Tuesday, July 7


Rainee is so cute... all her little phrases have a way of making me smile and completely cracking me up... till I'm rolling on the floor!!! I just have to share a few with you because they were just too adorable... today's favorites:

• Soup's on... BHAY-BE!

• If you copy everything I do mommy, you'll become a kid just like me... try this... to which she proceeds to do a little dance and shakes her behind! Mommy, now you try!

• Do we need to talk about this... AGAIN?

• How come daddy always has money, and you don't?

• This is seriously refreshing! AHHHHHHHHH!


Jana said...

She is so cute and from what I read also very smart. Well, it's nice when your day is filled with fun and love!

Lizard said...

Yeah! Rainee knows the truth w/out having 2 b told. Well she is a big girl & quite a smart one at that. But then c who her mommy is also a very intelligent woman. Thx 4 sharing all ur thoughts and fun that u have w/ur daughter. This is what will keep u young at heart. So keep dancing and Rainee keep mommy smiling and laughing it's good 4 both of ur health. Lots of Love, Lizzy :-)

JustJoan said...

SHE IS SO CUTE!!! Let's all be kids again. :-) Joan