Friday, September 3

Laugh & Play Card...

Yesterday while Rainee was at school and Steve was having lunch with a friend, I decided to do a card with the sketch for GetSketchy. It's not often that I have the house all to myself... and if I do, I'm usually doing housework... but yesterday I took advantage of my little slot of time and deferred anything I had to do for something I wanted to do... a simple card!

Well, this cute simple card sketch... ended up taking up most of my time... nothing was going the way I wanted it to... I wasn't happy with anything I put together... then I tried this one... and finally I liked it! For whatever reason, my quick card turned into an hour of trying this and that... to an end with a happy result.

I don't know what was up with me yesterday... do you think it could have been being home alone with no interruptions which made it difficult on me to get a card done? Or was I in one of those nothing-I-make-is-cute moods? I certainly don't know but whatever the reason... I'm glad at least I got one card done with my time. I could have walked away with nothing... so yeah... it only took me an hour to make a card... ummmm that's pretty sad!!! But at least I like it, right? Oh and if you're wondering about the sentiment... I wanted to use it from the get go... so I guess I did... laugh and play the day away... on a card... lol!

Does this ever happen to you?? Do you ever just can't get something to look the way you want it to??? I hope I'm not the only one... I'd love to know what your last difficult creating moment was... I'd feel much better if I weren't alone!!! I think that's it for today... I hope you have a marvelous weekend doing whatever you have planned and if it's creating a card... good luck!!!


Moira said...

Love your sis,

Ebru - (April) said...

Ohh Michelle, you are most certainly not alone when it comes to a blank moment. I remember quite a few moments where it took me nearly two hours to come up with something and at the end of it I was still not happy. In your case you enjoyed and liked the final out come :o)
By the way your card turned out awesome.


Diana Fisher said...

Love it!!!! :)

sarah said...

this always happens to me! haha. i'm not much of a card maker, so it's hard for me to start with. lol.

...but yes, i have those days. they are so not fun.

however, your card turned out wonderfully!

hope you and the fam have a wonderful long weekend. :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This always happens to me!! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the way you did the flowers!! BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...


just registered and put on my todo list

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read Im trying to find a way to build an e-mail list.

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice card great take of the sketch tfs!!!

Jeanet said...

Love your card!And yes I have that too, sometimes I can't get it done the way I want it, having all the time with nothing coming to mind.

Ayana Posadas said...

Ohh, wow! You made a card! This looks fantastic! I really love your take on the sketch! So pretty. :)

deana said...

Yep, happens all the time!

LOVE how the card turned out, though! So cute & whimsical to use the journaling spots as the flowers! Love it!

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend! :-)

Hanneke said...

Love your card, so cute!! And I know what you mean, the other day i was scrappping the whoke evening and finally made nothing cause I just couldn't out it together how frustrating!!!

Debra said...

Haven't you ever heard the old adage, What you plan to do will take exactly the time you have alotted? If you had 3 things to accomplish in that hour, like as not, you would have found your card design quicker because you had 2 other things to do within that hour. Doesn't always happen that way, but it seems that way, hehe. Love your new blog design!

Debra said...

I usually take exactly the amount of time I have to make a card. If I only have 15 mins I can come up with something and finish in that amount of time. If I have a whole hour, well, I consider too many optiions and it takes me the whole hour even though I could make a quick card and do other things within that hour as well. Go figure!