Monday, January 26

Off to CHA Today!!!

I'm getting ready to go to CHA - I'm very excited and I'll be taking lots of picture! I'm going to see my sister at Creative Imaginations... and meet up with a couple of gals from I can't wait to see what new scrapbook things there will be!

Have a fab day!!!

Paper from: Creative Imaginations Everyday Gourmet Collection


LiveLaughScrap said...

You've, been tagged!! See my blog for instructions.
Oh, have a great time at CHA!!

Anonymous said...

You lucky lady. I think CHA would be a blast. Have a great time.

Karen said...

Oh my are so lucky! Have a great time!

Norine said...

your so lucky hope you have a great time

amandarae said...

You have been tagged... check out my blog. So lucky to be going to CHA... i think i would pass out from the looks of it.HAHA