Sunday, February 15

MJ's Window

Well, I have to do a bit of bragging on my cousin MaryJo. For a Valentine's Day gift to her mom, she made a Waxpaper & Crayon Window ... and can I say it's FABULOUS!!! So, when she emailed me a copy of it, I of course I just had to share it with you....

If you want to know how she did her window, you can go to my YouTube Video and make one for yourself. It really is very easy and very fun!!

Great job MJ... I love it!! It really is fab!!!


Norine said...

she did a great job love the project

Daniela/Neliz said...

Really beautiful. She did a really good job on that one.

Hugs, Daniela/Neliz

MJ said...

Thanks so much, Michelle! With your easy-to-follow "YouTube" video, this project was quick and fun. I love the idea that it can be made as a lasting piece of art.

Daniela/Neliz said...

Wow, thank you! That means A LOT coming from you! :D :D

*Lots of hugs to you and youre supercute daughter*


LiveLaughScrap said...

She did a great job.
Michelle, thanks for the wonderful comment on my V-Day Party Favors. I tried to do the Crayon Wax paper window for her treats in some way, but kept having a mental block as to how to make it happen. Question: Is there supposed to be white (blank) space in the wax paper? Mine never seemed like it filled enough? Also how hot do you put your iron?

VoicesWithin said...

She did a Wonderful Job, It looks amazing. I really have to give this a try!