Wednesday, July 1

Disco Glitter Technique

I really like the look of glitter, but I REALLY don't like it getting everywhere... so I did a little playing around with it this weekend and came up with this for my Disco Baby layout, because I wanted the circle (for the O) to look like a mirrored dance ball. And here's what I came up with!!!

First best results, make sure all your chipboard images are the same color.... I covered mine with a black marker.

1. Using clear embossing ink, ink your chipboard.
2. Put your embossing powder over the ink.

3. Heat it, until all the embossing powder is melted.
4. When it's cooled, reink your chipboard with clear embossing powder.

5. Pour your glitter over the inked images.
6. Reheat your chipboard.

What happens is embossing powder is reheated, and the coat of clear ink and glitter fuse themselves together with the embossing powder. I was surprised at how much less my glitter mess was! YEAH!! Which is
great if you're like me and don't want glitter EVERYWHERE... but still want to use it...

Now, I used silver embossing powder, but you can do this with ANY color embossing powder and glitter. Have some fun with your glitter!! Let me know what you think!


Lizard said...

Wow what a touch of class, love the way the heating gun can do so much. Loved the page w/all the differant color of papers and the touch of disco that you added. Well I just can't stop looking and learning from all you list on your blog and on the you tube site as well. Thx, wishing you and Rainee a safe Happy 4th of July. Again had lots of fun at our monthly scrap book day. Blessing, Lizzy or Lizard :-)

TiaKeas said...

I love to have the glitter too,I glittered some cards and I am still finding glitter all over the place.
Now I am going to use this new way, Thank-you for teaching us all the new ways to do things.
All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

I too love glitter and hate the mess. Stickles helps a little there. Love this technique. I did something similar on my blog this week. Love the layout. Beautiful colors and great title.

Stamping at tiffanys' said...

very cute!!!

Jana said...

WOW!!!! This is great and the look is so sophisticated and funny at the same time. This is a great invention! Thank you!!!!!

Moi said...

My Prayer is that EVERYDAY of your life will be filled with LOVE everlasting!! I love you and miss you, and wish I could be there with you! Have the most outrageous Birthday!!!