Monday, August 30

Weekly Gratitude...

Flylady. Ever since I was kid doing house work... it was always done on Saturday... ALL DAY SATURDAY... which didn't leave much time for anything fun. As a kid... that was awful... as an adult... I don't know why but I kept up the same routine.... but still hated it. When I got married and had Rainee... and working full time... it seemed the only time to do it, but now being home.... I have gotten out of the all-day-Saturday-cleaning-habit. But along with getting out of the habit I knew I needed some kind of routine... but I hadn't found anything that clicked with me... until several weeks ago when I stumbled across Flylady and it's been fun reading and learning how to make the most of my household chores and my time.

When I first read it I thought... cute... it's all about baby steps... but, then decided to try it. The first thing she has you do is to keep your kitchen sink shining.... it was so simple... I had to try it. Then you add things... it's really been interesting and fun. I haven't ever really enjoyed housework... but I do have to say... she has made me think of things in a different way and at the end of the week when Saturday comes around... I'm not cleaning... because everything is already done.

It's changed my way of doing things and changed the way I look my household tasks. I've wanted my housecleaning routine to be something easy, I wanted to feel good about it and I didn't want it to take up my whole Saturday to do it.... So, I am so grateful I stumbled across Flylady.... I'm grateful for her FLYing Lessons that have given me baby steps to help me with my routine... and helped me with putting my home in order. I'm grateful for the simplicity and balance it's put in my household routine. I love getting my FLYing lessons and I love FlyLady!!! I am so grateful.

So, out of curiosity, where are you with housecleaning? Do you follow a routine? Has Flylady help you??? Or are you still trying to find a good routine???


Moira said...

I was introduced to flylady a few years back by my friend Tiffany. I used it for a while when the kids where young, and didn't have much time. Now that the kids are older they help with chores. Our routine is, EVERYBODY does their part daily, then on Fridays we do a Deep clean! I am so glad that it is working well for you!!!!

vickisscraproom said...

Flylady has been mine and my cousin's friend for YEARS! We both are very good cleaners and love to clean. Weird huh? lol But one year my Pastor's wife told me how she told young wives about Flylady. I looked at it and she has been my friend since! My house never looks out of control or messy! The habits I've created have even rubbed off on hubby and last daughter at home and now my beautiful sweet granddaughter!
Vicki in Portland

Hanneke said...

Never heard of flylady!! I checked the site and I love it!!! I do have daily routine but sometimes I feel that i am cleaning ALL OF THE TIME, so some advice is always welcome!! Thanks for sharing Michelle!!

Jeanet said...

Have to check that site, can use
a bit of easy cleaning ;)
Though I never clean much on saturdays, hate that cause it's weekend and I wanna relax and do fun things.
Check right now ;)

Jana said...

I have to check this thing!!!! TFS soooo much!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

soooooooooooo cool!!! Will be checking this out!! TFS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Bekka said...

I love this! Especially now that I need to start establishing some good routines that will save me some time and set a good example for the kid. Thanks for this!