Tuesday, March 31

Beautiful Smile, Lovely Day!

Becky Fleck Sketch from PageMaps did a sketch for Crop Addict which I really liked and thought I'd use these photos for it. I did it a bit different than the actual sketch, but that's okay... scrapbooking doesn't have any real rules.

These are some photos from last summer at the 'Sawdust Art Festival' in Laguna Beach... Laguna Beach is known for it and the artist who live there. I love these photos, because it doesn't matter where we are, what we're doing or what kind of flowers they are, if Rainee sees one she makes sure I see them too and says... 'You love flowers, don't you mommy?'... and this is just one of those moments.

Materials: Paper: Dream Street Papers, Bazzil, Butterfly Punch: Martha Stewart, Letter Stickers: Making Memories, Chipboard: K&co, Rhinestones: Kaiser Craft

Sunday, March 29

Joan's Mom...

In the last 3 weeks I've had 3 wonderful souls go home to the Lord. My dear cousin, my father-in-law and now my dear friend Joan's mom, who passed away on Friday. Thank you so much for you prayers for my husband, his family... and these other families in my life... it really is much appreciated.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

Cherish The Moments

Right after my birthday in November we went to Joshua Tree... I'd never been there and oh my goodness it was unbelievable... the views went on forever. We climbed the rocks, Rainee kept saying she was the 'King of the World'... too funny! Since I hardly ever do a lo with just me I thought I'd share the page - and the view - with you...

Have a lovely day.

Materials: CropAddict.com April Kit - Crop Addict April 2009 Monthly Kit , Stamps: Fancy Pants, Autumn Leaves, Rub-on: DCWV, Rhinestones: Misc, Chipboard: CK, Pen: Pigma

Friday, March 27

Happy Meal Picnic

I don't know about you and your kids but, Rainee just loves doing a picnic... doesn't matter where it is... in the backyard, the living room, or the park. We were done with all our errands and she was so patient with it all... I got a couple of Happy Meals and made an impromptu picnic... She thought it was the greatest thing ever!!! It really was a very fun way to spend the afternoon. For the "Happy Meal" circle on the LO I cut a circle from the Happy Meal cup...

Materials: CropAddict.com April Kit, Flowers: Prima, Chipboard: Colorbok, Buttons: Joann's, Tag: My Minds Eye, Stickers: Mrs. Grossmans, Creative Imaginations, Brads: Misc., Happy Meal Circle: Happy Meal cup.

Everyday Blog Candy - Winner!!!

It's been so wonderful to hear from everyone who stopped by. Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hi... I love reading your comments - they always make my day!
NOW... the winner of the Everyday Blog Candy is...

Karen said...Hey Girl!! Way to go....another one outta-the-park! Loved the video! {{cheers}}

Congratulations Karen! Email me your address... Thanks again to everyone who left comments.

Watch for next month's Everyday Blog Candy... for your chance to win!

Wednesday, March 25


Have you ever had one of those days that was one of your happiest and before the day was done it was also one of your saddest?

Well, that was yesterday. Happy news first... we've been in the process of buying a new home, and found out it will all go through... yeah!!! With all the mortgage/banking/loan changes these days you never know if it's going to go through... so now, with a little over 2 weeks left of escrow... we'll be moving!!! Great news! Fabulous news! Then just as we were enjoying our great news, we got our sad news - - Steve's father passed away. He's had some heart issues for quite some time and yesterday he went to be with the Lord.

Rainee and I never had the opportunity to meet him, which I'm really sad about... but I know someday we will. So Steve, in the midst of all the chaos, will be going to New York for a few days with his brothers. Which will be a good for the boys to be there together... and good for me too... you know how men are when you're moving? ugh.

So today I will continue to go with the flow... you know how moving can be... hectic... crazy busy... happy to go... sad to leave... turning things on... and off... so for the next few weeks I'll be taking some Starbucks breaks for my computer time away... oh thank goodness for Starbucks! Be patient with me... I'm in moving mode.

What about you? What is your favorite thing about moving? Packing? Unpacking?

Sunday, March 22

Stardustshoes Blog Give-Away

Joanna at StardustShoes is having a giveaway if you like to knit. Check out her blog for all the details.

Saturday, March 21

A New Little Spot...

I was browsing through a few of my favorite blogs when I saw this on Jennifer McGuire's blog and thought... I need to add this to mine. So, I've added a - Prayer Spot on my side bar. For those of you interested, there are some people there to include to your prayers, and for those in need of prayer, email me and I'll add yours to the list.

I know whenever I am in need of prayer I email my friends and I know they pray for me... I know when I can't... they are. So when I saw this on her blog I knew I just had to add it to mine... I've always thought having more people praying the better... because prayer does go along way...

Wednesday, March 18

Everyday Blog Candy - from Flower Card Video

Well, I for one am very excited about the Everyday Blog Candy for this month... they are 6 packages of Jen Wilson's new "Laundry Line" {letting it all hang out!} clear stamps collection. They are so fun... and of course because I thought they were so adorable - I had to buy some for myself. I'll be showing you what I do with them some time soon. But for now... I hope you all like the new video and the fab Everyday Blog Candy...

We'll pick a winner next week Friday, March 27th.... so GOOD LUCK!!!

EverydayScrapbook Flower Video!

Well, the newest video is finally finished... and once I had it done I couldn't understand why it took me soooo long to get it out. But with lots of new and wonderful things going on here at our house... everything has taken a different priority... so my attitude is - when it gets done... it gets done!

Anyway, I love this project, and I love hearing from you, so let me know what you think!

Happy day!

Sunday, March 15

SeptemberTea Give-Away!

My Friend Joan @ SeptemberTea, makes the most amazing cards, does quilting and I love her photography. Well anyway, she's doing a random give-away... and I thought I'd post it... you might want to check out her blog and enter...

My Anniversary Card & Scrapping Today!

While I was dusting today, I saw my anniversary card and I realized I hadn't posted it. If you don't know our story, a "Starbucks" themed card may seem a bit silly. You see we met at Starbucks. My husband, Steve, was managing a new store around the corner from my office... which explains the card. I wanted to do something with a 'Starbucks' theme this year... and this is what I came up with. Steve loved it...

I hope you had a lovely day... Mine? It's nearly done and I have to say it was a nice relaxing day... just what I needed.

Wednesday, March 11

I Have My 5!

KarenK @ FlimsyFilm is my 5th. So if you still want to join the fun go to Joan's, Daniela's, Karen's, Cerise's or KarenK's blog... I know they will do something wonderful!

BTW... thanks Pam for this really fun MEME to pass along...

Tuesday, March 10

My 5 - Answers 2 Questions About - A Gift From Me 2 You

First I want to say... this is soooooo much fun and I'm very excited to see what happens. As for my 5 spaces... I only have 1 more space left. My first 4 are: Joan @ SeptemberTea, Daniela @ Daniela/Neliz, Karen @ LilacsAndLupines and Cerise @ CeriseWelter. And Holly from VoicesWithin doesn't have a blog... so she won't be doing in. So this leaves 1 space. So if there's other's who want to join in the fun... you still can here at my blog.... or....

You can join in by going to Joan's, Daniela's, Karen's or Cerise's blogs... they are ALL fabulous ladies... who will no doubt have something fab to send you!!! (Wish I could go over to their blogs and do it - - I know these ladies are the bomb!!)

Now, I've had a couple questions about the post.
Q: What is MEME?
A: I have no idea.... but it sure is fun joining in the fun!

Q: I don't have a lot of money right now, can I still do it?
A: Of course. It's not about what you have it's about what you do. And if money is an issue, do something with what you have... and send it when you do have money and the best part... you have a whole year to send it out.

Q: I just started a blog, can I still join in?
A: Of course. As I did above, I listed the blogs that are part of my 5... but if there are others who want to join in... they can click on these ladies blogs and participate over there. It's about paying it forward... having fun... and doing something special for someone.

Anyway.... hope you join in the fun, if not here, then at one of these fabulous ladies blogs!!!

A Gift From Me 2 You!

I joined in on this great MEME that my friend Pam at OneGalsTrash posted. Here's the lowdown of how it works:

The first 5 people who respond to this post will get something special from me... it could be anything, it will be my choice, but especially for you. But along with everything fun there are some restrictions & limitations...

• What I give you will be just for you.
• I make no guarantees that you will like it...but I hope you do!
• You will receive it before the end of the year...or sooner.
• You will have no idea what it will be, or
when you will receive it.

The BIG catch is you have to repost this MEME and put together something to be sent out as 5 surprises of your own. These surprises can be anything.... whatever you choose...

So ladies, come join in on the fun!!! Post this MEME, comment back here to let me know you have passed it along then email me your addy so I can send you your special surprise!! And to those first 5 people... I'll be checking out your blogs to see what kind of things you like...

Sunday, March 8

A Tweet Little Card

I've been getting things back to normal here. With 2 weeks worth of stuff to catch up on... plus add in the normal every day stuff... it's amazing how long it's taking to catch up from when Rainee was sick.

I've been working on the new video, it should be out this week sometime. I've also been working on some freelance jobs which have kept me busy. But I did have time to make a 'tweet' card for a friend. I really like how it turned out...and thought I'd share it with you before I mail it off.

I also wanted to share with you a fun quick tip for adding a frosted effect to your ghost embellishments. Get out your handy dandy emery board (or sand paper) and sand the back side of the ghost embellishment. It gives a great frosted effect to the ghost images... I just love this effect.

Monday, March 2

Scrapbook Layouts from the Cyber Crop

Well the CropAddict.com's cyber crop was very fun... I've never done anythings like that before. Each of the DT had to do a game and a challenge lo. My first LO challenge was to do something with stickers... I made a heart filled with XO's then a sticker alphabet border... plus of course chipboard stickers and some bubble dome stickers. My next challenge was to do something with journaling/doodling. So I did a fun LO doing doodling and journaling combined. The next LO I did was an exclusive design by Page Maps Becky Fleck. This is my take on her sketch. I've been wanting to do a growth lo of Rainee, to see how much she's grown. I didn't get a chance to do the other DT challenges,it was a very busy weekend for me, I just did what I could.

Anyway wanted to share with you some of the LO's I did this weekend. It's so good to back scrapping and getting things around the house done... I feel like I've been away forever... and there are still so many things that need to be done... I just glad my girl is better and our lives can get back to a somewhat normal schedule. I hope you all have a wonderful day.
{{HUGS}} Michelle