love love love her sweet smile as she slid down saying "Watch Me!!"... soooooooo sweet!!

Here are Creative Imaginations Layout and Card Sketches for this month.... use 80% CI products and upload it before July 31st to the CI Gallery to be entered for a prize from some of the new collections coming out at CHA..... can't wait to see yours!!

That's it for today... Have a great Saturday....

Friday, July 9

Oh Too Tweet....

This last week I was busy with Creative Imaginations projects for CHA... it's sooooooo much fun seeing all new product and getting to play with it!! It's one of my favorite times for CHA with all the fall and winter products at the show!!! I'll share them with you in a couple of weeks...

The rest of my week has been spent going to swimming lessons... play dates with Rainee's friends and buying more product for my business venture... but along with all that, I did get a chance to do a couple layouts...

I loved loved loved this craft they did at school... it was just the tweetest thing ever!!! When I picked Rainee up from school, you would not believe how carefully she carried her little baby birds.... she made sure nothing happened to them all the way home.... it was just too adorable!!! And of course I had to get a photo op out of it.... oh too tweet!!! Gotta love those cute little projects!!!

See you tomorrow with another layout....

Wednesday, July 7

Playground Fun...

As I was going through some of the school photos of this last year I found these... of Rainee playing on the Kindergarten playground with her friends. I love the shot of them all deciding who was going to be 'it'... and somehow it never failed but 'it' was always Rainee! She loved loved loved being 'it'... she loved chasing after all the kids... trying to get one of them! It was so much fun watching her... I don't think she really 'tried' to get anyone because she liked being 'it' so much.... there were times when I know she could have tagged someone... but chose not to and would go a different direction... it cracked me up!!! I think it's funny how most kids don't want to be 'it' and mine... well she loves it.... gotta love it... literally!!! lol!

I love this memory of watching Rainee play... it's one of those unforgettable everyday moments... I feel blessed to have shared with her... even if it was from a distance!!! Here's hoping you have a lovely summer day.... enjoy!!!

Monday, July 5

Weekly Gratitude...

Freedom. The celebration of our great nation comes once a year... It's a day to celebrate freedom... I believe it's a day to solemnly remember what freedom means... and what it cost our forefathers and for those who have and who are maintaining our freedom today. I am grateful for their bravery to make freedom possible. I am grateful for the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence... this contract which began the separation to which they mutually pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for freedom.

Freedom is apart of my everyday life... it is apart of everything I do... from where I worship to what I eat, wear, buy and where I work.... and yet I sometimes forget how great this freedom is... it can be taken for granted because it is so readily available to me daily. So today what I am grateful for is freedom and what it has cost to maintain it. I am very blessed to live in this great country and to be free. Thank you to all who made it possible for me to celebrate freedom... I am truly grateful.

Friday, July 2


Just had to share a few photos of Rainee swimming... she's been doing swimming lessons this last week and yesterday.... she finally let herself go and is now starting to swim like a fish.... every day when we get home from her lessons... all she wants to do is go in the pool! Holy Cow... I think she like it!!! It's such fun watching her confidence grow... and feel comfortable in the water... and in return I feel much better when we're all in the pool... I love love love this!!!!

These top 2 are her at swimming lessons...

and these last 3 are from yesterday...

I just love love love this underwater smile and when she pops out she still has it... she's so proud of herself... and we're so proud of her!!! Yeah Rainee!!!

Enjoy your summer day!!!