Friday, January 9

365 Kit - Couple of Tips - -

Answers to a question I've been asked plus a suggestion from the Gingerbread Girl.
Q: Do you cut through both layers?
A: I actually have 2 answers -
Both versions work, so it's up to you!
First way:
• Mark your lines
• Sew the lines
• Cut through both layers for your slits

Second way:

• Mark your lines
• Put a cutting matt inside the page protector
(as if I was putting a scrap page inside the protector)

• Cut your slits
• Sew the lines

SUSGGESTION: It can be a bit hard to see the score lines when you're sewing, so the Gingerbread Girl suggests putting masking tape/blue painters tape down as a guide... I tried this and I REALLY like it! My lines are much better and I can see where I'm going... because me and my eyes they need all the help they can get. THANKS GINGERBREAD GIRL!!!

I hope these little tips will help you, if you have any questions or tips you're doing - - please let me know - I'd love to hear about them and share them!!!

P.S. My friend Jen has her first week up on her blog also, so you might just want to see what she did with this 365 day project!!


Jen said...

Great ideas! I added them to my post today! ;D

Anonymous said...

I awarded you a blog award on my blog today. Love you videos and your layouts are great.

Billie said...

THANK YOU for the suggestions on the custom page protectors. I spent a while this afternoon stitching and then trying to cut slits in one layer only and felt it was a little messy. Just came to the computer to look and see if I could purchase any "ready made" divided protectors -- not 4x6 slots though, like the ones in kits. Saw your suggestions and am now going to go and try this out. Thanks again. I'll be back later to check out everything else here.