Friday, May 1

Blog Candy!!!

Well, I finally found my stash of blog candy in amongst all those boxes I had to unpack... So, here it is...

It's a Memory To Go... it has velcro pockets, side pocket for pictures & a great cutting matt - PLUS -
I'm going to put some goodies in pockets for the winner...

I love this... I take it with me when we go on vacation... while driving I can make a card or put some finishing touches on scrap page. It's the best!

So remember... to enter, do at least one of the 4 challenges to get your name in the bucket... the more challenges you do, the more chances you have to win. So it's not too late, if you haven't done any yet, you still have an opportunity... I'm picking the winner on Monday, May 11th.

Challenge #1 - "Scrap A Daily Routine"
Challenge #2 - "Little EGGS-perts"
Challenge #3 - "A Pocket Full Of Posies"
Challenge #4 - "Puddles & Rainbows"

1 comment:

Lenas kort said...

I am always up for a Challenge :-)
I pict nr.4 :Puddles & Rainbows.
I grabd the most colorful things arund me,and made this rainbow lo in a frame :-)