Monday, April 13

EverydayScrapbook Challenge #2 + Blog Candy

Now that Easter has come and gone, I'm sure you had at least one little "EGGS-pert" in your house, coloring eggs or hunting for them... your challenge this week is to use this page layout with photos of those beautiful colored eggs and their eggs-pert.

Recap of how this goes... For the month of April, I'll post a new challenge each week. When you've finished your layouts, upload your it to your blog or gallery, then come back here and leave me a link to your creation. Then for every challenge you do, I'll put your name in the bucket for a chance to win this month's Everyday Blog Candy. You have all month to work on the layouts... and in May I'll pick a winner. I can't wait to see what you come up with... :D (Blog Candy is yet to be determined - I need to find my stash - it's in one of those boxes to be unpacked!!!)

This week's challenge is...
"Little EGGS-perts" -


Karen said...

oh, this looks like fun! Now, one I have to use Easter photos AND the layout or I just need to use that layout? Looks like fun!

Tere said...

another question here; can we still post a layout from last week's challenge?

Jana said...

Here I am!!! I'm having so much fun doing this....Thank you!! Here is my this week layout:


Cerise Welter said...

I have accepted challenge number 2. My blog is at:

I have taken a slightly different slant on the whole Easter theme. Hope this is ok.


Cerise Welter said...

Looks like I boo-booed after all. I didn't use your layout. Oops. Well enjoy my Easter Egg Chicken layout anyway.


Jen said...

Okie dokie layout entry for this challenge is here:
Thanks for the challenge!

Cerise Welter said...

Here is my entry for this contest. My layout is more like your example. Thanks for offering all this fun WHILE you're moving in.


Karen said...

Hey Michelle!! Hope this is finding you in your new home and somewhat settled! I {{loved}} much fun!
Here's mine: