Saturday, January 17

365 Day Project - Jan. 5-11

If I thought last was busy, this week has been crazy. My sister and her family have been in town, and almost every day has been filled. I've also been working on my pages/project for the CropAddict DT.

I've finally finished the CropAddict Feb Kit stuff (I'll be showing those to you February 1st). I also finished the week of January 5-11. It too was a busy week. I hadn't realized how much stuff we do until I started doing this project. I didn't get a picture for Wednesday... but I did have a story for the day.

So, if you forget to take a picture, like me - I'm sure there is something special happened you could journal about on your page. For me, I don't thini this will be the first time Iwon't have a photo... It may not be perfect, but I'll be very happy if I can keep this up even if I do miss a photo now & again and just have a journaling spot.

I hope you're getting your pages done. I'm going to be doing some scrapping today... Christmas!! But they have to get done... I'll show them to you, even if the season is passed. I love hearing from you and seeing what you've been up with. I love hearing about your experiences, your tips & tricks, so please email me or leave a comment.

TTFN. Have a great weekend.


Jen said...

Nice always. Now I know why you have been MIA! ;D Missed you this week!

Tasha said...

Great work! You are doing so much better than I ever would with 365!

Norine said...

you are getting alot done with the 365 and what great LO's