Saturday, January 24

Doily Heart Envelopes

When Februay 1st rolls around I start putting little love notes around the house or in the car for my daughter and husband. Rainee loves it and my husband thinks it's silly... but I still do it.

But what I like putting these little notes in are something I did as a little girl with my mom... little doily envelopes.

So you can give little love notes in cute doily envelopes during the Valentine season too,
I thought I'd share the instructions with you. I've made 2 .pdf's to download. One is using a 3"x3" heart doily and the other is for 6"x6" heart doily. Just click on the doily size to download. p.s. these can be made with any 3" or 6" doily you'd like, but I really like how the come out with the heart doilies.



Anonymous said...

thanks for the doily envelope instructions... I'll be using them. Way too cute!!! Mommy2LittleBear

Jen said...

You always seem to come up with the best ideas...a lot of them from things you did with your mom. You are so blessed to have that...and to be able to pass it on to Rainee. TFS!

Anonymous said...

These are really cute. Where do you get all the doillies.

Anonymous said...

Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

- Johnson