Tuesday, December 30

Just A Little Toot!

I'm very excited to announce I've been selected to be a Design Team Member (Jan-July 2009) for CropAddict.com. I'm really very excited to see what the new year will bring.

Wednesday, December 24

Christmas Cookies & Apple Mini Pies

Very quickly I thought I'd post my apple version of the mini pie... Instead of making a douple crust... I did a crumb top apple and I have to say... yum-o!

And for my chocolate chip cookies, my husband brought in from the garage, a box of large mason jars. So I used them, put a red and white snowflake napkins around them and ta-dah... they are so fun!!!

I did make snickerdoodles and peanutbutter chocolate kiss cookies also, and for those I put them in a Christmas lunch bag... I didn't have time to do anything really great for them... but there is always next year! Anyway... this is my last post til after Christmas... I hope you all have a blessed Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!

MIni Pies

Again thanks to my friend, Marikay... she sent me this great idea to make mini pies... I loved it! I made cherry and apple. They are made with 8oz. wide mouth mason jars... very fun. They will be going to some family members & a few neighbors. I just thought they were very unique... plus they were so much fun to do... well... getting the crust just so was a bit interesting to do but I think they turned out delicious! So of course I had to share them with you... can't ya just smell 'em?? tee hee...

Working on my cookies now, I'll show you what I've done with them later... maybe today... it's going to a busy day - - getting ready for Santa... but I'll see what I can do!

Tuesday, December 23

ABC Book Of Rainee

My friend Marikay has made a few of these ABC books for her grandchildren... and I fell in love with the idea & inspired me to do one for Rainee. So, I've been working on this little "ABC Book Of Rainee" for a bit now and I'm down to the last little details... I'm trying to have it ready for Christmas day... for her to open.

She's seen me working on something, and she's seen some pictures, but she doesn't quite get it... I'm excited to give it to her. It will help her not only continue to learn the letters she doesn't know but help her relate to the ones she does. Since Rainee was 9 mos. old I've been working with her to do sign language, so I thought if appropriate that I put the ASL hand symbols on her pages... so she can continue to learn it as she learns her alphabet.

Anyway I wanted to share a few pages with you so you could see what else I've been up to. I hope it inspires you to do something special for the child in your life, like Marikays first ABC book inspired me. Thank you Marikay!

Monday, December 22

Baking, baking & more baking, oh & a package!

I've been busy... yesterday, I did some shopping for my baking gifts and got started on them... I was just about to start making my first batch of cookies when the mail-lady came and there was a package for Rainee (& Champ)... from... the Gingerbread Girl... Rainee has fallen in love with our viewer and our viewer has fallen in love with her...

Anyway, in the box was her homemade gingerbread cookies and all the fixings for Rainee to make her own gingerbread boys and girls... and she had such a blast... I piped the outline... but after that it was all her... I think they turned out pretty great... she still has more to do, but she wanted to save some for tomorrow...

So, thank you sooooooooo much Joyce (Gingerbread Girl) for being so thoughtful... Rainee really treasured it... it made her day... all she kept saying is - - I got a package... did you see I got a package!!! She was very happy... Thank you for making my dd day!!!

As for me... I was thankful for the package... because it kept Rainee busy while made my first batch of cookies... chocolate chip...then my second batch... peanutbutter kiss cookies... and my pie crust. As or today??? I have more baking to do... one more batch of cookies... Snickerdoodles....and then the mini pies... in mason jars - - apple and cherry.

Then I'll be all done with the gift buy/making... I have to package them all up and put boww and ribbons on everything... but that will be a breeze!

I hope you all have a wonderfully yummy day! And Joyce, thank you again!!!

Saturday, December 20

The Baca Family Elf'd

Send your own ElfYourself eCards
We did this last year and it was such a blast...
so when I found it again this year I just had to post it...
Rainee had to be in it 2 times... and Champ is a kick!
Anyway... give it a try... it'll definitely be a good laugh!

Thursday, December 18

EverydayScrapbook Snowglobe Card Video

Every year Steve and I find a tiny little Snowglobe for Rainee... it's become a tradition for us... As a child I always loved them and when I did this card it reminded me of how much I think they are the coolest thing ever!!!

I had so much fun doing this card and video. I just love how it turned out! I've already made a couple more for some friends... I'm going to put one on a scrapbook layout.... so when I do you'll be the first to see it...

If you decide to do this card I'd love to see what you came up with... your ideas and creativity they inspire me!!! Leave me a comment with the link or email me a copy...

EverydayScrapbook Blog Candy Winner Is...

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Monday, December 15

Christmas Tree & Coffee Cup Cards...

I've been so busy this last week, with a lot of things... Christmas shopping, baking, decorating, scrapping and working on the next video... I am still working on it, but it will be out in the next day or so...

Here are couple cards I made while Rainee was busy making a few Christmas cards of her own

The Christmas tree is me just trying to figure out another way to make a tree... plus I wanted to use the red glitter foam stickers, I bought for Rainee or are they for me??? hmmmmmm...

The next one is a coffee mug... and actually it looks just like my winter coffee mug... It's simple & it's Red with snowflakes... It makes me feel all warm and cozy. The sentiment sticker inside is something I found and just had to use it... 'Will Work For Cookies'... and since now that I'm staying home... it seemed

I have been taking photo every day of everyday life in December... and I'm trying to start a mini album, like my friend Jen is doing, I'm just not as far along as she is... but after seeing her's I just had to try to find the time to make one too... I'll post what I
have in a few days, but until then, if you haven't already - you should check out Jen's album... it's.... well it's the bomb! She's been posting the pages every day... and I just fell in love with it... so I'm making one of my own...

Well, I'm off now... to get Rainee ready for school have a cup of coffee... and finish the next video.

Friday, December 12

Rainee Singing - Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!!

Rainee has been singing - Santa Claus is Coming to Town for a while now and I finally caught her on film... it was too darn cute not to share...

So... "for goodness sakes"... you'd better be good.

Sunday, December 7

Jen's Challenge

My friend ,Jen, has a challenge that I thought I'd do... it ends today... I've been sick this week so I didn't get the link up earlier for all of you to try... BUT, it's never too late!!! So, if you're interested in trying for a digi gift certificate and have the time TODAY to do the challenge -- you might want to give it a shot... http://jencropable.com/

I really enjoyed doing this, I haven't done a whole lot of digi scrapbooking... mostly because it was my job before I became a SAHM, but now I'm going to try doing more of it.

But, all in all I don't think I'll EVER become a full on hybrid/digi scrapper... I enjoy the cutting a pasting
process... plus it's something I enjoy doing with Rainee!!!

Anyway... here's my version of her challenge. Let me know what you think, and if you had were able to do it... I'd love to see it. Oh and yes... I'm in love with Red & Snowflakes... so I just had to use the same background as my blog...

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, December 3

Video - Flower Punch Christmas Tree Card

Lately, I've been on the prowl for a great dimensional Christmas Tree sticker... and when I couldn't find it I decided to make my own... but with what??? So, on the scrapbook night with my friends, a few weeks ago, I tried something with my flower punch. It was just what I wanted... well, almost.

So these last couple of weeks I've been perfecting what I wanted. So now, when I do a scrapbook page I'll be able to use this idea... but for the video I thought it best to show you how to make the flower punch Christmas Tree, by making a quick card.

I love the dimension of the tree. It takes a bit of patience and time... punching, sanding, glueing, but the end result, I think, is really nice. Then great thing about this tress - is you can make it any size you want... large... small... or teeny-tiny. It's really up to you and what you want to use it for... so have fun trying it out.
To see this video click here.

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Everyday Blog Candy - Christmas Tree Video

Well, this will be the last Everyday Blog Candy Giveaway for the year - - We'll pick the winner near Christmas! So good luck EVERYONE!!

As for next year... it will be a whole new year of... Scrap Ideas... Challenges... Videos... Everyday Blog Candy Giveaways
PLUS a lots of new things for a new year!!!

1 - Colorbok 8"x8" Album
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1 - Color book Christmas tags
1 - Heidi Grace Clear Stamp Pkg.
1 - Colorbok Lazer Cut Tree Paper (12"x12")
1 - ATD - Alphabet Sticker Page
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1 - Holiday Time Sticker Sheet
Plus - -I always give an extra special surprise!

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Tuesday, December 2

All Better Now!

My blog mess up it now over... I've fixed what was wrong and I'm very happy with it! I've been wanting to do constant design changes with it... because as everyday life goes... it's constantly changing too! So, don't be shocked when you see something different or think you're on a different blog... it's still just EverydayMe...

Messed Up!

Well, I was trying to do something new with my blog... and I messed up! You could say I messed up royaly! For now I'm going back to the basics until I have time to figure out what I did wrong... should be like this for a few days - - hopefully no longer than that!

Ugh.... I'm such a ditz!!!