Monday, January 31


I have been wanting to scrap these photos of Rainee & I from back in October... even now when I look at them, I'm shocked they aren't all blurry and that they came out at all... for a couple of reasons... 1~Because we were laughing so much... getting us to hold still was near impossible....and... 2~Because Steve was taking the pictures and that prospect is always an iffy thing... Sorry Steve, but it's true. Anyway, this week I used the sketch from SketchyThursdays for this layout... I am really happy with it... because I love love love these photos and the memory of this moment...

Well, that's it for today... I'm off to get ready for a new week and a new list of things to do.... have a wonderful Monday... see you tomorrow!


Saturday, January 29

Stylish Blogger...

Bekka... my delightful friend....  has given me a Stylish Blogger Award!!! You have to go see Bekka's blog... it's a fav... and you're going to love her maternity photos she just had done... they are so special!!! Anyway as a part of this award, I need to share 8 things about myself & pass it along to 8 other bloggers.

Here are eight things about me: 
  1. I'm a coffee lover. When I was a kid I loved the smell and would dunk my donuts and cookies in my dad's coffee... but couldn't stand the taste. But my taste buds have matured... and I can't go a day without my cup-of-joe... it's my morning... afternoon... evening... delight!
  2. My favorite color is Red. But when I was about 8 or 9... I felt sorry for green... because nobody seemed to like it. So I decided to make it my favorite new color... just to make green feel better. And with that decision... my grandmother made me a green quilt... which every time I looked at I croaked... because I really didn't like green. Lesson learned... be true to your favorites... you never know what you might receive and have to look at it for a long long long time because someone special gave it to you.... sorry green... I love love love red.
  3. I'm a reformed brussels sprout hater. I've hated them my whole life. Thought they were cute... but the taste I could do without... because I had only had them one way... my mom did NOT know how to cook them... so I hated them. BUT I made them at Thanksgiving with Bobby Flay's recipe.. and love love love them.... as a matter a fact had them last night for dinner. Yum. Thanks Bobby!
  4. I always wanted to learn Ballet. When I was a little girl, I would watch ballet on TV and wish I could dance like that... to me... ballerina's dance like butterflies fly... graceful like a whisper.
  5. I love to watercolor paint. I love the process. I love the beauty of how the paper is reflected through the paint. It is my favorite art medium. I would love to get back into it... but it's finding the time... so until I am able, I will enjoy what I've done (which hang in my home) and the creative beauty of others.... like my friend Chris' watercolor work - here.
  6. I someday want to visit France again.... My trip to France holds some of my most cherished memories. I want to again see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the beauty of Mediterranean Sea and the French Riviera... and their beautiful county sides. I love France.
  7. Zumba Wii is my favorite new thing.... I enjoy doing it alone or with Rainee... it's a blast!!!
  8. My daughter can make me laugh at the drop of a hat with what she calls her 'hoochie-mama dance'... it's killer funny. I love it!
And my 8 blogging people... to pass this on to are... Photobucket

Friday, January 28

Love... The Family Photo...

Ever since Rainee was a born, I've made sure to take an end of the year family photo. It's a tradition. But this photo op always comes with moans & groans from the peanut gallery... and I push through all their belly-aching, until I get the perfect photo... because you all know getting the perfect photo can be difficult... take after take... groan after groan... but somehow they survive and all is, once again, right with the world.

Well, this year was no exception.... the moans started the moment I said, "it's time for the family photo"... I put the tripod up... put them in their places...  they were ready (not happy, but ready) to sit there for as long as it took to get the shot mom would be happy with... you know the perfect family photo... with everyone smiling!!! But much to my surprise... & delight... we took the perfect family photo on the first shot... everyone was smiling... we all looked good... no one was blinking... I WAS SHOCKED!!! I was happy... as for the peanut gallery.... Steve & Rainee... they were happy as well, because the moment they heard it was a good photo... they bolted...they didn't wait... they were out of there... they didn't want me changing my mind... Why is that???? I don't understand why it's so hard to take a photo once a year together... but it is... but, this year, thankfully will be one to remember... there were no retakes. It was a one-take wonder!!! Whoo Hooo!!!


Thursday, January 27

My Deere...

Whenever we go to the pumpkin patch Rainee always wants to drive the John Deere's... but they aren't always running... but this year... they were! And you can imagine how excited she was to drive her own John Deere... she didn't want to stop... it was adorable!!!

I had a few John Deere stickers left over, which were perfect for this page... and in my huge assortment of brads... I found these screw brads... they're too much fun... I love the added industrial touch they give... they're perfect!

Have a happy Thursday...


Wednesday, January 26


I wanted to say welcome to all the new ladies on the DT for TAAFOMFT.... so happy for you all!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This really is the best best best DT... you're going to love it!!! So welcome!!! The DT... new and old...
Julie (best boss)
Also don't forget you only have a couple days left to do your Favorite Quote... card, layout or project... 


Tuesday, January 25

226 Books...

Ever since Rainee was a baby... I've read books to her. So it's no wonder she loves to read. I love our time together reading... I love reading to her and I love love love listening to her read to me... it's so wonderful watching her get better and better every day!!! I love listening to her sound out the words or watching her excitement as she's realizes she mastered other words... it's wonderful to watch her grow in reading... it's amazing!!!  So when she received the Governor's Reading Award, I wasn't surprised.... because she works really hard at it and enjoys it sooooooo much!!! I am so very proud of her!!! Congratulations Rainee!!!

For this layout... I wanted to use some sort of type I ripped up and old book and used it... I love the look and it goes so well with the subject of this layout... gotta love the old book look!!


Monday, January 24

Monday List....

What are your Monday's like??? After looking at my list of things to do today... I wonder how I did all this with a full-time job.... I am so happy and blessed to have the opportunity to be home... I just need to use my time my effectively... so I am going to try to make a daily list of things I need to do and things I want to do the night before... so I can see where I can fit in some scrapping/crafting, because I don't seem to have much time for the things I love to do... so here is Monday, and we'll see what I get done and where I can fit things in... I hope this helps me!

I can't do a post without a photo, so this photo is a favorite of mine... I still love watching her sleep!
  1. Exercise
  2. Make grocery list - put list in purse... I hate it when I make a list and forget it at home... I always seem to forget one or two things... and usually it's the important things... ugh!
  3. Make coffee
  4. Blog my Monday list of things to to!
  5. Get ready for the day
  6. Put a load of laundry in the washer
  7. Feed Champy-boy
  8. Make Rainee's lunch
  9. Get breakfast ready for both Rainee & I...
  10. Get Rainee up, ready and out the door for school (which if you know my daughter can be hard to do... she is NOT a morning person... well, except for Saturday & Sunday!!)
  11. Work in Rainee's classroom
  12. Drop off all my final paperwork for my new job... (BTW... that's my HAPPY NEWS... I will be working part-time at Rainee's school... very happy... very excited... I start Wednesday!!!)
  13. Pick up photos to scrap
  14. Go to lunch with 2 girlfriends from my old job... can't wait for this... it's always great to see them!! And we'll set up a scrap night for ALL of our former work friends to get together... & scrap!!!
  15. Go grocery shopping and put away groceries
  16. Put laundry in dryer
  17. Scrap if I have time before I have to pick Rainee up
  18. Fold laundry & put away... folding is the easy part... but I have been known to leave the folded laundry on the dryer for days... so... putting them away is a biggy for me... don't know why, but it is... lol!
  19. Pick Rainee up from school
  20. Let Rainee play for an hour while I vacuum the house
  21. Start Rainee on homework - while I work on dinner
  22. Finish making & eat dinner (tonight... fideo... Mexican spaghetti... yum!)
  23. Clean kitchen & do dishes
  24. Play with Rainee - usually board games or card games... sometimes both
  25. Make list for Tuesday things to do... 
  26. Get myself & Rainee ready for bed
  27. Start watching the Bachelor with Steve... DVR the rest for tomorrow
  28. Pick out books for Rainee & I to read - read books, talk, pray & sing lullaby's
  29. Lights out... Monday is done and it will all start again tomorrow... 
Happy Monday... what's on your Monday??? Do you get everything done??? Any suggestions how to get more done... I'd love to know how you all do it??? Hoping you have a lovely week... 


Friday, January 21

Happy Day Card...

Happy Friday! Here's a little card for you today. It's a happy card... which goes along well with my terrific week... that I'll tell you more about another day...

So, here's hoping everyone is has a fab weekend and you find time to do what you love and be with those you love most!!! Thanks for buzzing by here today, it's always appreciated!!

P.S. The DT call for TAAFOMFT ends Sunday, January 23rd so if you'd like to enter and work with these amazing women... check it out and enter here.....  good luck!!!


Thursday, January 20


After reading about the 52WeekProject from Bekka I thought it would be fun to do... but I haven't posted any of my photos..... Plus I wanted to have a few of my own rules... so for me and this project I'll be doing... photos of Me - once a week... photos of Rainee - once a week (yeah right... one photo a week are you kidding me??? lol!!!!)... Plus my goal was to do a photo of Rainee & I together each week... but I forgot to do them the first 2 weeks... I think because I'm so use to us not being a photo together, it didn't cross my mind when we were taking these first 2 weeks... so here is my own rule... take a photo together once a month... AND I'M NOT GOING TO FORGET.... THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! And my other rule is I can take the photo ANYTIME during the week... this took the stress off me to get it done on a specific day... so anyway here are the first 2 weeks of the my 52WeekProject.

Rainee Week1 ~ so this... is January 8th... 2 days before Steve's birthday... and the ToysRus balloon he received... which of course is really for Rainee!

Rainee Week2 ~ the before and after of her new hairdo... I love the new 'do' photo... she was pretending to be a model.... pursing her lips... hand on hip... you should have seen her... it was crazy-cute!!! Anyway... this one showed her 'do' the best... but you can bet I'll be scrapping the others of her striking a pose!!! 

Me Week1 ~ Rainee & I were playing board games... and I mentioned that I needed to take my photo... and she stopped everything and took this photo of me...

Me Week2 ~ I too have a before and after of hairdo photo... My hair had been bugging me... and I've been feeling a bit 'shaggy'... so I decided to cut it shoulder length... but the scissors kept going... I love how it turned out and Nikki did a great job... but it is shorter than I was thinking... at least it will grow, right??? Yeah for new hairdo's!!!

Now some of you may be wondering... What about Steve???? Well, I did try... but he didn't want to have anything to do with it... besides it's hard enough trying to get him to do the once a year family photo... that I decided to pass... it's not worth the struggle to get a photo... plus (I'm hoping) once the year is up he'll see how great it would be to do and do it next year with us... well, a girl can hope can't she???? 

Well, that's it for my first two weeks of the 52WeekProject I know I'm going to enjoy seeing all the photos at the end of the year... especially of the changes in Rainee. So... have a delightful Thursday... and I'll see you tomorrow!


Wednesday, January 19

First Time Ever...

When Rainee was invited to a last minute bowling birthday... we was over the top excited!!! She couldn't wait.... 'What time is the party, mommy?'.... 'How many more minutes, mommy?'.... 'When are we leaving, mommy?'... it was adorable!!! So when the time to leave arrived... she was over the moon excited!!!

For her first time ever... she did pretty good... usually getting 7-9 pins down... she never had a spare of a strike... I think she was robbed... but it didn't matter... she was having the best time with the birthday friends... Kalob & Makaylah... and all the other school friends friends... it was a blast!!! She's already decided she's going to have her next birthday party there... how fun!!!

Some times I forget about tabs... but when it came to this layout I knew I wanted to use them with brads... they remind me so much of all the colorful bowling balls...  love it!!

Hope your day is delightful!!!


Tuesday, January 18

Santa Visit...

I love watching Rainee and the enchanting excitement she gets when it's time to see Santa Claus every year... It's one of those delightful childhood things that makes the Holiday season special. Whenever she sees a Santa... she tells me he's not the 'real Santa'... and... When we go, we are going to see the 'real Santa' aren't we???  She knows which is which... and won't even think about tell anyone but the 'real Santa' all her Christmas wishes...

This year we had a difficult time getting to see Santa... with only one car... a motorcycle... and tons of rain... it meant Steve had the car most of the time to go to work... and every time we wanted to go... it always seemed to fall through... so when we were finally able to go... she was over the top excited... it was so fun to watch her... with every person that went inside, it meant we were that much closer... she was ready to explode... it was adorable!!! By the time we were able to go, she also had quite a list going... of course she'd wrote her letter with all her wishes... so when she saw him, I thought, she'd be asking for everything on it... but instead... all she asked for was a Wii... After, she told me she was too excited to say anything except that... cute!!!

I created this layout using the sketch from SketchyThursdays.... I did it a bit different... but I love how it turned out... such a great sketch....


Monday, January 17

What's Your Favorite...

Quote??? Is there a quote you read every day?? Inspires you? Motivates you? Whatever your favorite is... we'd love to know about it for our new challenge over at TAAFOMFT. I love to collect quotes.... when I find or hear a great one, I write it down... usually on a scrap piece of paper... which I then put a inside my quote book to be later transferred... So of all the quotes I have... and all of those which I love, this one is possibly  my most favorite...

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."

I love that life is different to each of us.... and we never know what lies ahead. We never know what each year.... month... day... or moment will bring. Sometimes it's struggle... sorrow... joy... laughter... pure bliss... or love... but whatever life brings, it's different for each of us. And I love that although we may share the same experiences... our time for each experience can be different... with each moment and all the little bits... it makes them our own. I love that our lives can be new every morning.... and we never know what it will have brought us, until the sun has set. Life is beautiful and full of surprises!!!

I had such fun with this lo... I did some splattering... used my Copic markers to color my letter stickers the color I wanted... plus, I brought out some of my favorite stickers - the little bitty hearts - love love love them... and I finally used the chocolate stickers I've had for years.... on the chocolates I put a clear coat, so they now look good enough to eat... 

So what is your favorite??? We'd love you to share your favorite quote with us.... in a card, scrapbook layout or a creative project. Our DT have chosen some wonderful quotes... you have to hop over to TAAFOMFT and see each of their beauties.


Friday, January 14

Kitty Tickets...

About once a month, at Rainee school, the playground supervisors hand out Kitty-Tickets to children on the playground who are being good Bobcats... obeying the playground/lunch & snack time rules. Rainee's always good... and when they start handing them out... each day she'd be so excited to tells me how many she'd received.... then at the end of the week Kitty-Ticket winners are drawn from the box... and the first one for the year... was none other than Rainee!!! She had lots of things to choose from, but she chose the Tony-the-Tiger stuffed animal!!! She was so excited! She's won 2 more times since... but this one is special, because it was her first time as a Kitty-Ticket winner!!

On this layout I did A LOT of sewing!!! Whenever I sew on my layouts... it's usually just little bits here and there... but on this layout... I want crazy with the sewing... I felt like it needed it... and I love how it looks....

That's it for today... I hope you have a fab weekend!!! Enjoy every moment!!!


Wednesday, January 12

December Joy...

I have so many favorite holiday moments, but when we set up our Christmas tree and put the first ornament on... the Joy of Christmas starts to set in... it's the beginning of our holiday... our celebration of Christ's birth.... I love sharing this with Rainee... it's our time together... our beginning of Christmas.

This layout was done with the sketch from SketchyThursdays... I'm so happy to finally be able to get back to scrapping again such great sketches... thanks SketchyThursdays.... can't wait for the next one!!!


Pantie-Girl... To The Rescue....

I don't really know how or when this started... but somewhere along this last year Rainee came bounding out to save me from daddy's tickling as none other than... Pantie-Girl!!!! She doesn't come around all the time... but when she does... It's always when I really need help from big bad tickling daddy!  Pantie-Girl always arrives just in time to save me... it's such a relief when she comes to my rescue... Don't know what I'd do without Pantie-Girl to save the day!!! Thank you Pantie-Girl... You're my hero!!!


Tuesday, January 11


 I love s'mores... I especially love getting my marshmallows good and black... so the inside is oozing with all that oooy-gooy-marshmallow-goo! Ever since I was a kid, I liked just getting it good & black... watching it catch on fire... hear it sizzle... then having the delight of blowing it out.... gotta love a well toasted marshmallow!!! I always thought it strange when my sister would patiently toast her marshmallow... it was always lightly toasted... never burnt... the light tan of the marshmallow was always picture perfect.... beautiful in fact.... but by the time she had finished one... I was already working on another... to this day... I remember her patience and the beauty of her result.

Well, now that it's Rainee's turn to learn the fine art of making s'mores... she takes after her mommy.... black as black and be... leaving no space untouched.... that's my girl!!! And although she doesn't eat all that she makes... she loves this delightful little treat whenever we have the fire going. It's become a family winter favorite.

This photo is Rainee with her big brother, Austin....sitting by the fire making none other than... s'mores! We had just finished eating Thanksgiving dinner and we were all lazing with our very full tummies by the fire... when Rainee decides she wants to make s'more... and although we were all quite full... we went for it! Rainee & Austin were sitting by the fire making their marshmallows... I love watching them interact... this college student and his little sister...whenever we're all together, I always make sure to get a photo of them together.... so of this was the perfect opportunity to do so with all the s'more making doing on... I love this photo... and although you don't see their faces... it is one of my favorite photos of them together!!! This was such a great moment.... oh and if you're wondering how Austin likes his marshmallows?...?...? perfectly lightly toasted... or... burnt & oooy-gooy???? It would be... burnt & oooy-gooy!!!

What about you??? What kind of marshmallows maker are you... perfectly lightly toasted... or... burnt & oooy-gooy????


Monday, January 10

Happy Birthday...

Birthday after birthday, year after year,
we live, laugh and grow together.
So, for all the beautiful days we've shared together and for all those still to come... Rainee and I wish you much love, laughter and a year full of wonderful things!

Happy Birthday Steve!!!


Monday, January 3

Word For The Year...

My friend Julie has again inspired me... this time in choosing a Word For The Year. My word is Blessings! This year I am looking forward to... the Blessings I will receive... the Blessings I will give... and the Blessings I already have.