Sunday, September 19

Weekly Gratitude...

Going to the movies. When I was single I would wait for Fridays and the new releases... I sit and watch several movies back to back without getting the least bit bored. Most people I know love sitting way up high in the theater... but not me... I love sitting in the front of the theater, about six or seven rows back from the front is my ideal location. It's my way to really experience the movie and feel as if I am a part of it. I’m not choosy when it comes to what I watch... action... romance... animation... children's.... I like everything... well, except for horror movies... with so many choices how can I have a favorite genre. When I'm feeling sad or unmotivated... watching a good movie is a surefire way to get me to a good place and full of inspiration.

When Steve and I occasionally have our date nights... my vote is always for a movie... and going to the movies with Rainee is one of my most favorite things to do. I am grateful for the couple of hours which movies do to fill my life.


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