Friday, October 29

Delightful You...

My week has been a bit crazy with PTA things for our Harvest Family Night.... But even with my week being so crazy-full.... I did get another layout done. Yeah!!! It's funny, I started out wanting to do something quick and simple, because I wanted to do a few more layouts... well that went out the window when I couldn't figure out my little banners. But once they were done... the title didn't look right and the whole page looked empty... so I ended up taking a few things apart... adding a few more things here and there (like those cute birds I found for a $dollar$ at Walmart)) and this is what I came up with in the end.  As for it being quick and simple - that didn't happen... because I literally worked on it all week... at every spare moment!!!

I didn't do any of the other layouts I had planned because of my crazy-full week and this layout... but at least I have one done and it turned out... because "Delightful You" could have been "Devastating Disaster" instead - the way it was going... whhhewwwww!!!

Well, I hope you have a lovely lovely day.... and it's not too busy, like mine... enjoy!!! Happy Friday!


Thursday, October 28

Weekly Gratitude...

Pumpkin Patch. It truly doesn't feel like Autumn until we get our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. Our pumpkin patch is a stunning site up against the hills. Rainee always takes a ride in the wagon... we spend a lot of time finding one perfect pumpkin... enjoy running around and up and down on the hay stack castle... and finally going on all the fun bouncers... slides... and the tractor rides. This is a very full afternoon.... and a tiring one. But our Pumpkin Patch Day tradition brings us together as a family... It's a day we look forward to all year... It's a place where beauty abounds and much laughter is shared. I am grateful we are able to move out of a hectic day and slow down to enjoy a day filled with so much beauty and joy which adds such meaning to our lives.

And here are just of few photos from of our incredible trip to the pumpkin patch....



Mr. Pumpkin! Well, Hello!...

Mr. Pumpkin! Well, Hello!
Mr. Pumpkin! Well, Hello!
You're back again this year.
I see your eyes, I see your nose.
You're grinning ear to ear.
Inside we'll put a candle stick
To make a lantern light.
Then set you on the old front porch,
And let you shine all night!

This is the little poem, Rainee had to memorize this week... she did EXCELLENT!!!  I thought it went wonderfully with pictures of the pumpkin carving we did last Friday. Rainee a friend over to carve pumpkins... they did a great job and had the best time!!! But unfortunately we kept forgetting to put a candle inside him for his photo shoot... so when we finally remembered... he had wilted... it was very sad!!! But no worries... Rainee's decided we'll carve our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch... and this time we'll put a candle in him right away for their photo shoot!!! It was just so sad... I don't remember our pumpkins ever wilting so quickly before... maybe it's because he was such a little guy.... I don't know... it was just weird... but at least I have the carving photos.... right????

I also wanted to share with you the Halloween cookies we made this week. Every year we either make cookies or cupcakes.... Rainee wanted cookies. Here are our a few of our creations... aren't her pumpkins the cutest??? .... and that skeleton.... he's adorable! For our little mummies, I used a gingerbread man cookie cutter and smashed marshmallows, then cut them into strips... I planned my mummy strips... and Rainee, she just went for it... I like hers best... he's a seriously sweet!!!

Today I'm processing our pumpkin patch photos, so I can share them with you... we had a great time... I can't wait to do some scrapping with them!!!


Wednesday, October 27

First Pumpkin Patch...

Today, after school we are going on our annual pumpkin patch trip. I've been looking forward to this... I think I get more excited each year because we always have such a great time. This year to really get me in the mood... not that I needed any encouragement.... I poured a cup of coffee and sat down looking back at our previous trips. I don't have one layout... I have several from each trip... plus a ton of photos I haven't used.... so I couldn't resist doing another layout with some from our first trip. I love layouts with lots of photos...

It's was so fun looking at these photos... Rainee is nearly 18 months here... I love her sweet smile, she is as she totes around her very own pumpkin!!! Rainee has always been very small... but looking back and seeing her next to some of those big pumpkins... they could gobble her up, they were so big... it's just too too cute! This was a wonderful day... and now, I love watching to see which pumpkin she'll choose.... these are special moments... they make a very delightful tradition... something we all look forward to every year.

Happy Pumpkin Patch Day!!!


Monday, October 25


Rainee was invited to a bowling-birthday-party... and she was soooooo excited because she'd never been bowling!!! I don't know why... it's just something we've never done. Well, ever since she received the invitation she started counting down the days... and to be honest, I couldn't wait to go either... I haven't been in a long long long time... and I always had so much fun bowling as a kid... so I knew she would have a blast!!!

The party wasn't until 5pm... so, when the day arrived... all I heard the whole day was... 'is it time yet'... about every hour!!! Once we finally were there... we had the delight of trying to get her fitted for her shoes... which proved to be interesting.... after several tries... finally after several tries we found one that didn't fall off every time she took a step. Next up... finding a ball... there were so many to choose from, but all she wanted was a blue ball... which I could tell wasn't going to happen. In the end... she used whatever ball she felt like whenever it was her turn!!!!

She got the hang of it pretty quick... and although she was usually left with one pin standing and never got a strike or a spare... she couldn't wait for her turn. It proved to be difficult dragging the kids away, because they all wanted to keep bowling... but of course they couldn't because... it was a birthday after all and there was still birthday presents and cake to be had... 

We had the BEST TIME... on our way home... Rainee decided she likes bowling sooooooo much, she wants to know when we can go again.... and can she pleaseeeeeeeeeee have her own ball next time... preferably in blue???? Too cute!


Friday, October 22

A Few Of My Favorite Things????

My sister sent me this link... When I saw it, I couldn't stop laughing... I don't know about you, but there are many many many things on my list of favorite things... but this list, well... it just made me laugh... and I had to share it with you.... it's seriously Funny!!! Have a Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, October 21

Oh So Curious....

As you all know Curious George is a favorite around here.... and several times, over the course of the last year, Rainee has asked me if Curious George was real.... and I'd say... "No, he's just a cartoon".... then she'd say... "But mommy, I believe he IS real".... and that would be the end of our conversation.

Now you can imagine our surprise, while eating ice cream at Universal Studios, when who should pop up.... none other than, you guessed it... Curious George!!! At that moment, Rainee dropped everything and ran over to him... she gave him the biggest hug!!! It was the cutest thing EVER!! Then before she knew it, he was swinging her... back and forth... the delight that came on her face was priceless... I was overjoyed for her... it was just too too cute!!!

After giving him one last hug, we held hands as we walked back to finish our ice cream... then the conversation started... Rainee says to me, with the biggest smile on her face... "Mommy, I told you Curious George was real!".... and my response... "I didn't know, this is.... oh so curious!" Then I received the "I told you so" look from her and a smile.

I think one of the sweetest things is when we are able to see and experience the innocence of a child... it's a beauty to behold. This was one of those times....


Wednesday, October 20

Reading Award....

 It's the end of the quarter and time for our school awards assembly!!! When we received our notice that Rainee would be receiving an award.... she was soooo excited!!! She couldn't wait to see what it would be. Then she stopped everything to decided what she'd wear... she wanted to look her very best... so after going through just about every outfit... then the decision was made... she was going to wear her outfit from the first day of school.... she said... "It makes me feel special and I want to look my best if I'm getting an award!!"

At the assembly, she received the Governor's Reading Award For Excellence!! She was so excited and proud of herself... you could see it all over her face!!! Once the assembly was over she came over to me and told me... "Mommy, I was nervous and a little scared but I didn't cry... I just smiled!!!" I can't tell you how excited I was for her.... not only for the award... but because she was so delighted.... for not crying!!! Because, you see, at every other awards assembly she would get herself so worked up... she wouldn't smile, then once she was off the stage.... she come over to me sick to her stomach and she'd cry her little heart out!!! It was awful seeing her so distraught.... So, it was heartwarming to see that she noticed how she'd grown... this was huge!!

Yeah for Rainee.... this was a red-letter day for you... Congratulations!!!


Tuesday, October 19


I fell in love the newest sketch from SketchyThursdays.... I loved the inspirational layouts from the DT. I was so happy this last weekend wasn't as hectic as last couple have been, so I was able to get the layout done earlier than my usual... Wednesday right before the deadline. Some how it just came together... and I love it when that happens and I love how it turned out!!!

These photos are from last years trip... using these photos is my way of getting ready for our annual visit.... I can't wait... and Rainee... well, you can imagine how delighted she is... it's been non-stop excitement around our house in the anticipation of when we are going to the pumpkin patch.... I love it!!!

This place brings such wonderful memories I think that's why we all love it so much... we have been going the this same pumpkin patch since Rainee was 2 years old... This place is huge... there are acres and acres of pumpkins... and while there we always feed the goats, go on pony rides, tracker rides, the bouncers and get lost in the corn mazes and of course, there is the picking of the perfect pumpkin from a ton of PUMPKINS!!! This a job in itself.... each one of us have our own idea of the "perfect pumpkin"... so we can't leave without several in tow. lol! But since that first time... it's become our autumn season tradition... and each year it brings excitement to our home.... from the anticipation of going to the time we bring our pumpkins home... it's our own little fall harvest of happiness.

Monday, October 18

Weekly Gratitude...

Sunday Morning Breakfast. It as become a tradition around our house that we have homemade pancakes and sausage for breakfast every Sunday morning. I love everything about this. I love that Rainee and I get all the ingredients out...  and put it all together... that we smash the sausage for the grill.... and the simple act of watch the water dance to see if the frying pan is ready for our batter.

This started as a simple thing... just every once in a while... then somehow it became our thing... our time together as a family. For the last year or so...  this little tradition has transpired into our special Sunday Morning Breakfast. It includes... the juice of your choice, fresh fruit, sausage, home made pancakes... no box stuff here... and of course yummy yummy REAL maple syrup. Doing this fills my heart with joy.

This tasty breakfast is the start of our Sunday... I think it sets the tone for our day. With the craziness of...  getting ready for church... and the after church squealing... playing... wrestling... even the occasional afternoon napping... and even when Steve has to leave for work. This is our time.... to enjoy the peacefulness that Sundays are meant for. I enjoy how the day goes along because of how it started. I am grateful for these little everyday traditions which start when you aren't even aware of them... are looking for... or planning... these are the best traditions... simple things like Sunday Morning Breakfast. I am grateful.


Saturday, October 16

What's Your Favorite...

Pet/Animalt? Well if you know anything about my daughter, Rainee, you know she loves loves loves dogs! It's been like that from the moment she saw her first one. When she was a baby one of her first signs (in sign language) was dog.... every time we saw one she would do the sign... then when she she started to talk, we had the combination of saying and signing "doggie" for the longest time. Her first stuffed animal, that I couldn't leave the store without, was... you guess it... a doggie!!!

As she got older, she was constantly asking us for a dog... but although I wanted to please her... I had never had pets growing up... so, I wasn't sure I wanted one... or wanted the responsibility... and Steve... well, he just didn't want one at all... at least I willing to think about it... but for Steve it was no way no how are we getting a dog!!! But over the years I could see how much it meant to her... and how much she needed a companion, being an only child at home. So, I told her pray... pray with your whole heart, if that's what you want.... and praying she did... she prayed for the right dog for our family... prayed for daddy to change his heart and for it to be open to getting a dog.  She prayed constantly.... she knew her prayer would answered.

Over the course of nearly 2 years, Steve changed his heart... and when he did... we started looking for a dog. We'd go to humane society's, pet store... but every time we went looking... we'd walk away empty handed... and every time, it broke Rainee's heart.... and mine as well... because I knew how much she wanted a dog... and how long she'd been praying for one. But after every disappointment,  I'd tell her... those dogs just weren't the RIGHT one's for our family... and she'd pray.... and she's cry... but she kept praying.

Then one day, she woke up bright eyed, smiling from ear to ear and saying over and over.... "Mommy, I'm getting a dog today!!!!" When she said it, she said it with such assurance... and knowing... it was amazing to hear her so excited... I told her to talk to her daddy about us looking that day... and sure enough... daddy said yes. The first thing we did was look on the humane society's website... where we found a few we thought we'd like to check out... so off we went...

Once we go there... the only dog Rainee was remotely interested in was... Champ. From the moment she saw him, she was in love... and so was Steve... and me, well I was a bit apprehensive because of his size and Rainee was so small it was a bit hard for me to agree to such a BIG dog. But once I saw her sitting with him and saw how gentle he was with her.... Steve and I both knew we could not go home without Champ. So, just like she'd  said when she woke up that morning... she became the proud owners of a real dog... Champ became the newest member of our family... and Rainee's prayers were finally answered. 

Since then... she begs us for another one... and well... Steve said we could... but it has to be a puppy for my cousin's Black Lab... so sometime in the future we'll add another to our family.... because my little Rainee just loves dogs!!!

We'd love for you to share your favorite pet/animal with us over at TheseAreAFewOfMyFavoriteThings.... so stop by TheseAreAFewOfMyFavoriteThings and check out the beautiful inspirations from our DT... And don't forget you don't have to do a scrapbook layout, you can do a card or even a project of your favorite pet/animal.


Thursday, October 14

Rainee's Little Happy Card....

Rainee's best friend had her birthday party on Saturday... she had been looking forward to it all week... literally counting down the days.... she couldn't wait! After shopping for the present, we came directly home to wrap it and then she HAD TO (right that minute) make her a card!!!! She was so cute, pulling out all her stickers and papers... I enjoyed watching her as she figured out what she was going to use... it was the sweetest thing!!! She had fun doing it and I had fun watching her.... and when it was all said and done this is what she ended up with.... I think it turned out wonderfully.... she was so proud of it, she didn't want to give it away... but in the end I convinced her we can't always keep what we make... and the best part of making cards... is giving them away!!!

Wednesday, October 13

Pre-Birthday Treat....

I've been wanting a new lens for my camera... an all in one... a lens so I wouldn't have to keep changing to get a shot... something that does both... close up AND far away... so this year, I put it on my birthday day wish list...

Well yesterday... just as we were about to leave to go pick up the Harley from the shop... Rainee walks up to me with a bag in hand and says...." Happy Pre-Birthday Mommy!!!" Inside the bag I found... the lens from my birthday wish list!!! I don't know when my husband bought it... but it sure is a wonderful Pre-Birthday Treat!!! WOW... don't think I've ever gotten a Pre-Birthday Gift... and if I have I don't remember it! I love it... I can't wait to use it today!!!!  How exciting!!!!

Now... my only question is... what will my birthday be like??? What with Copic Pens on Saturday... a new Camera Lens yesterday... and my birthday still a few weeks away... all I can say is... WOW! I'm a very happy girl!!!

Tuesday, October 12

Definitely NOT Wicked....

I have been wanting to scrap these Halloween Photos of Rainee for the longest time... I just haven't. I love these photos.... every time I look at them they make me smile. Here's the story about Rainee being a 'good witch'...

Rainee was 3.... and all she talked about was being some boy character for Halloween... and I was disappointed... here I had the cutest little girl... and she didn't want to be a princess.... discouraged I resigned myself that this was how it was going to be EVERY Halloween...

After having lunch at daddy's work... Rainee and I went shopping...  and when we went to The Children's Place... they had all kinds of cute things (as usual) for little girls... and boys... but she was focused on all the Halloween costumes..... and to my amazement... she was transfixed on this cute - little girl - good witch costume... She loved the colors... she loved the hat... she loved everything about it... and me, as you can imagine... I was ecstatic... I was over joyed that my little girl liked this little girl Halloween costume... I was so excited... I didn't care how much it cost... I grabbed it before she could change her mind and bought it... I was happy... and I think she was too...

Over the course of the next several weeks before Halloween... the boy costumes started getting talked about again.... but me being the smart mommy I am... I brought out her cute little good witch costume... I let her put it on... I let her play in it... and she was in love again... I know, I know, I'm bad... but I wanted this... I really wanted this. And because I wanted this so much I took her the Picture Place to have photos done with her in her adorable costume.... She was the cutest thing ever... and the photo well, they turned out to be delightful.... I was in heaven. For me, this is one of those Halloweens I'll never forget... because although I'm not big on witches... I had the cutest, sweetest, most adorable daughter wearing a girl Halloween good witch costume.

Monday, October 11

Unexpected Surprises....

On Saturday.... when Rainee and I came home from one of her classmates birthday parties.... there was 2 packages sitting on the counter... one for Rainee and one for me.... Rainee was so excited... I was excited... who doesn't love and unexpected surprise???  Steve had bought me something which came in the mail while we were at the party...  and he didn't want Rainee to feel left out.... so before we got home he went out and bought her a little unexpected surprise too....

For Rainee's, Steve put it in a old box which had come in the mail.... and taped it up.... He didn't want her to be disappointed about not getting any REAL mail... so he faked it for her.... And thankfully she's still at an age where she didn't know it wasn't REAL mail... Anyway, she ripped open the box to find this... Iron Man Toy....  something she's been wanting for awhile... and which she's already put on her Christmas List.... so she was overjoyed.... and played with it non-stop all the rest of the weekend... she's a happy happy girl...

As for me... mine really was mail... and something I'd been wanting for some time... but they are just a bit pricey.... so I've put off getting them... but when I had a 50%off coupon for I mentioned them again to Steve... he low and behold he actually bought them for me. Now you have to know this is amazing for a couple of reasons... My husband is not the best at using the computer... AND... purchasing something on the Internet is, well... a bit hard from him... I ALWAYS do it for him... so, him doing this WITH a coupon... well... leaves me speechless... ANYWAY... this is what he bought me... COPIC PENS... I'm in shock... really... they are amazing... and I have been having so much fun with them all weekend...

I love unexpected surprises.... they are the best!!

Sunday, October 10

Weekly Gratitude...

Amazing hugs & kisses. These little things are always the best things.... Rainee is always saying... "I love you, mommy!".... which is most always accompanied by hugs & kisses. She gives these with her whole heart... regardless of how I am feeling... happy... sad... those hugs & kisses will instantly make me smile and feel better.

At our house... no one leaves without her hugs & kisses. They are like medicine to the soul.... and all I know is... I love them. I know the special power of these hugs... on crazy days when frustrations are high.... I don't have to say a word to receive what I so desperately need. I love these amazing hugs & kisses... they make everything okay. There’s nothing they won’t cure. I am grateful for Rainee's sweet nature... her kind heart and her simply amazing hugs & kisses.