Thursday, January 29

365 Project for the last 2 weeks

I don't know why it's taken me so long to get these up... but here are the last 2 weeks of my 365 project... One really great thing that I've added this last week are the dandelions Rainee gave me... I put them in a little envelope and will put it behind the picture to keep with it... Rainee is all excited that I've kept her 'flowers' and that I put them in a special place...
Have you been doing it?? I would love to see your pages to inspire me... send me an email, link or make a comment... would love it!!

Wednesday, January 28

CHA and a Tag

First CHA... well it kicked my b_ _ _!!! I saw so many cool things... and some old friends I hadn't seen in years... All in all it was AWESOME!!! I'll show you some of the make & takes I was able to do... and some of the great products once I download them from my camera!!! But I have to say... if you ever have an opportunity to go... take it... it is so worth the sore feet!

Now for the tag... Amandarae
has tagged me - - I'm to show the a picture... in my picture file in the 6th folder and the 6th picture... and tell you about it then pass the tag along... so here goes!!!

This is a picture of my dear sweet Rainee... She's eatting an ice cream bar at my dad's 80th birthday party!!! I love this picture... I love that it's her first ice cream ever and I love her cute (non-traditional Christmas/Birthday dress)... it seems like yesterday... Wow!!!

Now for my 6 tags... okay... so I don't have 6... the best I can do is 4!!! Here they are... jencropable, Lilacs & Lupines, September Tea, BunnyCates,

Monday, January 26

Off to CHA Today!!!

I'm getting ready to go to CHA - I'm very excited and I'll be taking lots of picture! I'm going to see my sister at Creative Imaginations... and meet up with a couple of gals from I can't wait to see what new scrapbook things there will be!

Have a fab day!!!

Paper from: Creative Imaginations Everyday Gourmet Collection

Sunday, January 25

Lunch Bunch Gals

The Lunch Bunch Gals... from high school!!! I'm not going to tell you when we graduated from High School, but it's been awhile. This weekend a few of us gals were able to get together!!!! My friend Joan @ SeptemberTea (aka Joan of Cards) set the whole get together up!!! Not everyone was able to make it... but those that did... made for a very lovely time!!! It was great catching up on our lives. We all looked the same... a bit older... but we're all still the same gals!!!

Rainee came along, because my dh had to work... Since I'd waited get married and have a family, it meant the world to me for them to meet her!!! And Rainee was a real trooper!! I was so proud of her!!!

Anyway, that's what I did, this weekend... it was a time for going down memory lane, catching up and renewing old friendships... it made for a very lovely weekend!!

Saturday, January 24

Doily Heart Envelopes

When Februay 1st rolls around I start putting little love notes around the house or in the car for my daughter and husband. Rainee loves it and my husband thinks it's silly... but I still do it.

But what I like putting these little notes in are something I did as a little girl with my mom... little doily envelopes.

So you can give little love notes in cute doily envelopes during the Valentine season too,
I thought I'd share the instructions with you. I've made 2 .pdf's to download. One is using a 3"x3" heart doily and the other is for 6"x6" heart doily. Just click on the doily size to download. p.s. these can be made with any 3" or 6" doily you'd like, but I really like how the come out with the heart doilies.


Wednesday, January 21

Some New Layouts!

Here are a couple of layouts I did
with the February Kit. I added a few things to the OX! lo... the rhinestones, a heart doily & letter paperclips. On the Crazy Love lo... I really like how the gold glitter letters turned out when I added a black Sharpie edge.

Valentine Card -How Do I Love Thee

Here is a Valentine's Day card I did with the February Kit. The papers are very fun!

Jencropable Valentine Digi Kit

My friend Jen @ has a great digi Valentine Kit I couldn't help but download & pass it on to you... I just love the tickets... can't wait to use them! Don't forget if you're a traditional scrapbook, you can always download the kit - print the paper and use it on a traditional scrapbook page... I think I'm going to do that!!! Thanks Jen!

Sunday, January 18

Christmas Layouts

I know everyone is doing Valentine's Day... but I still need to do my Christmas photos... I'm a bit behind on a lot of things.... but here are the newest. There are 3, the 4th... I wasn't happy with & I'm redoing... so you'll see it later. I still have more photos to do... but for now at least I've got some done... Hope you all getting some scrapping done... no matter what the pictures are!!

Joy" Materials: Paper: Ki Memories, Me & My Big Ideas, DCWV, Stickers: Ki Memories, Mary Engelbreit AMM, Glitter Stars: Joann's, Ribbon: Ki Memories, K&Co., Joann's, Chipboard: Ki Memories, Rub-ons: Ki Memories, Journaling Tag: Ki Memories, Buttons: Joann's, Punch: Martha Stewart's Snowflake, Misc: Starbucks Gift Card, Mint Cut Outs -Target Gift Card, Spirl - Wendy's Kid's Meal

"Sweet Tradtions" Materials: Paper: Ki Memories, Making Memories, Me & My Big Ideas, Ribbon:
Wrights, Rub-ons: Creative Imaginations, Journaling Tag: Target, Transperancy Shapes: Making Memories, Buttons: Joann's, Stickers: Paper Bliss, Ki Memories

"Santa's Knee" Materials: Paper: DCWV, Me & My Big Ideas, Ribbon: Misc., Rub-ons: Ki Memories, Pen: Pigma, Glitter Sticker Letters: Joann's

Saturday, January 17

365 Day Project - Jan. 5-11

If I thought last was busy, this week has been crazy. My sister and her family have been in town, and almost every day has been filled. I've also been working on my pages/project for the CropAddict DT.

I've finally finished the CropAddict Feb Kit stuff (I'll be showing those to you February 1st). I also finished the week of January 5-11. It too was a busy week. I hadn't realized how much stuff we do until I started doing this project. I didn't get a picture for Wednesday... but I did have a story for the day.

So, if you forget to take a picture, like me - I'm sure there is something special happened you could journal about on your page. For me, I don't thini this will be the first time Iwon't have a photo... It may not be perfect, but I'll be very happy if I can keep this up even if I do miss a photo now & again and just have a journaling spot.

I hope you're getting your pages done. I'm going to be doing some scrapping today... Christmas!! But they have to get done... I'll show them to you, even if the season is passed. I love hearing from you and seeing what you've been up with. I love hearing about your experiences, your tips & tricks, so please email me or leave a comment.

TTFN. Have a great weekend.

Monday, January 12

Another 365 Kit Tip -

My friend Joyce (the gingerbread girl) also reminded me that there are ready made sheet protectors with 6 (4"x6") slots by We R Memory Keepers. With them all you'd have to do is sew the bottom row to make the 3"x4" slits. A bit easier and much faster. So if you're interested in them does carry them.

I've been a bit busy today, so I haven't done my next set of pages, but I'm going to work on them tonight along with some other things... changing my blog design, finishing a LO I started this morning... but when it's done I'll let you know!

Saturday, January 10

Kreativ Blogger Award

Last night just as I was about to go to go to bed and shut down the computer for the night, I checked my blog one more time.... and was surprised when, Amanda from One Scrappy Blog was kind enough to give me with a Kreativ Blogger Award. With all the wonderful blogs out there it means a lot that she would recognize mine. Thank you Amanda!!! It makes me feel a bit guilty, because I haven't finished the next YouTube video and have been neglectful of changing my blog from Christmas... but this is a sign it's time to spend more time finishing a few projects!

Now... I guess I'm supposed to pick 7 Blogs which I think deserve this award, and like Amanda, I too follow a lot of "celebrity"
scrapbooker blogs and because they already get recognition... they won't be on my list. I don't have 7 but these are the blog picks I'd like to recognize... some have been around for awhile and some are fairly new... - Jen is an all around wonderful scrapper... she does traditional, digi, hybrid and is a fabulous photographer... Everything she does is wonderful! - Karen... her Random Acts of Kindness inspire me... she's been such an encouragement to me and hear work is just fab!!! - I'm love her drawings, they encourages me to start drawing again... they are so fun! Plus she's from Poland - and I'm Polish... so of course I had do add her to me list!
- Amanda Rae's blog is fairly new... but I love going to see what new things she's created! She has done some great things, so keep up the good work! - Joan, a friend I've known since 5th grade... her blog is also somewhat new... but she does card, makes quilts and does fun collages... and she takes amazing photos of the world around her. I always look forward to seeing what's new with Joan.

I would like to also encourage you to check out - (she's not on my list because she gave me the award) but you have to check out her work... I just love her style, her everyday photos and how she voices her opinion. She has fun pages, cards and crafts! Well, that's it for me... thanks again Amanda for the encouragement and the award!

Friday, January 9

365 Kit - Couple of Tips - -

Answers to a question I've been asked plus a suggestion from the Gingerbread Girl.
Q: Do you cut through both layers?
A: I actually have 2 answers -
Both versions work, so it's up to you!
First way:
• Mark your lines
• Sew the lines
• Cut through both layers for your slits

Second way:

• Mark your lines
• Put a cutting matt inside the page protector
(as if I was putting a scrap page inside the protector)

• Cut your slits
• Sew the lines

SUSGGESTION: It can be a bit hard to see the score lines when you're sewing, so the Gingerbread Girl suggests putting masking tape/blue painters tape down as a guide... I tried this and I REALLY like it! My lines are much better and I can see where I'm going... because me and my eyes they need all the help they can get. THANKS GINGERBREAD GIRL!!!

I hope these little tips will help you, if you have any questions or tips you're doing - - please let me know - I'd love to hear about them and share them!!!

P.S. My friend Jen has her first week up on her blog also, so you might just want to see what she did with this 365 day project!!

Wednesday, January 7

365 Week 1 - with my custom protectors

So, thanks to my friend Jen I did do the custom page protectors and this is my week 1 page. I have to admit I'm not the best at sewing... so I've got some crooked lines, but I figure by the end of the year I'll have this down pat...

I like the fact that it's all done with my own stuff... and I have to say I'm happy with how it turned out... crooked lines and all...

For those of you who just might decide to do this project, may I make a
suggestion... write down what you did either during the day... or what I did at the end of the day - - EVERY DAY... because all the those everyday days will start to look just like all the others unless you do...

Also, write down the special things... the silly things your kids say or do during the day... even it you dont' get a photo of it... you can still write about it... it's the everyday things that make this special...

I'm really enjoying this,
since I'm now a S-A-H-Mom... this is going to be a very special year for me at home with Rainee and it's a great way to document it... I'm excited!!!

Now... for those of you who maybe don't feel like you can so this because you've missed the first several days of the year... you can still do it... either for the rest of the year... or maybe for a special week... a birthday... a vacation... a special week at school... when you have a special house guest... It doesn't have to be the whole year... this can be used for whatever you want... you have to try it...

Materials: Paper: My Minds Eye, Making Memories, Stickers: My Minds Eye, Colorbok, Making Memories, KI & Co, Rub-ons: Creative Impressions, DCWV, Stamps: Autumn Leaves, Heidi Swapp, Paint: Plaid, Coaster: My Minds Eye.

Saturday, January 3

365 Days Kit

Well, I fell in love with the kit-of-the-month from CK magazine and couldn't wait to order it... but when I tried it was out of stock... and I tried first thing Jan. 1st. They haven't said if they're going to do more or even take pre-orders for more...

So it got me to thinking... My friend Jen @ did a 'Custom Fit' on her blog back in November... and I thought??? Why not make my own. Sure the kit would be easier... and I wouldn't have to make my own protective sheets... but then I thought... if you're anything like me... I already have a ton of scrapbook stuff... so why not do what Jen suggested, and do my own custom fit??? In the long run, I'll use what I have which will save me money...

So, if you're like me and wanted the kit-of-the-month... but missed out, check out Jen's blog and make your own... just remember to make your rows 4" deep and on the last row the pocket width is 3" for each one ... I'll post a page once I have one done.

Thanks again Jen... and thank you CK for being out of stock... because now I can spend my scrapbook money on something else. Whoo hooo!!!

A Good Movie, My Dog & a Nap

The other day... Rainee and I went shopping for a birthday present, we took Champ to the dog park... then we came home to watch a movie... Rainee said as she was having a great day and now she was going to watch a good movie with her dog and her mom... and just about the middle of the movie... she fell asleep on Champ... for a late afternoon nap.

I couldn't resist taking this picture...
and decided I just had to do a LO with it.... So, when it came to figuring out a title... I wanted to use it all, even though it was a bit long... "A Good Movie, my Dog & a Nap"....but it said everything. I tried several different lettering combinations before I decided to use plain chipboard covered with chalk ink... which just happened to be the same color as my paper.... how lucky am I!!! I used a black & white photo... I used red buttons and brads, plus did a bit of stamping/clear embossing behind them. I wasn't quite sure about it all until it was done... but I really like how it came out.

Right now I'm doing a LO with's Best of 2008 Template... I'll show it to you when I 'm done. I'm having fun going through photo and remembering what a great year it was... I encourage you to try it. I'm going to use her digital template, but if you're a traditional scrapper... use the template and scrap away the traditional way...

Materials -
Paper: Marcella by K, Prima, Ink: Rubber Stampede, Stamp, Versa Magic: Annette Allen Watkins (, Embossing Powder: Stampendous,
Chipboard: Heidi Swapp, Bo Bunny, Colorbok, Rick Rack: Wrights, Heart Buckle: AMM, Pen: Pigma, Rub-on: Heidi Grace, Tab-Punch: McGill, Buttons: Joann's, Brads: Misc.

Taking Our New Year's Photo

This is last year's family photo... but today, we're taking our annual New Year's card picture. For years now, I haven't done a Christmas card... even before I was married... it was just too hard with all the holiday things needing to be done... Christmas cards were the last on the list and it just didn't happen... until after Christmas.

So, I decided, for me, it was easier to do a New Year's card... because all the holiday things are done, I could focus and get out a Happy New Year Card... I would be able to keep in touch with those we love... I could take the whole month to get it out and best of all I didn't feel the Christmas Card guilt... and so it started.

Anyway... we're going to try to get Champ in on it... we'll see how that all works out... I may just have to Photoshop him in... giggle... giggle... but he will be in the picture. My husband hates it when we have to take the annual photo, but once it's done, he's happy we did it.

As for your Christmas cards... did you get them out??? Are you feeling the guilt that goes along with it??? I want to encourage those of you who didn't quite get to the Christmas card... do a Happy New Year card... Who knows it may just become a tradition with you too.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve... and this year is one filled with unexpected blessings, laughter, joy and love.

Happy New Year!