Wednesday, January 28

CHA and a Tag

First CHA... well it kicked my b_ _ _!!! I saw so many cool things... and some old friends I hadn't seen in years... All in all it was AWESOME!!! I'll show you some of the make & takes I was able to do... and some of the great products once I download them from my camera!!! But I have to say... if you ever have an opportunity to go... take it... it is so worth the sore feet!

Now for the tag... Amandarae
has tagged me - - I'm to show the a picture... in my picture file in the 6th folder and the 6th picture... and tell you about it then pass the tag along... so here goes!!!

This is a picture of my dear sweet Rainee... She's eatting an ice cream bar at my dad's 80th birthday party!!! I love this picture... I love that it's her first ice cream ever and I love her cute (non-traditional Christmas/Birthday dress)... it seems like yesterday... Wow!!!

Now for my 6 tags... okay... so I don't have 6... the best I can do is 4!!! Here they are... jencropable, Lilacs & Lupines, September Tea, BunnyCates,


amandarae said...

OMG thats adorable... i love them when they are that age. So tiny but showing their own personality!! Can't wait to see picture of CHA, and i am sure it will be in you 365!

Karen said...

Hey......ok, how funny is that...your 6th is of Rainee eating and my 6th picture is of me eating! I think she's much cuter though!
Karen ; )