Saturday, January 3

Taking Our New Year's Photo

This is last year's family photo... but today, we're taking our annual New Year's card picture. For years now, I haven't done a Christmas card... even before I was married... it was just too hard with all the holiday things needing to be done... Christmas cards were the last on the list and it just didn't happen... until after Christmas.

So, I decided, for me, it was easier to do a New Year's card... because all the holiday things are done, I could focus and get out a Happy New Year Card... I would be able to keep in touch with those we love... I could take the whole month to get it out and best of all I didn't feel the Christmas Card guilt... and so it started.

Anyway... we're going to try to get Champ in on it... we'll see how that all works out... I may just have to Photoshop him in... giggle... giggle... but he will be in the picture. My husband hates it when we have to take the annual photo, but once it's done, he's happy we did it.

As for your Christmas cards... did you get them out??? Are you feeling the guilt that goes along with it??? I want to encourage those of you who didn't quite get to the Christmas card... do a Happy New Year card... Who knows it may just become a tradition with you too.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve... and this year is one filled with unexpected blessings, laughter, joy and love.

Happy New Year!

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Jeanette said...

great picture of the family