Sunday, November 2

Fall/Thanksgiving Cards, Etc.....

So.... I'm having an interesting time trying to get anything done... My husband's work hours have been cut, so he's home more and it's hard doing literally anything when he's around... I've been struggling with finding time to do any scrappy things! Rainee is outside with Champ... and she wants me there... so between, Steve, Rainee, Champ - and the normal household stuff and cooking... I haven't had much time... I really need to figure out how to manage things better... I did decided to get up as if 'I was going to work'... and continue with my early mornings so I will be able to get to my scrapping, emails, blog... and such done!

So since that decision, I managed to do a couple cards... Thanksgiving/Fall... and I'm working on the next video and should be out soon... although I do have a bit more time, I still need to figure out the whole time thing and really get a schedule down, so I don't feel like I've wasted a whole day!

Have a wonderful day!
I know I will.... it's my birthday! Don't know what the plan is for the day, except Steve going to work... but then the whole month of November is mine, and he has plenty of time to do things... I know that sounds funny, but I really do celebrate the whole month... between getting together with family and friends it generally does last the whole month... so with Steve... I've started it with him from the get go letting him know the whole month of November is MINE!!! And would you believe... he does it... whoo hooo!!! November is mine.... Happy Birthday to me!


Jen said...

Very nice cards! I love the colors for this time of year...oranges and rich and yummy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday!

Great cards :)

KarenK said...

Happy Birth-month! lol
Cute cards, too!!

Laurie U. (byhismercyandgrace) said...

Happy birthday and blessing for many more to come!
ENJOY your month!! :0)

Beautiful cards! Love the colors.
Thanks for the inspiration!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday!!

debra said...

Love the colors you chose. Really enjoy your videos also. Hellow Rainee!!