Monday, January 12

Another 365 Kit Tip -

My friend Joyce (the gingerbread girl) also reminded me that there are ready made sheet protectors with 6 (4"x6") slots by We R Memory Keepers. With them all you'd have to do is sew the bottom row to make the 3"x4" slits. A bit easier and much faster. So if you're interested in them does carry them.

I've been a bit busy today, so I haven't done my next set of pages, but I'm going to work on them tonight along with some other things... changing my blog design, finishing a LO I started this morning... but when it's done I'll let you know!


Jen said...

You stole one of my ideas I was gonna post...he he! You beat me. Guess I'll have to come up with another post. Great minds think alike! ;D

Ayesha said...

lol at the first comment.... im going to attempt the 365 kit have been taking a few pics but still not too sure just yet i was thinking for the first few days im gonnajournal and use newspaper cuttings hehe

carolina said...

hi :)
my name is Carolina and I've only just started scrapbooking. I discovered it a few weeks ago and first was a little shy to do it but really excited especially after watching some videos of it at youtube. and a few days ago I found your videos and they are so incredible!! my adventure with scrapbooking is just starting but you give me so many ideas motivation and!!! i just have to tell you your daughter is so adorable:))) i teach english in a nursary here in poland so I'm cazy about children! well again..thanks for sharing..i'm gonna visit you and your little helper very often :)