Wednesday, November 19

Christmas Toy Catalog or Dooney and Burke

I don't know about you, but we've been getting the Christmas toy catalogs in the mail almost everyday... and Rainee is having blast with them!! She can sit for hours looking at all the toys, and telling me what to to put on her Santa list.

Watching her reminded me of when I was a kid, and the Sears Christmas Catalog would come in the mail - my siblings and I would goggle over it for days and weeks before Christmas... it's a memory I'd forgotten, but one so vivid. So when I saw Rainee doing the exact same thing... I started thinking...

Even as an adult I indulge in a few catalogs - just yesterday I was treating myself to the possibility of a new Dooney & Burke Handbag... not that it will happen, but just reveling the possibility... then practicality set in... but it still put that same smile on my face, just like the toy catalog did for Rainee.

Isn't it delightful, how something can trigger a sweet memory of your childhood and make you smile. Isn't it amazing that through the generations, we all do the same thing... the catalogs may have changed along with the toys, but we all indulge in the same things... the sweet, simple joys of wishing...

What are you wishing for this Christmas - even it the possibility is unlikely... what is your wish?


Jen said...

I had forgotten that...I don't often pour over catalogs much...when money is tight I don't dream. But I do remember doing that as a kid. And my kids do it. ;D What I would love to have is a scrapbooking room like this:
and I'd love to have an Epson Stylus Photo 1900 printer...if money were no object...;D

Lizard said...

What 2 say. Yeah now as an adult love to browse thru those catalog's & dream on. Yet as a child don't ever remeber seeing one. Mayb cuz i was 1 of 7 & parents tossed them away b4 we could c them. Well seeing the joy on Rainee's face saturday was pure heaven. Had so much fun! Thanks 4 hospitality. Can't wait till nxt yr. Happy Thanksgiving, gobble gooble. Lizard

Karen said...

This post brought such a smile to my face! I was just thinking that same things as a Walmart and Target toy catalog arrived and my 7 y.o. son sat silently for at least an hour devouring every morsel of the book. And I thought, I did the same thing and I even cut out the items I wanted and glued them on pieces of paper and stapled into a book. I guess that was my first hint I might be a scrapbooker/paper crafter later in life! LOL!

My are a women of my own taste....I have been eyeballing a new Cole Haan purse for months!

Happy Holidays!!

Ayelet said...

I only started celebrating xmas eight years ego, The same year I mooved to england.
I was brought up in israel, and as a good jewish girl, we only celebrated the jewish holidays.
Comming here, and sharing my life with my husband, meant that we celebrate both holidays, as he isnt jewish. and now that we have a little princes of our own, its wonderfull celebrating both holidays :-)
I have said this befor, i think rainee is sweet and beautiful.
I realy enjoy watching your everydayscrapbboking clips!
enjoy your xmas :-)

Anonymous said...

My wish is just for my family to be happy and healthy.