Saturday, January 10

Kreativ Blogger Award

Last night just as I was about to go to go to bed and shut down the computer for the night, I checked my blog one more time.... and was surprised when, Amanda from One Scrappy Blog was kind enough to give me with a Kreativ Blogger Award. With all the wonderful blogs out there it means a lot that she would recognize mine. Thank you Amanda!!! It makes me feel a bit guilty, because I haven't finished the next YouTube video and have been neglectful of changing my blog from Christmas... but this is a sign it's time to spend more time finishing a few projects!

Now... I guess I'm supposed to pick 7 Blogs which I think deserve this award, and like Amanda, I too follow a lot of "celebrity"
scrapbooker blogs and because they already get recognition... they won't be on my list. I don't have 7 but these are the blog picks I'd like to recognize... some have been around for awhile and some are fairly new... - Jen is an all around wonderful scrapper... she does traditional, digi, hybrid and is a fabulous photographer... Everything she does is wonderful! - Karen... her Random Acts of Kindness inspire me... she's been such an encouragement to me and hear work is just fab!!! - I'm love her drawings, they encourages me to start drawing again... they are so fun! Plus she's from Poland - and I'm Polish... so of course I had do add her to me list!
- Amanda Rae's blog is fairly new... but I love going to see what new things she's created! She has done some great things, so keep up the good work! - Joan, a friend I've known since 5th grade... her blog is also somewhat new... but she does card, makes quilts and does fun collages... and she takes amazing photos of the world around her. I always look forward to seeing what's new with Joan.

I would like to also encourage you to check out - (she's not on my list because she gave me the award) but you have to check out her work... I just love her style, her everyday photos and how she voices her opinion. She has fun pages, cards and crafts! Well, that's it for me... thanks again Amanda for the encouragement and the award!


Joyce said...

CoNGRaTUaLaTioNS MiCHeLLe! I cannot think of anyone who deserves this award more than you!

Ayesha said...

Congratulations honey..... i will honestly sayi adore your blog and think you deserve the award 100 percent go you xxx

Tasha said...

Congratulations on your award! You deserve it and I can't wait for the next video!

Norine said...

Congrats you deserve an award

amandarae said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. You totally deserve the award! I look to your blog for inspiration... i will be trying the custom page protectors soon! And about the boyfriend book... hope fully it will never be done... *wink* but i will show the progress!

rebeccathoeni said...

I really like the layouts that you make. They inspire me to try something new.