Wednesday, March 23

Your Love Is Delightful...

While going through more photos... I came across this photo taken nearly 2 summers ago, when we took our trip to South Dakota to spend time with my dad. On this particular day... we skipped rocks, played frisbee and had an ice cream cone at a beautiful park on the Missouri River. When I look at this photo... I see the enjoyable time we had and Rainee's non-stop giggles! This was a terrific day!!!

I love the memory of this day... and I love all the green, green grass in the photo just waiting for something to be put there... So instead of doing another layout about our South Dakota trip... I decided to make this one about delightful Rainee... her giggles... her hugs & kisses... and how snuggling with her is the best part of my day!! I used one of Creative Café's calendar paper along with some scraps and embelly tid-bits from my stash... It was a fun way to use the calendar... because every day with Rainee really is delightful!

I hope your day brings a smile. And thanks so much for reading my blog and stopping by to see my page today. I hope it inspired you to do something fun & bright with a calendar!


Diana Fisher said...

Love the title on the photo and great paper strips, too!! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I love love love this! I loveeeeeeeee the title work on the photo and loveeeeeeeeeee those butterflies! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Moira said...

Love this photo of Rainee! I miss you guys so much!! I sure think a trip here is what your family needs!!! LOL!!!!
Love you,