Wednesday, June 25

EverydayScrapbook - Sticker Video

Well, after playing with my daughter last night... eating dinner... and making (Slenda) chocolate cupcakes... I realized we still hadn't done the video intro... Rainee really didn't want to do it, until I brought out my macBook to do the video intro with and then she got really excited... so after several takes... because we were both tired... and Rainee had the hick-ups... we finally got it done and I finished it this morning - - I did the video instead of exercising...

So, I've rambled enough... here's the link to YouTube...

or watch it here... enjoy! The next one will up soon!!!

Monday, June 23

Everyday life has been busy and I've had to put the videos on hold... actually that's not completely true... last weeks is done except for the intro with Rainee and I... but that hasn't happened... then This weeks is almost done... few tweeks here and there and the intro with Rainee... and it'll will be up.
The scrapbook layout video for last week is on changing your stickers into something else...

As for this week, it's on doodling... and because polka dots remind me of laughter... the paper and embellishments are polka dots... kinda fun... I like it hope you do...

Anyway, will get the videos up... hopefully today... Thanks for watching.

Wednesday, June 11

Keep Forgetting…

I keep forgetting to add my layouts here along with my video clips. So, since this is all new to me and I'm figuring it out... here are the latest layouts/projects from my videos. Thanks for watching and stopping by...

Monday, June 9

Scrapbook off the page - Summer Fun

Rainee and I had a great time doing this project. If you noticed there were times, she was more interested in the flashlight than the project, but then what do you expect from a very active 4 year old. Although, when it was all said and done she fell in love with how great the window turned out. She now says her new favorite color is 'yellow'. - - We'll see how long that lasts.

I hope you enjoyed it at much as I enjoyed doing it with my sweet girl.

see you later.

Friday, June 6

This weeks project

Well, I hope you enjoyed the wax paper and crayon project last week. This week we're going to do something fun, an off the page project. Rainee and I are going to show you how to make a faux-stain glass window... using what else - wax paper and crayons, along with some scrapbook embellishments. It's a unique way to put something pretty in your window for the summer... and a great project just for you or something to do with your kids.

So, if you didn't see last weeks video you might want to watch it or watch it again as a refresher so you'll be all ready for Monday's video.

Have a great day. Hope you find an everyday moment to remember.
p.s. here the YouTube video from last week. enjoy.