Monday, May 10

Weekly Gratitude...

Being a mom. Rainee is the best child a mother could ask for... She's so loving. She so easily gives love... just because. She can come into a room just to give me a hug... or say 'Mommy, I love you!' a hundred times during the day... or say "I'm so lucky, you're the best mommy ever!" When the reality is... I am the lucky one.... I'm the one who is blessed to be the mother to this incredibly delightful little girl.

Seeing the small and the big beautiful thing which happen every single day in my life as her mommy... are the things I love. I thought I'd share few of the little things which brought a smile this last week... eating frozen blueberries by the handful, then laughing at our blueberry stained hands and lips... blowing bubbles and watching Rainee & Champy-boy chase them... making chocolate chip pancakes for dinner... getting completely dirty while planting carrots in the backyard... watching the 3 Ninja movies over and over again... playing hide and seek in the house.... building Lego firetrucks... enjoying bubble racing in the tub... listening to Rainee read her little books... all these little things brighten my day... make me laugh... and show me how really lucky I am to be her mom.

I think it's important to see the sliver lining in a day, because so much of a day can be over run with the things 'I need to do'.... that I can easily miss the beauty of my child's life... or the joy I receive from of being a mom. I know if I want the enduring satisfaction of being a mom, I need to lookout for those small miracles every day. I'm grateful for the little miracles that come in all different shapes and sizes... and I know the time to enjoy them... is now. Being a mother is by far the greatest joy in my life I am grateful for. I'm grateful to be the mother to this lovely little girl... who calls me mommy. I'm so blessed to share her life.

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Jana said...

I think you are both lucky to have each other and you certantly share the greatest treasure!!!