Sunday, March 8

A Tweet Little Card

I've been getting things back to normal here. With 2 weeks worth of stuff to catch up on... plus add in the normal every day stuff... it's amazing how long it's taking to catch up from when Rainee was sick.

I've been working on the new video, it should be out this week sometime. I've also been working on some freelance jobs which have kept me busy. But I did have time to make a 'tweet' card for a friend. I really like how it turned out...and thought I'd share it with you before I mail it off.

I also wanted to share with you a fun quick tip for adding a frosted effect to your ghost embellishments. Get out your handy dandy emery board (or sand paper) and sand the back side of the ghost embellishment. It gives a great frosted effect to the ghost images... I just love this effect.


Anonymous said...

Glad life is geting back to normal for you. Can't wait for a new video. That is a great idea for the ghost embellishments.

Jen said...

Fantastic idea for the ghost shapes! Gonna have to 'borrow' that one! Miss ya!