Monday, May 11

An Unexpected Mother's Day!

So.... tell me, tell me... How was your Mother’s Day??? Mine was… not what I expected. I was sooooo looking forward to it... Rainee even said when she got up "It wasn't just Mother's Day, it was also Rainee-Bear's day too"... which really made me smile..

Anyway the day started out great... then about an hour in to the morning... took a turn when Rainee decided she wanted to wear the same outfit as me.. which I of course didn't have anything close for her... so I put on matching necklaces... but she broke it before we got out the door and she started crying... So, I got some hair stars for us to wear... we would be daddy's stars today... then she started crying over the outfit again... She cried in the car... at the restaurant... she cried... we had a private talk in the Ladies Room... and thinking it was all better... she cried on the little train ride... she cried in the car on the way home... by now, Steve was starting to lose it... she cried because Champy-Boy wouldn't play with her.... she cried because I wouldn't let her go in the pool after she told me her ear was slightly hurting... That's when Steve just picked her up and put her to bed for a nap... which when she got guessed it... she cried...

Today... today, the first thing Rainee said to me as she's giving me a huge hug... 'Mommy can we have a do-over and pretend today is Mother's Day, because yesterday wasn't all that great, was it Mommy???'

So, even after all the tears her little heart gave into yesterday... she still wanted to make it up to 'US'... and have a good Mother's Day... and today was fabulous... lots of laughter and lots of hugs & kisses too!!!

Mother's Day wasn't what I expected, but then whatever is??? But I know I'm blessed to have a little one who can see it was a bad day and wanted to do a do-over.... Too sweet! What about your day, was it what you expected?? Better or Worse?


Jill W. said...

Imagine the blessing that allows a mother and child to experience a "do over" when things go bad. How wonderful is our world?
Much love,

KarenK said...

OH, I love the do-over idea. So cute.

Yesterday, my DS (4 years old) wanted a cup to put in 2 ladybugs he got from the backyard - for Mommy's Day. I said they were going to crawl out, he said, "...they're dead, Mommy." My DH confirmed they were out back and found them and sure enough, turned them over and they were dead. :(.

My DS then says, "Take them to the Ladybug Hospital, Mom. They'll feel better. Promise!"

Jana said...

Well Michelle you really felt that you ARE a mom that crying day. And you tell us that we have manny mother's day. all those day when you think late at night in bed: " Well, this was a really a beatiful day to remember!" It doesn't matter where or when we can enjoy our treasures but we are always mom. I think that when a woman delivers the midwife should say when gives you the baby: "In better and worse..." Because we are always moms! And your Rainee is a sweet girl and she remembered how lucky girl she is!
I wish you 365 mothers days!!!

Cerise Welter said...

It's great to have a child as young as Rainee who is sensitive enough to know that the day was a washout. Clearly something was messing with her on Sunday. The babes are the first to be aware of the really dark things out there and we adults are so desensitized we miss it when they are experiencing sensory overload. So glad you both got to do the day over and replace bad memories with good.


JustJoan said...

Sweet Rainee! I'm so glad you are writing all of this down AND sharing it with us. Love, Joan

Anonymous said...

My day was similar my son was really testing my limits. Which were wider than normal cause who wants to be the bad mom on Mother's Day. We pulled threw though and had a great day.

one gal's trash said...

You're a good Mama. Rainee sounds like such a yummy girl! Hope your trip was wonderful and that your visit with your dad was a good one. I either never knew or (more likely) didn't remember that you grew up on a farm!
Your Paris themed gift is coming soon!