Tuesday, November 2

Weekly Gratitude...

My Birthday. I love my birthday. I'm not one of those women who has a problem with their birthday or age... it's not just another day to me... it's a part of me... it shares history with me. I don't want to deny it... and yes, with every year I may get older... and sometimes the addition of a year can be hard to swallow... because I don't feel my age. But I don't ignore my day... it's mine... it's the day I was brought into this world... it's a part of who I am.

I like my birthday so much we celebrate it for the whole month... yes the whole month. I celebrate with family and friends... it's wonderful!!! I love to reflect back on the past year on what I've accomplished and the joys I've shared. I am grateful for another year of life... to share with those I love. I am grateful.



deana said...

I think the older you get, the longer the celebration should be! Glad you're still enjoying your b.day!

Bekka said...

Happy Birthday week! :)