Thursday, February 26

Finally! Rainee Is Better!!!

The last few days, she still had a fever in the morning and then again after an afternoon nap. But today... today, there's been no fever and she's back to bouncing around... acting silly and having, as she calls it, a HAPPY SMILEY DAY!!!

This has been so hard and took us by surprise, because she's always been a pretty healthy girl, just the normal colds here and there... I'm so very thankful it's over!

I do want to take a moment and say... thank you. Thank you for all you comments and support. It has been such a blessing, my heart is overwhelmed. Thank you!!!

Today, after grocery shopping and cleaning (really cleaning) for the first time in nearly 2 weeks... I had a chance to sit down and do a bit of scrapping. I should have a bunch of stuff to post in the next couple of days. To get all I need done... I'm going to have to go to bed late and get up early to finish my projects for the March Kit. Plus the Cyber Crop which starts tomorrow!!! I'll be doing a few things Saturday and Sunday... so please stop by and see what's going on. There will be games, challenges and PRIZES! Who doesn't love something free!! It should be really fun. It's round the clock Friday through Sunday... so if you're a late owl or an early bird... there will be something going on all the time.

Anyway.... best go. Rainee needs a bath, Champ needs dinner and I need to get scrapping. Thank you again for your support with Rainee being sick... I can't begin to tell you what it's meant! Blessings. Michelle

Friday, February 20

Taking A Moment While Rainee's Asleep!!!

Thought I give a quick update on Rainee... she's still very sick. We took her to the ER on Wednesday... and still her fever just isn't going away and her ears (yes now both) are killing her! I tried calling the doctor yesterday, but of course they were out to lunch... so I call the ER doc and he called in some more meds to help her. It's been very hard... all she keeps saying is "I can't take it anymore!" I feel so bad for her... hoping and praying she's better soon. I also wanted to say thanks for your comments... they made her smile. I won't be posting again until she is better. TTFN!!!

Monday, February 16

Everyday Blog-Candy Winner!!!

Well, I was going to do a fun little video with Rainee... but she is really sick with an ear ache and fever - so, she has my full attention right now. Anyway, I did have her pick a name so I could post it!!!

Congratulations goes to - - -
Congrats! Simply email me your address!!. :)

Sunday, February 15

MJ's Window

Well, I have to do a bit of bragging on my cousin MaryJo. For a Valentine's Day gift to her mom, she made a Waxpaper & Crayon Window ... and can I say it's FABULOUS!!! So, when she emailed me a copy of it, I of course I just had to share it with you....

If you want to know how she did her window, you can go to my YouTube Video and make one for yourself. It really is very easy and very fun!!

Great job MJ... I love it!! It really is fab!!!

Monday, February 9

New Video & Everyday-Blog-Candy!

I was telling my husband the other day - 'It's funny... I made more videos and seemed to get a lot more stuff done when I was working, than I have now that I'm not working! Hmmm, very interesting!' So, the solution??? I'm working on a schedule to get more done in my day. After being in the work force for so many years, I hope this will help me get more accomplished than I have been in the last few months. So, be patient with me and the videos, I'm still getting use to this life change and I'm trying to figure it all out.

Anyway, it's finally here! Whooo Hooo!!! But boy has it been a dilly of day trying to get it uploaded! I've been trying to upload it since 5am and it just didn't want to work for some odd reason... so can I say... Yeah!!! It's done!!!

So, check out the video and leave a comment for the Everyday-Blog-Candy!!! Ya never know you just might win! Rainee will pick a winner Monday, February 16th, so come back to see if you won!

1-K&Co.-Valentine ChipBox
4-K&Co.-Valentine Stickers
1-Recollections-Valentine Heart Candy Stickers
1-Colorbok Flower Shape Chipboard Book
1-Wilton Mini Heart Doilies

Thursday, February 5

Chocolate Kiss Roses

Don't you just love Chocolate Kisses??? Years ago, when I worked in L.A. and took the train - - I'd make these Chocolate Kiss Roses. I'd start making them in January, because I sold them at local store. By the time Valentine's Day rolled around I not only was making them for the store, but also for the commuters. It was a great way to spend an hour and a half on the train plus I made a little extra money.

Anyway, I was trying to think of something fun to do with Rainee for Valentine's day, when I remembered these, Chocolate Kiss Roses. And since I was making them with Rainee I thought you might just like to make a little bouquet for the special people in your life. Rainee has now decided she wants to give some to her teacher... so I'm making more!
Materials needed: Chocolate Kisses, glue dots, floral wire, floral green tape, wrapping paper cellophane, scissors and ribbon.
  • Cut cellophane in to approx. 5" squares.
  • Cut floral wire in to approx. 8"-9" strips
  • Put 2 Kisses bottom to bottom with glue dots
  • Wrap cellophane around Kisses
  • Wrap floral wire around cellophane end to hold them together
  • Bend the rest of the floral wire in half
  • Wrap floral tape around wire to finish off roses
  • Make bouquet as large as you wish and tie with ribbon

For the leaves you can... make your own, use silk ones or leave them plain. You can make a simple bouquet with a ribbon, arrange them in a vase, put them in a 'flower' box or wrap them in tissue... however you give them, are sure to be loved....  Happy Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 3

Golly, I Almost Forgot My Valentine Window!!!

I've had this Valentine's Day Window hanging in my scrapbook studio for a while now, and I almost forgot to put it in my kitchen window... I would have been bummed! I love how the colors shine through with the sun and make those heart shapes!!! It's one of my favorite things to put out during the Valentine season. If you'd like to make one for yourself or do one with your kids, you can check out my - - It's a Summer Time Theme... but still the same Waxpaper and Crayon Process. Let me know if you do one... I'd love to see it!!!

Monday, February 2

Valentine's Day Cards

Just a few Valentine's Day Cards to share with you... thanks for stopping by!

- Just for You:
Paper: The Paper Co., Making Memories, Rub-ons: Colorbok, Stickers: K&Co., Ink: Top Boss Embossing Ink, White Embossing Powder: Stampendous - - I Love You:
Paper: Colorbok, My Minds Eye, Making Memories, Doily: Wilson, Chipboard Heart: K&Co., Ribbon: American Craft - - Hugs & Kisses: Paper: The Paper Co., My Minds Eye, Ribbon: Offray, Doily: Wilson, Rub-ons: Creative Imaginations, Flowers: Prima, Sticker: K&Co. - - Yours Truly: Paper: The Paper Co., DCWV, My Minds Eye, Stamp: Autumn Leaves, Punch: Martha Stewart Butterfly, Sticker: Making Memories, Pen: Pigma

Sunday, February 1

Cyber Crop & A Becky Fleck Exclusive!

We're having an awesome Cyber Crop at Crop Addict February 27th through March 1st. Each member of the design team will be hosting a time. I am hosting two challenges over the weekend, plus we have an exclusive sketch challenge by Becky Fleck of Page Maps. So check out the Cyber Crop at - it's going to 3 fun filled days - I hope you'll join us! Oh, and the dates are for 2009 - - They made a mistake on the blinkie!