Thursday, February 5

Chocolate Kiss Roses

Don't you just love Chocolate Kisses??? Years ago, when I worked in L.A. and took the train - - I'd make these Chocolate Kiss Roses. I'd start making them in January, because I sold them at local store. By the time Valentine's Day rolled around I not only was making them for the store, but also for the commuters. It was a great way to spend an hour and a half on the train plus I made a little extra money.

Anyway, I was trying to think of something fun to do with Rainee for Valentine's day, when I remembered these, Chocolate Kiss Roses. And since I was making them with Rainee I thought you might just like to make a little bouquet for the special people in your life. Rainee has now decided she wants to give some to her teacher... so I'm making more!
Materials needed: Chocolate Kisses, glue dots, floral wire, floral green tape, wrapping paper cellophane, scissors and ribbon.
  • Cut cellophane in to approx. 5" squares.
  • Cut floral wire in to approx. 8"-9" strips
  • Put 2 Kisses bottom to bottom with glue dots
  • Wrap cellophane around Kisses
  • Wrap floral wire around cellophane end to hold them together
  • Bend the rest of the floral wire in half
  • Wrap floral tape around wire to finish off roses
  • Make bouquet as large as you wish and tie with ribbon

For the leaves you can... make your own, use silk ones or leave them plain. You can make a simple bouquet with a ribbon, arrange them in a vase, put them in a 'flower' box or wrap them in tissue... however you give them, are sure to be loved....  Happy Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

I found out about your site on u-tube and then discovered your website.I am a card maker and certainly been inspired over and over again. I especially love your video with your daughter.
These roses are beautiful.Wanted to know if you stiffened the doily?
Anyways thanks again. and God Bless you and your family

Jannette said...

Thanks for sharing all those beautifull ideas. Enjoy your videos. I will try these roses with my daughters. Look so fun and easy to make! Thanks again,Jannette

Norine said...

those roses are so nice very creative

Catherine said...

This is beautiful, and a great idea! I'm going to see what I can come up with, I don't have any cellophane... TFS!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate Rose Buds, wow who'd a thunk it, will u did & thx 4 shareing it w/us all. Looks like fun. I will have 2 try it. Lots of Love, Lizard

Alex & Adrian's mommy said...

I loved your chocolate rose buds are so creative they are beautiful. Thank you for I has been so sad as my son Alex 6 years ago (it still hurts as it was mom the following year and my dad 8 months ago tuesday.....its been a long road but I am happy to be looking for ideas for my daughters Beauty & the Beast b-day. Thank you for caring and sharing. I loved your website. Hope I get more ideas on my party theme....just a little wjile ago as I was sad my son Adrian said "mommy dont be sad everybody loves you and I LOVE YOU MORE: made so happy..