Sunday, March 15

My Anniversary Card & Scrapping Today!

While I was dusting today, I saw my anniversary card and I realized I hadn't posted it. If you don't know our story, a "Starbucks" themed card may seem a bit silly. You see we met at Starbucks. My husband, Steve, was managing a new store around the corner from my office... which explains the card. I wanted to do something with a 'Starbucks' theme this year... and this is what I came up with. Steve loved it...

I hope you had a lovely day... Mine? It's nearly done and I have to say it was a nice relaxing day... just what I needed.


Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Love the card and reason behind it!!! Happy, Happy Aniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day with your Starbucks Man. :o) ~Cheri

Cerise Welter said...


My hubby loves "Starbucks" and calls it "His office". He is a circuit riding preacher (like in the old days). He is also Cherokee and Lakota Sioux so dons long hair. The kids at all the Starbucks love him as he is so "different".

I will have to copy your idea as I know what a kick it would give my husband. We've been married 31 years and everyday has been an adventure.

Thanks for the post and all your creative generosity.


Norine said...

Happy Anniversary!! love the card what a cute idea