Friday, May 1

Mother's Day Shoe...

I recently saw this cute shoe in CK's magazine. And I went on the prowl trying to find it.. I looked high and low, but wouldn't you know it... CK had it as a download. Silly me! Anyway... I made this for my Mother-in-Law to put her little gift in. I just love how it turned out!!! I'm also going to take it to my scrap night next week I know a couple of friends who go crazy over it!!! If you want to make one for youself (or mom)... click here to go to CK magazine to download!

I do have one comment/helpful hint if you do this: On the back shoe seam, don't put them together like you would if you were sewing them together... it shows on the inside of the shoe and is a bit bulky. Instead: glue the fold flat up against each other for a really nice looking back seam.


Anonymous said...

Really cute , but the link dosen't work.

Jana said...

This is SOOO NICE, I have to surprise someone with this cutie idea. Thank you so much for sharing!