Sunday, January 31

Valentine Cupcake Party...

Every year I do some kind of Valentine cooking thing with Rainee... it's either cupcakes or cookies... and we love it!!! One year we did cookies with Rainee's friend Katie... the next year cupcakes with just us 2... then last year it was cookies with Kenny. Decorating, I've found was much too girly for Kenny... so last year, Liz (Kenny's mom) and I pretty much decorated all the cookies... while the kids played... and ate them!

Now this year, when I asked Rainee what she wanted to do... she thought about it... then said, "I'd like to invite my 2 best friends from school... Anessa & Molly." Every year, I usually just call the parents, decided on a date and time that works for us both... and that's it. But this time... I thought it would be fun to make some invitations... and of course how can you not make some cute little cupcake to go along with it. So this is what I did today.... and boy, did I have fun!

When it came to the cupcakes... Rainee wanted 'chocolate frosting' on them... so I chose the brown polka dot paper... and matched it up with a fun bright festive plaid. Then because I was having soooooooooooo much fun doing them, I had to make a couple for myself... with the same plaid, but with 'pink polka dot frosting'! I inked the edges of the both the frosting and the cupcake cup to add a little something. Then when it came to putting a 'cherry' on top... I didn't like the flowers on the template and couldn't find any cherries small enough in my stash of decorations... so I made a cherry with stacked buttons and embroidery floss for the stem.... I think they're adorable!

These cute little cupcake can be used to put something in... candies, jewelry... something small... but I just wanted them as bit of fun to go along with the little invites.

For my invitations.... I used the same paper as the cupcakes, along with some of my favorite stamps and a round doily. They didn't take any time at all... I love how simple and cute they are!!! This was a good day... full of creativity and doing something that was almost good enough to eat!!! Yum!

How was your Sunday? Hope it was good and leads you into a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, January 30

What's Your Favorite...

What is your favorite outfit??? That's our challenge at WhatIsYourFaveThing. When I was a little girl I remember having a baby pink dotted-swiss dress with a white collar and little pink roses on it. I loved that dress. Isn't it funny how you can remember the simplest things from when you were a kid... I can even remember how excited I was when I saw it for the first time... I couldn't wait to put it on. So, I searched high and low for a picture with me in it and was disappointed when realized I didn't have any! But I still remember that dress, I have a picture of it in my mind and for me it will always be the most beautiful dress ever.

Since I didn't have a picture of me in that dress, I started going through my closet. I found several favorites... like... my Harley boots with a blue jean skirt... my beautiful flapper-inspired beaded wedding dress... then there's all my leather jackets, which go with everything... & how could I forget my favorite comfy 1980's sweatshirt! But nothing said scrap me.

Then I thought about the favorite outfits I have for Rainee... you know the ones you save for your kids, hoping one day they'll use them for their kids. I went through all of them... and there is was... the dress I bought for her first birthday pictures!!! This dress is my all time favorite!!! I looked months for this dress... I knew exactly what I wanted... I had almost gave up... but one day, there I was in the mall getting a haircut and decided to try Nordstroms one last time... after looking everywhere, I thought why not try one more time... it can't hurt... then I saw it... it was in the clearance rack... the dress of my dreams for my little Rainee. I can't tell you how happy I was... I was over the moon!!!

For her first birthday pictures we went to the St. Regis Hotel in Dana Point.... this place is amazing... the day was perfect... and Rainee looked so beautiful in her lovely little dress... I was so happy... and the pictures turned out better than I could have ever dreamed!!

Now when I think of a favorite outfit... the only two that come to mind are my pink dotted swiss dress and Rainee in her first birthday dress! It also reminds me, that if there's a favorite outfit Rainee likes... I should really get a picture of her in... so she can have it to remember. Memories are wonderful... but a picture is so much better.

So, what is your favorite outfit???? We'd love to see what your favorite is!!! Remember you can show it off on a card, a scrapbook layout or any kind of project you'd like... share it with all of us at WhatIsYourFaveThing... don't forget the winner receives a fabulous prize!!! I can't wait to see what your favorite is!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a lovely day!!!

(Materials: Paper: Creative Imaginations, Butterfly sticker: K&Co, Butterfly Punches: Martha Stewart)

Friday, January 29

More Christmas...

I don't know about you but writing Santa a letter here is pretty an every day occurrence during the Christmas season... because Rainee wants to add something to her list... that's the main reason we do the Santa's List now.... But this year... there were two very special 'letter memories' I just had to get down on paper.

The first one... While waiting to take her Santa pictures... she was able to write Santa a letter... she asked me how to spell words... and for someone still learning to write... she did a great job!!! (It says: I been good. love you. Rainee - and her picture of Santa) Anyway, when she was done she was able to put it in his mail box.... It was so cute watching her open the mail box peek inside and put her letter in.... I loved this day.... I loved this moment!
(Materials: Paper: Creative Imaginations, Bazzil, DCWV, Stickers: Creative Imaginations, Jenni Bowlin, Journaling Tag:Jillibean Soup, Brads: Misc.)

The other 'letter' day which was special... was the day she received a letter in the mail FROM SANTA... it was just the cutest thing ever!!! That particular day, she woke up and decided to wear her Halloween costume... if you remember she was the cutest Dalmatian doggie!!! As soon as she woke up... it was on and she wore it ALL DAY... everywhere we went and we had a lot of last minute Christmas things to do and places to go! When anyone saw her they would comment on what a cute doggies she was... then she's correct them and say... 'No, I'm a Christmas Puppy!!!'.. to which they thought was even cuter! Anyway... at the end of the day, we went to the mailbox and low and behold there was a letter from Santa for her. She was over the moon.... she pretended to faint... then she opened it and she had me read it over and over and over... it was one of her best days... she carried that letter around everywhere the next couple of days.... and each night before she went to bed she put it on the Christmas tree so she wouldn't lose it.... and of course showed it to everyone who came over. So on this layout I HAD TO put the letter on there somewhere.. I love the everyday happenings of life... and this moment was one of the very best memories of Christmas this year!
(Materials: Paper: DCWV, Creative Imaginations Stickers: Walmat, Making Memories, Misc, Buttons: Vintage, Journaling Tag: Creative Imaginations)

Every year Rainee & I do a Gingerbread house together... and I love seeing what she comes up with. But this year instead of just the two of us doing it we did it with Rainee's new friend from school. I love watching the two of them together... they are so cute... holding hands and skipping. So this day... we got together and made our Gingerbread houses. They had the best time putting them together. They both enjoyed the frosting and the candies... we were wondering if there would be any left for the house, because how can you not have some along with making your house.... lol! In the end the houses did have enough of everything and so did the girl... because they were bouncing off the walls. As for the houses... I think they turned out rather cute!
(Materials: Paper: Creating Keepsakes, DCWV, Colorbok, Stickers: Creative Imaginations, Making Memories, Paper Bliss, Snowflakes: Elle's Studio, Journaling Tag: Elle's Studio)

I don't know about you but I still have a few more Christmas layouts I need to do... so if they go in to February... don't be surprised! But I do have to say, I'm soooooooooooooo looking forward to all the fun Valentine things we'll be doing....

Wednesday, January 27


I think out of all the Christmas presents Rainee received this year... her favorite is this truck!! The first time we saw it was at the Bass Pro Shops for their Christmas Crafts for kids... when she saw it, I think it was love at first sight!! I have to say... that store is very very very clever... they had all their kids toys set up in stations for the kids to play with and of course fall in love with... and to which they would HAVE TO HAVE FOR CHRISTMAS... and probably bug their parents about until they got what they wanted... smart... very very very smart! And that was Rainee.... every week when we'd go for the craft... and before we could leave WE HAD TO play with all the toys! We spent hours there... literally... it was cheap entertainment... but afterward all we heard about was the remote control truck...

Since Christmas, we've spent more time outside just playing with the truck, than any other toy she's ever received. She loves this truck... the only time we haven't played with it was last week with all of the rain. Although, she did try to do it inside... but when she kept hitting the furniture... I had to put an end to it...which made me the 'bad mommy'... to which I got her sad face... to remind me she was unhappy about my decision. Oh well... you can't keep kids happy all the time!

As for the layout... I did it super simple... not much on it... except the pictures of Rainee and her truck... and zoom... zoom... zoom... which I think pretty much tells the story all by itself. On the edging.... I was going to use my sewing machine, but I didn't want to wake everyone in the house so early... so I got out the EK Success Rub-on Transfer... if you've never seen it, it's a solid piece of rub-on you can write with, use stencil with it, draw with it, emboss with it... and me I used one of my EK Success Cutter Bugs to make the fun stitching design... I was so happy I didn't have to get out my sewing machine.... how cool is that. This stuff reminds me of carbon paper... if you've ever used it before there was self carbon paper... you'll know exactly what I mean and how it's works... It's a very cool product. I think I'm going to have to use it more often when I don't want to do a bit of sewing!!

What was the favorite Christmas present in your home this year?

(Materials: Paper DCWV, Sticker Letters: Creative Imaginations, Rub-on Transfer: EK Success, Brads: Misc.)

Monday, January 25

Weekly Gratitude...

Nothing. I am grateful this week for having nothing to do. Not one thing. It’s so needed and much overdue. No deadlines, not appointments (yet), no play dates, no specific errands. Nothing... and hoping or a log of it!

It's not always easy to take it easy... I tend to feel the need to fill my time with housework, business stuff or play dates for Rainee. But not this week... this week will be filled with the joy of being spontaneous and free of commitments. A time for our family to relax, watch movies, play together and refresh our spirits.

What are some of the "nothing things" you like to do??? Us? Watch movies in the dark and pretend we're at the theater with popcorn... playing with cars and racing them down the hall... playing Star Wars... digging in the dirt... scrapbooking of course... making valentines... going to the park... riding bikes... and we have to have pancakes for dinner!!! These are all subject to how we feel! An easy week... doing nothing doesn't come around often... so it's time to enjoy every second! Sometimes allowing yourself the gift of doing nothing can be a very good thing.

Sunday, January 24

What's Cooking Sun{day}

Rainee and I got our hair cut yesterday... then did all the fun Saturday errands, one of which was grocery shopping. While shopping we passed the roasted chickens, which are so great because you can make so many different things with them... and it makes life easy!!! One of my favorite uses is making Chicken Enchiladas. Before I would roast my own chicken... wait until it was done then get on with making the Enchiladas. Until I realized how much easier life would be with one of the store's roasted chickens... and I like easy. I make enchiladas a lot more often now because of them... and did I mention it's because I like easy.

As for recipe... I searched high and low for a good recipe... tried several, and finally did combo of a couple, because none of them were perfect. It's spicy, but not too spicy... just enough to get the idea there is a little bit of heat there. Weather you like easy and buy a roasted chicken, or you want to make your own, I hope you'll like it as much as my family. Yesterday, Steve was so excited to come home from work and have them.... and I'm loving them today, because we have leftovers.... which means... no cooking for me today!! Enjoy... and have a fab Sunday!

Chicken Enchiladas

3 Tbsp. Olive Oil
1 medium Onion - diced
1 Tbsp. Minced Garlic
1 tsp. Oregano
2 tsp. Italian Seasons
1 tsp. Chili Powder
1 tsp. Ground Cumin
1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp. Cinnamon
2 Cans Chicken Broth 14oz
1 Bay leaf
1 Tbsp. Tomato Paste
2 Cups Tomato Sauce
1 Can Diced Tomato's (I use Mexican style)

25-30 Corn Tortillas
Mexican Blend Cheese (Monterrey Jack/Cheddar)
Whole Roasted Chicken
  • Preheat oven to 350º, with tortillas wrapped in foil, place in oven to warm
  • Place olive oil, dice onions and garlic in skillet start to saute then add the seasonings: Oregano, Italian Seasons, Chili Powder, ground Cumin, Cayenne Pepper.
  • Saute until onions are transparent.
  • Add Chicken Broth, Tomato Paste, Tomato Sauce, Diced Tomato's, Bay leaf and Cinnamon.
  • Bring to boil, reduce heat. Cook until Sauce is reduced and somewhat thick.
  • While sauce is reducing, shred chicken.
  • When sauce is reduced, place a small amount of sauce in a 13"x9" pan
  • Take tortillas out of oven and switch the oven to broil.
  • Then with tongs lightly place a tortilla in the sauce coating both sides.
  • Place in pan, add shredded chicken and cheese, then roll. (Seam side down) Repeat until pan is lined with Enchiladas.
  • Pour SOME sauce over Enchiladas, top with cheese. (Set aside remaining sauce)
  • Place in oven, on center rack for about 5-10 minutes... until cheese is lightly brown.
Serve Enchiladas with some remaining sauce over the top. Additionally you can add sour cream and cilantro on top. ENJOY!!!

Notes: Make sure to keep tortillas warm. Recover them each time you take one out. Corn tortillas will crumble, won't roll well and will crack if they are COLD, so be sure to keep them WARM.

Wednesday, January 20

Love You Angel Girl

I love love love this photo of Rainee.... it's from her Christmas performance at school. She did such a great job singing... and with that little garland around her head... she looks just like an angel. After the performance... she starting crying... my poor baby and I couldn't figure out why...

So when I picked her up after school... I found out she had a tummy ache... come to find out she had butterflies... stage fright!!! Poor thing! Too cute that it happened after the whole performance was over...

I know I put this photo in my December Daily... but since I loved it so much I thought I'd do another layout with it and use the Creative Imaginations Sketch... I love love love the CI - Narratives Heart Journaling Pad... it's just so much fun... can't wait to find more uses for it!! Anyway... if you haven't done your lo with the sketch... I wanted to remind you they are doing a giveaway and the winner will also be a guest designer for Creative Imaginations... fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Also... there are some amazing Sneak Peeks on their blog... my favorite is..... 'Real Wood'.... you HAVE TO check out... it's sooooooooooooooo much fun... it comes in different widths AND you can use it with your Cricut and emboss with it... I am totally in love with it... amazing stuff!!!

Well.... it's that time... time to go get my dear daughter from school... which I'm VERY VERY VERY happy to say... she's sooooooooooooooo enjoying her new class already... she can't wait to go every day... and it's only been 2 days!!! So happy she's happy!!!

(Materials: All are Creative Imaginations)

Monday, January 18

Weekly Gratitude...

Changing Teachers. My Weekly Gratitude for this week is one I've been praying about for months... Rainee hasn't like school at all for the first several months... UNTIL... she had a substitute for the last 8 weeks... and in those 8 short weeks, she been loving school.... something I want for her... especially since it's Kindergarten! In the last 8 weeks she was so excited to get up in the morning... to go to school... even on the weekends, she would ask when she was going back... can see what the problem is???...

Anyway... I was having a hard time knowing what to do... keep her in a class she's unhappy in or move her and hope it wouldn't traumatize her. But now, with the wonderful sub gone... Rainee has cried every morning this last week... not wanting to go to school... and we're back to her hating school. Which has been breaking my heart. So, when I found out 2 openings became available in the afternoon Kindergarten class... I decided to make a change for her... so she would be excited about school again.

I made a call to the principle... not knowing what would happen... still praying... and at 7:30am Friday morning, I got the call... she will be moving to the afternoon Kindergarten class - - with a teacher I know will show Rainee that school is fun... and I know she be getting what she needs.

Sooooooo today, I'm grateful it all worked out... that there were openings for a change... that Rainee is already excited about going to school on Tuesday... I'm grateful, relieved and overwhelmed with joy that it all worked out... because the most important thing is Rainee... being happy every{day}... even at school!!!

What are you grateful for today?

Before I forget... I have a P.S. To The Coffee Cake Recipe... when I talked to my aunt she told me I'd forgot to add one thing... butter over the top... so if you've made the recipe... or if you're still thinking about it... I've changed it and it is now correct... and again... this Coffee Cake is really yummy!!!

Saturday, January 16

What's Your Favorite...

Here we are again... ready for a new challenge for WhatIsYourFaveThing. This challenge is... What's Your Favorite Fragrance??? I didn't think it was going to be that hard...but when I sat down to think about it... I couldn't decide. I have so many favorites that bring a smile to my face when I catch a whiff of them...

So I had to sit down and made a list... some were... fresh baked bread... the fresh clean air right after the rain... snow... vanilla... my husband's cologne... my perfume... the open pages of an old book... home made apple pie... the sweet innocence of a new born baby... my daughter after she's played in the mud... freesias... I could go on and on, there are so many more...

But as I looked at my list... the one which popped out... was the scent of a baby... my little baby Rainee... I miss holding Rainee with her fresh baby scent... so this is my page. My favorite scent in the world is my baby... who's not much of a baby anymore.

I wanted this lo to reflect the innocence of new born baby... so I put lots of butterflies (from the background paper) on it... for new life... and when it came to the photos... I tried everything... color... black and white... I even antiqued the photos... but nothing worked... so I took a chance and tried printing my photos on my background paper (since I had 2 of)... and it worked... it's exactly what I wanted... then I machine stiched the edges and put lots of vintage buttons on the page... it's exactly what I wanted.... Innocence.

We'd love to know what your favorite is... and see your card, layout or project... you have until the January 30th to upload it to WhatIsYourFaveThing... and there is a prize for the winner!!! Yeah! Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a lovely day!!!

(Materials: Paper: DCWV, Thread: Wrights, Buttons: Vintage, Punches: Martha Stewart, Rub-on: DCWV, Metal Heart: AMM)

Thursday, January 14

Rainee's Top Ten...

After doing my favorite holiday lo for AFewOfMyFavoriteThings... I thought it would be fun to find out... what Rainee's favorite Christmas moments were this year...

When I first asked her... she kept going on and on and on... then I made her hold up fingers when she gave me a favorite... and told her, she couldn't go past 10... that was hard... she repeated some... forgot some... so we made a list, I read them to her and she decided which ones were this years 10 Christmas moments....

And this is what she came up with...

1. Decorating the tree 2. Ice skating for the first time 3. Making her gingerbread house 4. Taking pictures with Santa 5. Her class Christmas performance 6. Class Christmas party 7. Carriage horsey ride 8. Making s'mores 9. Letters to/from Santa 1o. Opening presents

Now that it's done, she continues to comment on it... and reminds me of how very special each moment was... how Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without each one... She is just the cutest thing... even now... when she sees it... she says.... 'Mommy, I miss Christmas....' can you say sweet???

What moments of your Christmas wouldn't be Christmas with out them... I'd love to know what they are!!!

(Materials: Paper: Creative Imaginations, DCWV, Rub-on: Creative Imaginations, Felt Border: Fancy Pants, Rick Rack: Wrights, Brads & Eyelets: Misc.)

Tuesday, January 12

Seriously Yum...

Well, here's a layout I promised to post last week... but with working on my 'business project'... stuff for Creative Imaginations... and getting back on schedule with Rainee and school... I failed to put it up... But I do have to say... things are going nicely with my project and the stuff I had to do for CI... way too much fun! I just love the new stuff and if you haven't seen their sneak peeks... you really need to check them out...

So this lo... ever since Rainee realized you can do more with a fireplace than just sit in front of it to get warm... and discovered the joy of making s'mores in it, it has become something we can't seem to get enough of. Whenever it's cold... rainy... or for no reason except to make s'mores, we put a fire on... and this Christmas season was no exception. Once the fire s lit... Rainee's making marshmallows... I often wonder which she enjoys more... the eating... or the making???? She loves them really burnt... nice and black... she won't even eat it if she can't blow it out... just like her mom. When I was a child... I remember whenever we roasted marshmallows, my sister's were always lightly browned... the perfect tint of brown with white peeking through. Then there were mine... well, mine were black... burnt to a crisp... and melting all over the place. Yum!

So, it doesn't surprise me that Rainee loves roasting marshmallows by the fire till they're burnt... and eating s'mores. A seriously yummy treat!!! What cold weather treat, do you seriously go YUM over???

(Materials: Paper: Creative Imaginations, DCWV, Stickers: Creative Imaginations, Journaling Tags: Jillibean Soup, Letter Stickers: Jillibean Soup, Making Memories, Rick Rack: Wrights)

Monday, January 11

Weekly Gratitude...

I came across a nice little blog, which talked about being grateful.... and I thought I'd take a tip from it and do a weekly thing I'm grateful for... and although I may have missed out on starting it the first week of the new year... I'm going to start doing it anyway. Because you can never be too grateful for what we've been given. Besides... it will be interesting to see what happens over the course of a day... a week... a year...

So today... the start of a new week... what I'm most grateful for is... My business project.

I know I've only told you I'm doing something... and I've yet to reveal it... but I want things really underway... along with the website up and running. But for now I'll just say... I'm grateful for the idea, I know God gave it to me... I'm grateful for the opportunity to look ahead and hope I'll be able to work from home with this project... because the most important thing to me... is being home with Rainee... every{day}!!!

What are you grateful for today?

Thursday, January 7

Creative Imaginations...

I wanted to let you know about the sneak peeks for Creative Imaginations... so you could get in on all the fun new stuff! Starting tomorrow you can find them at their CI blog or on their Two Peas blog... and I know after seeing some of the lovelies first hand you won't want to miss them... very very fun!

Also, here is the Creative Imaginations sketch of the month... to see Patty's layout go to the CI blog and check it out and see all the rules... but the best part... one lucky winner will be the guest designer and receive a prize package!!! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!!!

So go check out the sketch and the rules... plus don't forget to go there tomorrow to see what will be new at CHA!!!

Monday, January 4

Design Team & December Daily...

First I want to let you all know how excited I am to announce I'm on the Design Team for WhatIsYourFaveThing. When Julie asked my to be the Guest Designer I was sooooooooooo thrilled.... so to be asked to be on the Design Team is really special.... thank you Julie... I'm really looking forward to it. So on that note, if you haven't gone over there to see what the new challenge is... it's... Your Favorite Layout (Project) from 2009... we'd love to see what you did and what was your fav. I actually had two... I couldn't decide between the Favorite Flower Layout and this one... Unconditional Love... so Rainee choose for me. So go check out what everyone chose as their favorites....

Next.... since I've been pretty much out of it this holiday season when it comes to blogging... commenting and even... scrapbooking... I thought I'd give you a bit of background as to why... My husband was home a lot during the holiday... which made it very hard to get anything done... Steve... although I love him dearly... doesn't like me on the computer... which for me, who loves loves loves anything to do with computers/Internet/photo editing... has been like withdrawals... I could spend hours on it... but my hubby hates it... mostly I think it's because he's not techy.
So I've come to the conclusion, it's a time management thing... I need to figure out, so it doesn't frustrate him and I don't feel like I'm deprived of something I love love love!!! So be patient with me, while I figure it all out....

Anyhoooooooooooow.... Enough about why I haven't been around... here are a few pages from my December Daily... these are memories which were the standouts of our holiday season.

Now, I can't wait to scrap them on 'real' scrap pages... not just for my December Daily... I'm working on more lo's and can't wait to post them... soon.

I also received in the mail some more Creative Imaginations products to do some things for them for CHA... which I'm super excited about... so I'm going to be a busy girl... but I'd rather be busy than bored... I'll post what I do for them once CHA starts, so you can see the fun fun fun new products... yippie!

As always... thanks so much for stopping by... your comments are always soooooo appreciated! Have a lovely day!!!