Tuesday, March 10

My 5 - Answers 2 Questions About - A Gift From Me 2 You

First I want to say... this is soooooo much fun and I'm very excited to see what happens. As for my 5 spaces... I only have 1 more space left. My first 4 are: Joan @ SeptemberTea, Daniela @ Daniela/Neliz, Karen @ LilacsAndLupines and Cerise @ CeriseWelter. And Holly from VoicesWithin doesn't have a blog... so she won't be doing in. So this leaves 1 space. So if there's other's who want to join in the fun... you still can here at my blog.... or....

You can join in by going to Joan's, Daniela's, Karen's or Cerise's blogs... they are ALL fabulous ladies... who will no doubt have something fab to send you!!! (Wish I could go over to their blogs and do it - - I know these ladies are the bomb!!)

Now, I've had a couple questions about the post.
Q: What is MEME?
A: I have no idea.... but it sure is fun joining in the fun!

Q: I don't have a lot of money right now, can I still do it?
A: Of course. It's not about what you have it's about what you do. And if money is an issue, do something with what you have... and send it when you do have money and the best part... you have a whole year to send it out.

Q: I just started a blog, can I still join in?
A: Of course. As I did above, I listed the blogs that are part of my 5... but if there are others who want to join in... they can click on these ladies blogs and participate over there. It's about paying it forward... having fun... and doing something special for someone.

Anyway.... hope you join in the fun, if not here, then at one of these fabulous ladies blogs!!!


KarenK said...

Sounds great! Did you pick your 5th yet? If not, pick me!! LOL. Or I'll go on over to the others. Sounds so fun and nice!

Tasha said...

This sounds so cute!