Sunday, April 5

Still Packing!

I think today I've pretty much finished with as much packing as I can do for now. We're going to be signing the final paperwork early this week... yeah!!! So by the end of the week the new house should be ours.

We've decided to move one room at a time... since the new place isn't too far from where we are now... and with escrow closing before the old house does... so, I get to take my time a bit with this move. I can unpack and have empty boxes for all those last minute things... can I say I'm really tired of boxes everywhere... I just can't wait until this is a done deal and we're settled!

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Karen said...

Oh, how exciting! You'll have to take some pictures and share your new little piece of the Earth! We did the same thing once when we moved from one house to another in does make it seem a smidge more relaxed! : )