Tuesday, August 31

What's Your Favorite...

Scrapbook Manufacturer???? What? I have to choose??? I don't think so.... I have too many favorites that I love... love... love!!! So because I couldn't choose just one... I decided to play with favorite scraps and make my layout with those!! I love them for different reasons... but each one helps me in making my layouts special for my scrapbooks. On this layout I put on the ones I have used... BUT, I know there are some manufacturers out there I still can't wait to try.... but for now, this is it.

So what do you think of our new fav things challenge??? Is there one you can't live without? Is there one you use on every layout/card/project you do???? Or are you like me ~ can't choose just one!!! Whatever it is, we would love love love to see what your fave is over at TAAFOMFT.... you have until the 13th of September to show us your fav.... in a card, layout or project!!!

Oh, and I don't want to forget to mention the sponsor for this challenge... I am very excited to announce EverydayScrapbook.com is the sponsoring for this challenge... with a chance to win an EverydayFrame!!!! So go check out what the DT chose as their favorite manufacturer... and come play along and show us your favorite!!!! Can't wait to see what it is!!!!

Monday, August 30

Weekly Gratitude...

Flylady. Ever since I was kid doing house work... it was always done on Saturday... ALL DAY SATURDAY... which didn't leave much time for anything fun. As a kid... that was awful... as an adult... I don't know why but I kept up the same routine.... but still hated it. When I got married and had Rainee... and working full time... it seemed the only time to do it, but now being home.... I have gotten out of the all-day-Saturday-cleaning-habit. But along with getting out of the habit I knew I needed some kind of routine... but I hadn't found anything that clicked with me... until several weeks ago when I stumbled across Flylady and it's been fun reading and learning how to make the most of my household chores and my time.

When I first read it I thought... cute... it's all about baby steps... but, then decided to try it. The first thing she has you do is to keep your kitchen sink shining.... it was so simple... I had to try it. Then you add things... it's really been interesting and fun. I haven't ever really enjoyed housework... but I do have to say... she has made me think of things in a different way and at the end of the week when Saturday comes around... I'm not cleaning... because everything is already done.

It's changed my way of doing things and changed the way I look my household tasks. I've wanted my housecleaning routine to be something easy, I wanted to feel good about it and I didn't want it to take up my whole Saturday to do it.... So, I am so grateful I stumbled across Flylady.... I'm grateful for her FLYing Lessons that have given me baby steps to help me with my routine... and helped me with putting my home in order. I'm grateful for the simplicity and balance it's put in my household routine. I love getting my FLYing lessons and I love FlyLady!!! I am so grateful.

So, out of curiosity, where are you with housecleaning? Do you follow a routine? Has Flylady help you??? Or are you still trying to find a good routine???

Friday, August 27

A Couple Of Layouts...

Rainee loves loves loves the book... 'Green Eggs & Ham'... for that matter what kid doesn't??? It's such a fun book to read over and over again!!! Anyway, one of the mom's in Rainee's Kindergarten class wanted to not only read the book to the class, but actually make 'green eggs & ham' for the kids!! After reading the book to them... she had each kid break an egg into the bowl and stir it in... which Rainee does for me at home all the time... so she was a pro. When the 'green eggs & ham' were ready... each kid had to vote thumbs up or thumbs down if they liked it... and Rainee... well, as you can see, her vote was an emphatic thumbs down.... I love her face in these photos.... they are just too too precious! I think what kills me about her not liking the 'green eggs & ham'... is that she does like eggs... but she only likes them the way daddy makes them... she doesn't even like my eggs... so I don't think it would have mattered who made the eggs or what was in them, unless her daddy made them, it would have been a thumbs down no matter what!!!!! On this layout, I really wanted to incorporate the cover of the book somehow... but it just wouldn't work... I did however enjoy playing around with the new Cutables by Creative Imaginations for the background... I really love that paper... it's totally fun!

Speaking of playing around with background paper... the other day, I decided to play around with this Creative Cafés laser cut paper for my background on this layout...I know it's mostly flowers everywhere... but it reminded me of bubbles... and I thought it went perfectly with these cute swimming photos of Rainee!!!

Well... I think that's it for today... I hope you enjoy your day and you have fabulous weekend!!! I'll see you Monday... and thanks so much for stopping my... it really is appreciated!!!
{{hugs}} Michelle

Wednesday, August 25


While catching up on some of my blog reading I found that my niece, Autumn, did a sweet post and then saw that Sarah had a similar post... so thought I would do a few questions myself from each of their lists... Here goes...

Outside my window… It's quiet with the cool sweet morning air.
What I am thinking… About today 'to do' list.
What I am thankful for… Being able to work from home so I can be here for Rainee.
What I am wearing… My pajama's, it's still quite early.
What I am reading… Lots & lots & lots of blog posts, trying to catch up on google reader.
What I am creating… Cards lately.
One of my favorite things… Air Conditioning & cold water... with 107º heat.
A home skill I am learning to enjoy… Laundry - A load a day keeps the chaos away.
What I am enjoying… Flylady.com...
What do I need… Steve to stop asking me what I'm doing throughout the day. It's irritating.
What am I feeling… Tired. I have a migraine & I didn't get a lot of sleep because of it. Also refer to above for another feeling... lol.
What am I wondering… If I will EVER get everything done on my 'to do' list.
I am praying for… family & friends.
For the rest of the week… Making/Sending EverydayFrames... Spending time with Rainee & Steve... Cleaning, doing laundry and dishes... Helping Rainee with homework... and scrapping when I get a chance.

So that's what's on my mind today.. right now... what about you????

Tuesday, August 24

Sketchy Thursdays Cards...

I enjoyed the Sketchy Thursdays card this week so much... that I did two cards!!

On this first one I decided to do a little daisy bouquet... it's something I've been wanting to do awhile with these cute cute cute daisy's... it was so fun making this card... I'm glad I was finally able to do this cute bouquet!!!

On the second card, I found some leftover scraps of this great Little Yellow Bicycle XO paper... so of course I had to go with it... I know it's not Valentine's Day and it's not my anniversary... but I just loved this paper! On all the chipboard I used the technique from my EverydayScrapbook Adhesive Embossing Video.... I love this technique... it gives the chipboard a great crackled effect. Rainee loved this card so much she's decided I should put it in her lunch box!!

Don't forget there's still time to do a card with the Creative Imaginations August Card Sketch... just post it in the CI Gallery ... you never know you might just win a great prize package!!! Well that's it for today... hope you have a super day!!!

Monday, August 23

Weekly Gratitude...

Fake it till you make it. The last couple of days I woke up feeling great... then... a couple of hours into the day I started getting ino an awful mood. I was down, anything and everything was irritating me... I was impatient with Rainee, Steve and the dog. I was so frustrated because I didn't want to be this way... just moments ago I was fine... so what was the problem? I wanted out of this bad mood before it effected my whole day and everyone I love.

On Saturday... I pretty much faked a good mood all day.... everything I did, I did with a smile... which was killing me inside... but I kept it on. There were so many moments when I wanted to be really angry at things going on around me... but I kept up the fake mood and smile on... and by the time I realized it it... I was better... I was having a good day again!!

So when this bad-mood thing happened again yesterday... I decide to do the “fake it till I make it” approach one more time... to see if it would actually work again. I figured I can act the way I want to feel I might just have another good day. I decided to just play the day away with Rainee... so no matter what happened I was going to keep my smile on and the bad-mood at bay.... I was going to fake being happy until I felt it.

I played Littlest Pet Shop with Rainee and watched movies. But the mood wasn't changing... I was still faking it. So when it was time for lunch... I realized Rainee had filled her jar of chore marbles.... so instead of having lunch at home... I grabbed Rainee and decided it was time for a surprise... and took her to Chuck E. Cheese.... a place that always brings such joy on her face... which I was hoping it would do the same for me and my mood. Once there, within a the first fifteen minutes... I was considerably better... we were eating pizza... playing games and laughing... I was really laughing... I wasn't faking it... I was having fun!!! Yeah!!!

When we left... we were both happy... and enjoyed our time together. The rest of the evening I didn't have to fake it... because I was back to feeling like myself again. I know how a bad mood can ruin a perfectly wonderful day... and I also know how it can effect those around me... so by faking my 'good-mood'.... it actually helped me turn my day around.

Sometimes all it takes is a little gratitude for what you have... and who you're with, to change your day... and sometimes you have to... "faking it till you make it"... to make you grateful... to change your day... and turn a bad-mood into a good one. Faking it till you make it... really workes for me, I just have to remember I can change.... even if I have to fake my way to get there. I'm grateful I faked my way to a happier mood these last couple of day...

Thursday, August 19

CI Sketches...

There has been so much going on around here, it's just been crazy-busy... that I haven't had a chance to check out all the fun thing everyone is doing... and commenting, well that hasn't happened either... plus, as I woke up this morning, I realized I haven't posted the August Creative Imaginations Sketches... I hate being behind... I feel like I'm missing out on so much... and here we are already past the middle of the month... what happened to the month of August... and where was I as it was flying by???!!! ...

Although I'm behind... I would still like to share the sketches CI has for this month. This is my version of the CI Card sketch I created for this month... And Lori Gentile has done a lovely sketch for the CI August Layout... I can't wait to start scrapping this one!!!

Well, that's it for today... I hope your month hasn't been as busy as mine... and you find time to join us with either or both of these sketches... remember to use 80% CI products and upload it on or before August 31st to the CI Gallery to be entered for a CI prize package...

I hope you have a terrific Thursday....

Wednesday, August 18

Kindergarten Field Trip

This layout was done with this weeks sketch from SketchyThursdays. I haven't done a double page layouts a long time... I somehow got away from them. I always have enough photos... I just don't do them like I use to.... So this was a real treat! I loved this sketch... it went perfectly with Rainee's Kindergarten Field Trip.

The Firehouse Field Trip was actually on Rainee's 6th Birthday... so how could it not be a great day!!! She was so excited to ride on the school... we sang all those fun school bus songs... tour the firehouse with her school friends... then each kid was able to use the fire hose... what a super fun day!!! But it wasn't over... to add a little special something to her day... her teacher, Mrs. Baguyo asked the firemen to sing Happy Birthday to her just as we were getting ready to leave... they called her up, put her on truckbed... then all the kids and firemen sang to her!!! She was sooooooooo happy!!! It was the best ending to a wonderful field trip and birthday.... EVER!!!

Tuesday, August 17

What's Your Favorite...

Day of the week??? This is our new challenge over at TAAFOMFT (These are a few of my favorite things)...For me, when I was working full-time I would have to say Saturday & Sunday... I lived for my weekends... it was my time with my husband and my daughter. Every morning I would see her for a few minutes before I left for work... then when I got home... because she'd had such a full day, she was so tired all we pretty much had time for was bath, book and putting her to bed. I use to cry on my way to work... every day... because I knew I was missing so much what she was learning and doing... so when I was home... that time was ours... and every moment was special.

But now that I'm a working/stay-at-home-mom... I can't choose which day is more special... because every day is different!! Every day, I have the privilege to share in my daughter's life! It doesn't matter what day it is or what we're doing... whether we're going to the dentist or... having a picnic... every day is new... every day is one more that I'm able to share in her life... not just scattered moments... but EVERY moment. And for me, it makes every day of the week something extraordinary... something I look forward to when the sun comes up... and thankful for when it goes down. I know I am blessed to have this time... with her. It's a joy to share in her everyday life!!

So what is your favorite day of the week??? Our DT layouts are so fab, they really out did themselves this time... I love them all!!! You need to go see what makes each day of the week special for them. As for the prize for this challenge... it's from My Paper Tree House she has generously offered the August kit worth $45.00!! And our very own Amy has offered some lovely homemade embellies for this kit.... love love love these!!! And remember you can make a card, a project or a scrapbook layout with your favorite day of the week.... I can't wait to see!!!! Have a lovely day... whatever you do...

Monday, August 16

...And The Winner Is...

The winners of our EverydayScrapbook Giveaways go to....

Giveaway 1~ The EverydayFrames goes to:
#76... Life's What You Make It

Giveaway 2~ Fashion Sense felt shapes by Fancy Pants goes to: # 53.... Jill W.

Giveaway 3~ The 4 Creative Imaginations Bare Elements MiniBooks goes to: #4... Jessi

Congratulations Sherrell, Jill W., and Jessi... Please email me your contact information so I can get your prize to you!!

And lastly, I want to thank EVERYONE for all of your lovely comments and your support... It means so much to me!!! Thank you all for playing along...

Sunday, August 15

Weekly Gratitude...

This last week was full of so many things... starting my business... the last days of summer fun, before school started... last minute school shopping... and the first day of school!!! It's been a very very very full week! Because of it's craziness, I did accomplished some things and not others. So when it came time to think about what I'm grateful for this last week... I had along list. There were so many things it was hard to choose which one thing I am the most grateful for... but out of everything I had to choose Rainee's First Grade Class/Teacher.

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time... many of you know what a difficult time Rainee had at the beginning of school last year. It was not the way Kindergarten was suppose to be... she came home crying most days... and every morning it was a struggle to get her to get going, because she just didn't want to be there... she hated school! Then after month's her struggling and me constantly in prayer about what to do... I made the decision to change her out of one class and into another. And the difference was noticeable the first day... she started to flourish...she didn't want the day to end... she couldn't wait for the next day to go back... she loved school!! She enjoyed EVERYTHING about THIS Kindergarten teacher and class... and that made my heart happy! But it also made me realize I wasn't going to let her go through that struggle again...

I wasn't taking any chances... because I believe we, as parents, are our children's advocate... we are responsible for helping they grow, learn and be happy in their life ahead... plus, we know our child best. So because of my strong conviction, I knew I needed to be a part of who she would have for a teacher. I started asking around... I talked to teacher and mom friends.... then before school let out, I made my written request to the principal... after which I started praying every day Rainee would be with a teacher who would inspire her and not one who would bring her down!!!

When we went to school on Tuesday to find out who her teacher was I can't begin to tell you the relief that washed over me when I saw she was in Mrs. Clark's class. I know this is the class and teacher for her! It's only been 3 days of school, but she already loves her class... and her teacher. I am so happy and grateful, because I know this year will be good... not just good... GREAT!!! I am so grateful... to the principal for taking the time to read my letter and allowing me to be the advocate for my daughter's education. I am so very grateful.

Friday, August 13

It's Just Around The Corner....

Don't forget... If you haven't made your comment for the EverydayFrame.... be sure to because I'll be picking the winner on Sunday Night... yeah... I'm so excited!!!

Thanks so much for sharing this with me!!!

Thursday, August 12

First Grade... First Day...

WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm still reeling over yesterday and how summer just seemed to fly by... and it's over... and Rainee started First Grade yesterday!!! I can't believe it... Where did the last 6 years go??? Time goes by way too fast!!! Anyway... I wanted to share with you Rainee's first day of First Grade... plus my little project for her.

Her first day... well, she did great! Got up early without a problem... and instead of our traditional chocolate chip pancakes... she just wanted cereal... ummmmmmm what's that?? She always wants chocolate chip pancakes... so we ate chocolate Cherrios instead. After breakfast she got ready... she was so excited to wear her new outfit!!! She couldn't wait to for everyone to see guitar tie, hat and biker jacket!... She looked adorable!!!

When we got to school, she was fine... I was fine. We were able to see all her friends... it was all good. Her teacher came out, gave the kids some instructions on finding their desks... and all us parents hovered at the door... then she invited us in... I was nice to be able to get a couple of pictures of Rainee sitting at her new desk... she looked so cute and so happy.... we were both doing fine.... until... it the time came to say good-bye... Rainee got teary-eyed!! And I lost it... I just couldn't believe my little girl was going to be in school ALL DAY!!! Mrs. Clark, had us leave... then, both of our days began... without the other. Tell me I wasn't sad.

After school... we made our traditional ColdStone ice cream run... cotton candy ice cream with m&m's... one of her favorites! All in all it was a good first day... for her... I knew she would be fine... and me, well... I filled my day, but it wasn't the same without my sweet little buddy right beside me.

Okay... on to my little project...

When Rainee started Pre-school... on her first day, I made her a little envelope and put family photos in. It was my way of letting her know I was with her... something she could have, something that would let her know we were with her all day... just in case she got lonely. For Kindergarten... I made another little envelope as a reminder of how very much she is loved.... especially on hard days. I know she pulled them out every once in a while... because we would talk about it.... she would tell me how it comforted her.... and made everything okay!

So this year for her first day of First Grade... instead of making an envelope, I decided to make a mini book. Something simple... with just a few pages... it didn't take any time to do... but I knew it would be something she could hold on to in difficult moments at school.

When I gave it to her... she was so excited to have new photos to take to school... then it hit her... she was going to school... and she started to cry. I know it may just sit in her backpack all day long... but I also know there will be days, when she needs reminding... it's all okay... you'll be home soon... and mostly to know she is loved. I love how it turned out... I don't do a whole lot of mini books... but I was happy with it and so was Rainee.

Well, I think that's it for today... but before I go, I did want to thank you all for your lovely comments and for your support with my business.... my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness... thank you!! Have a lovely lovely day!

Monday, August 9

Exciting News... And GIVEAWAY....

To launch my new website EverydayScrapbook.com and our new product... EverydayFrames...
I'm having a...
I'd like to share a little background about this new business venture for EverydayScrapbook.com. Over the last several months I've been working on a new scrapbook idea.... EverydayFrames!!! It started when I lost my job and knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom and to some how work from home. After realizing my dream and I started praying... and praying... when I woke up in the middle of the night with this great idea for a scrapbook frame. I told my husband about it, and this new venture began... my husband took me shopping for wood working tools and cleared out some, very precious, garage space for me to work. Any extra time I had has been spent working out the kinks in my prototype. There were several times I wanted to quit and give up... but I knew if I wanted to work from home and be there for my daughter... this was it... this was my answer to prayer. So today I am so happy to say, I am launching our new product... EverydayFrames over at www.EverydayScrapbook.com!

And I would like to share my excitement with you as I launch this new business venture... so I'm having a GIVEAWAY for all of you!!!! We have 3 GIVEAWAYS for you...

GIVEAWAY #1: One person will receive one of our unique signature EverydayFrames. These are set apart from the ‘run-of-the-mill’ scrapbook frames, it allows you to change your creative display in a snap without all the regular hassles of traditional scrapbook frames. Once your creative image is put in a page protector you can slide it in and out easily. Our frames are perfect for traditional, hybrid and digital scrapbook pages. EverydayFrames can be displayed on a wall, an easel or rest easily on any flat surface. One or multiples frames add a new element of décor to any room in your home, studio or office. Go check out our website at www.EverydayScrapbook.com for more details on our unique EverydayFrames.

GIVEAWAY #2: One person will receive these Fashion Sense felt shapes by Fancy Pants. They add dimension, texture and color to your scrapbook pages. You'll have fun using these for the fall season... Harvest Felt Shapes... and the Christmas/Winter with Tis The Season Felt Shapes.

GIVEAWAY#3: One person will receive 4 Creative Imaginations Bare Elements MiniBooks. The possibilities are endless to be creative with the Bare Elements MIniBooks.

Ready to enter?

TO ENTER: Checkout our website www.EverydayScrapook.com, then leave me a comment HERE, telling me what think about our EverydayFrames. And make sure to checkout the video... to see how this frames works!

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Tuesday, August 3

My Backseat Buddy...

Ever since Rainee was born I would adjust my rear view mirrors and watch her.... calm her... and talk to her. This last year in Kindergarten I would again I would pull down the mirror on our way to school and see her there...... smiling... happy... excited... and realized these days are passing by way too fast. So on this particular day... I made a point to stop everything for this photo. I wanted to make sure I had this photo to look back on... to remember our time together.... My backseat buddy... I love every minute with her... I love laughing... praying... singing... and watching her sleep from my rear view mirror. These times won't last long.... but I treasure every moment... I love going everywhere and anywhere with my backseat buddy!!! I love you, Rainee!!!

Monday, August 2

Weekly Graditude...

It's not any worse. Steve is always soooooooooo careful when he's riding this motorcycle... and I'm grateful he is never goes riding when there is heavy traffic. So it came as a bit of a shock when he came home one day last week with a twisted ankle.

He was turning the bike around and the front wheel hit some mud and the bike fell... yes on top of him. The bike was okay... and so was he except he couldn't get his foot out from under it. So he had to pull it out... that is when he twisted his ankle. Once home from his ride... he was good... everything was fine... we iced it and he relaxed with it up. But the next morning... it wasn't so good. I kept telling him he should go to the doctor... but like a tough guy... he declined, so Rainee and I went off doing our thing... then we get this call... "I think I need to go to the emergency room... it's worse." We came come, took him to the emergency room and 2 hours later... he walks out with his foot in a splint and crutches... (as Rainee says... crunches).... He had a severe sprain, and would need to be off work for at least 5-6 days.

Rainee and I have been trying to take care of him but... Mr. Grumpy-Pants.... who doesn't want to be on crutches... who doesn't want to sit with his foot up... who doesn't want to put ice on his ankle... who doesn't want to stay home an relax... BUT he does want to do anything and everything as long as he's not at home with his foot up... has been giving us a hard time. I had to revert to desperate measures and hide the car keys... just so he wouldn't go off and go somewhere... ugh... men why do they have to be so difficult when we're trying to do the right thing for them??? Don't understand that!!!

Since Mr. Grumpy-Pants can't go anywhere... he has had us going like energizer bunnies... getting him anything his heart desires... ice cream... cheese cake... bacon-pancake-breakfasts... oh-I-don't-want-that-for-lunch-could-you-make-this!!! I think, Rainee and I have done a great job taking care of Mr. Grumpy-Pants... we're exhausted... but also very very very grateful. Grateful his foot isn't broken. Grateful he'll be good as new in a few days. Grateful it was only his ankle... Grateful knowing it could have been much much worse. We love you... Mr. Grumpy-Pants... and we're happy to take care of you and very grateful you're okay. Truly grateful.