Wednesday, April 21

Week In The Life...

Wasn't quite sure I was going to do this... I've had so much going on... but thought what better time to document our life... to remember a glimpse of what goes on in our week. So here are few photos of our week so far....

Rainee's really been into pretending to be a lion... and of course you have to have a lion's cave if you're a lion... so we made one our of boxes and furniture in a corner of the room... and she has been enjoying it so much. If she really wants to get cozy, we put some of her animal friends in there and she watches movies with them. She's been trying to get me in there... but it's such a small little cave... I'd take all the space... so I've been sitting on the side looking in. And since she's a lion, she chases her prey (me) all over the house... several times during the day... can I tell you I'm beat from trying not too be eaten. lol!!!

On Monday, Rainee came home with some little birds that were just so cute I had to get asho of her with them. Aren't they just the cutest thing ever... tweet tweet!!!

On Tuesdays, I help in Rainee's class... so I made sure I took plenty of pictures... and this one... I love because she's just coming into class... and she's always so excited when I'm there to share in her day... it's a blessing!

After school I always check my rear view mirror and I get to see this cute little face... so had to get a shot of it. Sooooooo happy it turned out!

And every night before we go to be we always always always read books... we usually read 5-8 books... but we have these little books that the school sends home for her to read... so she now reads to me... all 15 of them and I usually only get in one or two. I've wanted a photo of us reading together... cuz it's our special time together... but unless I put up the tripod, it wasn't going to happen.... but last night my nephew was going past the room so I snagged him to take this photo... it really is one of my favorite times in the day... so happy I was able to get this!!

Anyway... these are just a few moments of our week so far... I'm looking forward to capturing the everyday moments... of our week, so happy I decided to hop on the Week in the Life train!

Have a lovely day... and thanks so much for stopping by!


JustJoan said...

You have a lovely too Michelle and Rainee! Lots of love...J.

Moira said...

Love Your SIS,

Jana said...

Life is the most amazing story and this piece is tender and warm!!!! TFS

sarah said...

boxes for a cave?! that sounds like so much fun! if only i could visit and play along as another lion! :)

i esp love the rearview pic of rainee. how fun would that be to scrap!! can't wait to see that one in a layout! hehe.

i hope this rain goes away soon. it's so cold over here.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

*sigh* these photos make me happy!!! i love love love love the one of U and her....U both are BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

deana said...

Cute photos! Looking forward to seeing your project when it's completed! :-)

Jen said...

These photos are great!