Sunday, January 25

Lunch Bunch Gals

The Lunch Bunch Gals... from high school!!! I'm not going to tell you when we graduated from High School, but it's been awhile. This weekend a few of us gals were able to get together!!!! My friend Joan @ SeptemberTea (aka Joan of Cards) set the whole get together up!!! Not everyone was able to make it... but those that did... made for a very lovely time!!! It was great catching up on our lives. We all looked the same... a bit older... but we're all still the same gals!!!

Rainee came along, because my dh had to work... Since I'd waited get married and have a family, it meant the world to me for them to meet her!!! And Rainee was a real trooper!! I was so proud of her!!!

Anyway, that's what I did, this weekend... it was a time for going down memory lane, catching up and renewing old friendships... it made for a very lovely weekend!!


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Hi Michelle,
Pam Knecht here. I linked over from Joan's blog. Sounds like you gals had a great time at lunch. The picture is so fun! I hope to join you all sometime when I am in OC. I am in touch with Terry Binley from GGHS and he mentioned you in an email to me, I will forward it to you.
Bye for now!