Monday, April 6

EverydayScrapbook Challenge #1

It's a bit hard trying to do a video with packing and the move coming up any day now... so this month I thought I'd do some challenges to see what you come up with. Here's how it will go... Each week I'll post a new challenge, when you've finished your layout, upload your it to your blog or gallery, then come back here and leave me a link to your creation. Then for every challenge you do, I'll put your name in the bucket for a chance to win this month's Everyday Blog Candy. (which is yet to be determined - I need to find my stash - it's in one of those boxes to be unpacked!!!)

I hope you join in... This week's challenge is...

Scrap A Daily Routine -

We all have things we do on a regular basis, even things we don't realize we do daily. It can be you putting on your make-up - to - the every 2-hour feedings - to - something your child does in their daily routine...anything! What is the one thing you haven't really noticed you (or your child) doing every day and has now become a routine.

Mine: Every morning, no matter what time Rainee gets up, she comes downstairs... and the first thing she wants to do, is go give Champ a good morning hug... and he in return, he gives her his good morning licks and kisses. It's adorable. I love seeing her get all excited when he gives her those kisses.... it's our latest good morning routine, and I wouldn't miss it for anything. What's yours?

I can't wait to see what you come up with... :D

Materials: Paper: Dream Steet, Three Bugs In A Rug,
Stickers: Creative Imaginations, Lil' Davis Designs, Calendar Pages: free from the mail, Tags: Colorbok, Brads: Creative Imaginations


Jana said...

I did it!!! Here is my link: Thank you for this gave me some more energy and feeling for making my layouts!!!! And lots of joy with the new home!!!

Cerise Welter said...

Ok, I did it too. I'm amazed I finished it with as little sleep as I've gotten in the past two weeks. My little Pal needs to find a formula he can stomach. Please be in prayer for him. He's so sweet and I want him to live and be a strong goat.

Here's my little scrapbook about "My Day".