Monday, November 10

EverydayGive-Away For Pumpkin Patch Video!!

I was on the hunt for some fun holiday give-aways... and I'm so excited about what I found. I actually had to buy myself some of everything!! I hope you like it as much as I do... and remember I always add something special in the give-away box... ya just never know what you'll get!

• Colorbok Holiday Paper Pack
(8-Patterned Paper, 36 Stickers, 18 Cardstock
Punchouts, 26 Red Chipboard Letters,
2 Layered Stickers)
• Recollections Santa Sticker
• Making Memories Red Glitter
Chipboard Letters
• Me & My Big Ideas Snowflakes
• Design Original Postage Stamp Letter Stickers
• Snowflake - Wood Mounted Stamp
PLUS Holiday Surprises

Good Luck! Have a fabulous day!!!

P.S. There will only be one more EverydayGive-Away for 2008, then we're going to start fresh with the new year... more videos, some classes, challenges, new ideas and of course EverydayGive-Aways!


Karen said...

Great to see you back!

Anonymous said...

This video was great..your daughter is such a doll!

Daniela/Neliz said...

Wow, thats a lot of goodies! :)

Cant find the video alanajm1 s talking about tho :/

Hugs! Super fun that youre back here again!

Hugs, Daniela/Neliz (

Legojenta said...

I was so HAPPY ( =) )to see a video from you again. thank you so much for providing us wievers with ideas and such wonderful giveaways =)

Anonymous said...

besides your great talent and tips, I love watching your daughter and you interact. thanking you for sharing such loving moments. linda aka oz

Erin said...

Im glad to see your back. My son who is two loves watching your little

Nancy said...

That video made me "happy"! Thanks for the chance to win that great giveaway!!

byHismercyandgrace said...

It is so nice to see a new video from you two!
I loved it!
Great layout - HAPPY faces... what more can we want?!
Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance at the AWESOME holiday Everyday Give-away!!

Laurie U.

Deb said...

Your videos are great. Your daughter always makes me smile.

okraerae said...

I have leaned so much from watching your video's. You have such a great imagination.

Anonymous said...

Well as alway a pleasure 2 c your videos. Rainee is such a happy lil girl & makes your videos so much fun 2 watch. Loved the way you did the spider's and pumpkins. I did a Thank you card w/the pumpkins & person loved it. Thanks for all you expertise. Lots of Love, Lizard

Anonymous said...

Awesome as usual! I love the fall colors & all your ideas. Rainee is such a doll! MKK

Lenas kort said...

Love the video :-)

Caitlin said...

Oh so Cute!!! I am still using up the stuff that I won from one of the giveaways.... You give so much... Happy Thanksgiving:)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and sweet gift to give away. Hope your week is wonderful.


amandarae said...

Can i just say that not only do i enjoy coming to your blog, watching videos and seeing your new creations.... but we have the same taste in music. i don't want to click on another link b/c then i won't get to hear the song!

Pattie said...

Watching you two have such a good time made me very "HAPPY". It's always great to see new video's of you two and your tremendous talent that you share with us.
The giveaway is wonderful!!! Thanks for allowing me to enter!!!

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Too cool for words! You are so generous and love, love, love your videos! Happy Christmas!!! ~Cheri

Anonymous said...

When my son was little he had a monkey with a banana that could be put in his mouth and he had hours and hours of fun with it. Reading your blog reminds me of the good times when my children were young..