Saturday, July 11

What's New???

It's been a few days since I've blogged... I've had a lot going on here... and have only had a few moments here and there so I've been Twitter-ing!

ANYWAY.... I have lots of news news news - a new card - and something new to Rainee, but very old...

My uncle Milo was diagnosed with prostrate cancer last weekend and passed away yesterday. It all happened so quickly, it's had me in a bit of a tailspin. My uncle Milo was married to my aunt Alice (my father's sister) and just celebrated his 75th birthday last month. The last time I saw him was at the family reunion in 2006. Both, he and my aunt were just glowing with happiness... I'd never seen them sooooo happy. He will be missed.

More News: My cousin, Ronnie, who we just saw on our trip to South Dakota is is the hospital... and they are doing lots of tests on him to find out what is going on with him...Rainee is particularly sad about him, because they had such a great time together when we were there... in the middle of doing (whatever it is she's doing) during the day, she stops and says we need to pray for cousin Ronnie... and we do... Praying he will be okay!!!

CHA News: I'm not going to CHA this time... too far... boo hoo!!! But, I'm very excited... because I've been asked to do 3 layouts and a project for Creative Imaginations with some of their new products!!! How cool is that!!! And can I just say, I'm loving the sneak peek! I'll post those lo's after CHA, so you can see the products and what I did. Right now I have 1 layout and the project done... but I still have 2 more layouts to do... so that's what I'll be working right on! Very fun!

Etsy News: I signed up today... to have a little shop on Etsy. I still have to get the photos together, but I will be selling some things there soon. VERY excited about that!!! I'll post the link when I've got things up... but for now, just excited to get it started!!!

My New Card: I found this stamp (k&co) at Michael's (on sale), the little bird was too cute... I just had to make a card as soon as I got home... A Tweet Cherry Note!
(Materials: Paper: DCWV, Three Bugs In A Rug, JilliBean Soup, My Little Yellow Bicycle, Rub-on: Creative Imaginations, Stamp: K&Co, Punch: Fiskars, Ink: StazOn)

Something New For Rainee (but very old): When I was child (and even now)... I've always enjoyed making gifts for others... so, now after many, many, many years... my friend Joan (September Tea) has sent Rainee, this stuffed aardvark I made for her... about 32 years ago. He lost his glasses, but otherwise he's like new and he's so cute! He traveled with her wherever she moved and now he has a new home with Rainee... as Joan said... to enjoy for his next 32+ years! Thank you Joan!!!

Rainee is always so excited to get something in the mail... but today... today, she got a package!!! Arnie the aardvark, you should have seen her when she found out the package was for her... and then once it was opened... she just couldn't stop giving him hugs... and she found him a place to sit... now you know he must be special, because she put him right next to her Jonas Brothers (Camp Rock) pillow!!! Too too cute!!! Thanks again Joan... it really made her day!!!


TiaKeas said...

Arnie the aardvark is so sweet! I saved some of my things to give my children and I saved some of their things for them to keep to pass on to their children. It is fun to think about adults being little like you and how they played with the same toy. Take very good care of Arnie the aardvark, Rainee so that your children can enjoy him too.
Hugs and kisses for Rainee!!

Jill W. said...

Rainee, what a beautiful gift that your mothers friend has entrusted with you, she has spent most of her life taking care of Arnie, she must love you alot to let you take over that job!
Michelle, how sweet it is that your friend Joan still had Arnie to pass on to Rainee, you are truly blessed to have someone with that big of a heart in your life.
Can't wait to see what you create with the sneak peak.
Happy Crafting...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle and cousin. Praying always helps. Even if it's just cause it makes us feel better. Arnie the aardvark is adorable. Luck you Rainee. You must be sooo special.

Cerise Welter said...


Sorry to hear about your uncle. My uncle passed away quietly this week. He was 83 and just feel asleep and never woke. It's tough when they go fast, but also a blessing. Prostate cancer is hard, my great uncle withered away to nothing with it.

Will be praying for your cousin.

Loved the aardvark story. Made me weepy. Love those heart touching stories. I'm saving several dolls for the children of a friend. When they get older I'll have them to pass them on to their children.

I get to be the keeper of the treasures and they don't even know it. Too fun.

Hugs for the week.

Karen said...

Michelle...So sorry to hear of your Uncle's passing. It sounds as though he had a wonderful life here until the Lord called him home. Blessings to you and your entire family. I will keep you all in my prayers and in particular your cousin and for a speedy recovery.